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Serbia Cancels Rio Tinto's Mining Project Days After Australia Deports Djokovic



Great Game India

Serbia has cancelled a huge deal with Rio Tinto, an Australian firm, following the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić revealed on Thursday that the eastern European country had abandoned a profitable lithium mining venture with Rio Tinto, only days after Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic was kicked out of the Australian Open for his position on coronavirus vaccines.

In a televised address on January 20, Brnabić declared that the Serbian government had “fulfilled all the demands from the environmental protests and have put an end to Rio Tinto in the Republic of Serbia,” referencing environmental worries highlighted by citizens, including Djokovic.

“All decisions and all licences have been annulled. As far as the project Jadar is concerned, this is the end,” the prime minister added.


Rio Tinto’s main venture, the Jadar project in western Serbia near Loznica, was to become the company’s flagship project, with the mining behemoth having already invested $450 million. Excavating the reserve was expected to be worth $2.4 billion, putting the business among the top 10 lithium suppliers in the world.

Rio Tinto claimed the government’s announcement to abandon the project caught them off guard and they were “blindsided.”

Rio Tinto’s stock dropped 2.2 points when the contract was terminated, culminating in a $5 billion drop in the valuation within 48 hours of the announcement.

The mining behemoth expressed that they were “extremely concerned” and said it is discussing the situation with its attorneys.

“Throughout our work on the Jadar project, we have always operated in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia,” the company said in a statement. “Rio Tinto is reviewing the legal basis of this decision and the implications for our activities and our people in Serbia.”

Djokovic supported protests against the proposed excavation of the Jadar site in December, posting photographs to his social media pages with the message “clean air and water are the keys to health.”

Brnabić stated Thursday that ministers are “listening to our people and it is our job to protect their interests even when we think differently.”

The announcement to scrap the venture comes only days after Australian officials decided to deport the world’s top tennis player over a dispute over his COVID-19 vaccination status.

Djokovic went on to win an appeal in the Federal Court Circuit days after the Australian Border Force (ABF) refused his visa upon entry into the nation in early January, forcing him to be freed from mandatory isolation.

As the ABF cancelled the player’s visa, Judge Anthony Kelly remarked that “rules were not observed,” giving them only 30 minutes to comply with his ruling.

Although fulfilling the state of Victoria’s and the tournament’s drastic medical exemption rules and having a court appeal on his side, Australia immigration minister Alex Hawke decided that sustaining Djokovic’s visa revocation was “in the public interest to do so.”

Hawke judged that Djokovic’s “ongoing presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccination sentiment generated in the Australian community,” instead of basing his judgement on medical research.

At the time, both Brnabić and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić criticized the Australian authorities, calling it “scandalous” and a “witch hunt.” Commentators suspected that the suspension of the mining deal was done in revenge for the hostilities involving Belgrade and Canberra over Djokovic’s expulsion.

Source: https://greatgameindia.com/serbia-rio-tinto-djokovic/

More background information:



Canadian truckers protest could be the downfall of Schwab apprentice Justin Trudeau


 A convoy of truckers and others opposed to public health restrictions is on its way from British Columbia to Parliament Hill for a “freedom rally” this weekend against mandatory vaccinations in Canada, and Transport Minister Omar Alghara is not happy.

“I am concerned about the small number of far-right, vocal opposition that is polluting the political debate, It’s something that we all need to be aware of, we all need to call out.

“But at the same time, let’s not lose sight of this, that the vast majority of Canadians are vaccinated, the vast majority of truckers are vaccinated. Truckers as you and I are speaking today are delivering goods for Canadians.” Alghabara said

Alghabra also said the large grocery store chains and other retailers have assured him they have plenty of goods to provide their customers, despite some labour shortages and supply chain bottlenecks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Alghabra did acknowledge that pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions and the role truckers play in ensuring the smooth flow of goods into the country are serious issues deserving of “rational and meaningful” debate and “even criticism” of government policy.

Even before the Trudeau government brought in a mandate on 15th Jan that requires truckers crossing the border to be vaccinated, Canada was short 23,000 truck drivers. The lack of drivers — brought about by tough working conditions and at times onerous regulations — may have existed before the mandate, but this mandate is making things worse.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has estimated that about 15 per cent of truckers — as many as 16,000 — are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but it has shamefully lost its nerve and denounced any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges and has urged all truckers to get inoculated because the Government said so.

A day after refusing to say whether he supported the truck convoy heading to Ottawa, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole appeared in a Facebook live event Tuesday evening to say he understands why many truckers, especially independent ones, are upset.

“You can understand why there’s some frustration and why people are protesting,” O’Toole said.

He argued that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more focused on dividing people with his policies, putting the country’s supply chain under greater strain when he could simply allow unvaccinated truckers to use rapid tests.

“I want to say this: In Canada, people have a right to peacefully protest, people want to work and are worried, people are tired after two years of a pandemic,” O’Toole said.

On Monday 24th Jan — even as some of his MPs, including predecessor Andrew Scheer, praised the convoy for defending freedom and liberty — a circumspect O’Toole argued it wasn’t up him as leader of the official Opposition to meet with protesters on Parliament Hill.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has urged the government to give truckers more time to get vaccinated while the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition hasn’t lost its bottle like the Canadian Turcking Alliance and has called for the vaccine mandate to be scrapped entirely.

Among the truck drivers in Canada who are slow-rolling in convoys across the country to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate at the U.S. border, will be Ontario owner-operator Brigitte Belton, who until recently regularly moved freight between the U.S. and Canada.

Since Saturday 22nd Jan, she and other drivers who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 have been barred from crossing the border. 

“I’m literally going to lose my truck, my house, my car, my savings and live in a cardboard box,” said Belton, who drives a 2015 Mack Pinnacle.

Hundreds of trucks set off as part of the Freedom Convoy on the 23rd Jan, while local protests have already snarled traffic at some border crossings. Organisers say thousands of drivers have signed on along with supporters from outside the industry.

For Belton, who questions the safety of the vaccines, the U.S. and Canadian mandates go too far.

“We’re not anti-anything,” she said. “We’re pro-choice. If you want the vaccine, go get it. I’m not stopping you. But why do you have the right to tell me what I actually ingest in my body?”

“I’ve got questions all over the place about this shot,” she said.

Belton also blamed World Economic Forum Young Global Leader graduate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the Canada Border Services Agency earlier this month made statements that unvaccinated Canadian drivers wouldn’t be subjected to testing and quarantines upon returning from the U.S. The Canadian government subsequently said those statements were issued in error.

“If he had just left it as [it is] now — you don’t need to be vaccinated to cross the border — this probably all never would have happened,” Belton said of Trudeau. “But when he switched it, he pissed off truckers and we went, we can’t just fight for us now, we’re fighting for everybody.”

Trudeau brushed aside anger over the vaccine mandates, claiming that “90% of truckers are vaccinated” — and blamed Conservative Party politicians for stirring fears about disruptions to the supply chain.

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Canadian truckers receiving hero's welcome:

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Response to “Canadian Anti-Hate Network” on “virus isolation.”


Christine Massey, M.Sc

December 3, 2021

Peter Smith, Canadian Anti-Hate Network, is identified as the author of an article containing false and misleading statements regarding both “COVID-19” and 2 gentlemen who I happen to have a great deal of respect for.

The gentlemen in question are quite capable of speaking for and defending themselves, but I wish to address Peter’s damaging and false claim that the alleged “COVID-19 virus” has been isolated (a necessary step in proving the existence of an alleged “virus”).

Here is Peter’s article:

Canadian Police Officer Following Fringe Legal Philosophy Appears Alongside US QAnon Influencer – Canadian Anti-Hate Network (antihate.ca)

A quote from Peter’s article:

… Pritchard tells his viewers the familiar line that COVID-19 and the pandemic is a lie, claiming that it has failed to be isolated in a laboratory, despite this being patently false.”

In this quote, Peter included hyperlinks to 3 resources that he seems to believe prove that the alleged “virus” has been isolated. These are the only pieces of “isolation” evidence provided in his article. Let’s check them out.

The links point to 1) a webpage of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2) a Globe and Mail article attributed to Ivan Semeniuk, published March 13, 2020, and 3) a March 2020 preprint of a “SARS-COV-2 isolation” study.

The “SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC” webpage was last updated Dec. 29, 2020 and claims that:

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was isolated in the laboratory and is available for research by the scientific and medical community“,

and that:

SARS-CoV-2 strains supplied by CDC and other researchers can be requested, free, from the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research (BEI) Resources Repository“.

CDC explains that “the virus” was “grown” by CDC researchers, and lists all the fabulous ways that the “strains” are being used to further the good of humanity.

Wow, so impressive. This is all the evidence we really need, right? It’s been isolated, end of story! Only a kook would suggest otherwise. And hey, the CDC even provided a time line of their epic accomplishment and a link for more details.

On January 20, 2020, CDC received a clinical specimen collected from the first reported U.S. patient infected with SARS-CoV-2. CDC immediately placed the specimen into cell culture…”

Wait a minute. What was that again? They immediately placed the clinical specimen into cell culture. Huh?

Does this mean that the patient sample was immediately placed into a cell culture – a source of genetic contamination? Surely they mean that the virus was placed into a cell culture after it was isolated from the patient. Because if the patient sample was immediately contaminated with a cell culture, how could it then be established scientifically that the patient was infected with a new virus? I’m confused. Let’s keep reading.

On February 2, 2020, CDC generated enough SARS-CoV-2 grown in cell culture to distribute to medical and scientific researchers.

Fabulous, but how did they determine that a virus, and specifically SARS-COV-2, was even present? I’m still confused. Let’s keep reading.

On February 4, 2020, CDC shipped SARS-CoV-2 to the BEI Resources Repository.

Woah, talk about putting the cart before the horse. Let’s keep reading and figure this out.

An article discussing the isolation and characterization of this virus specimen is available in Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Ok, well we will definitely have to check out that article and get these details sorted out.

So the link for the article takes us to “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States” by Jennifer Harcourt (affiliation: CDC) et al.

Jennifer Harcourt… That is also the name of the first author listed in the study cited by Peter. They are the same study. Peter cited the preprint, and the CDC’s webpage links to the final published version. So let’s focus on the final version, which is published in the CDC’s own journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

In the Specimen Collection section of this CDC paper, we find that “clinical specimens from a case-patient … were collected on day 3 postsymptom onset, placed in 2–3 mL of viral transport medium, used for molecular diagnosis, and frozen. Confirmed PCR-positive specimens were aliquoted and refrozen until virus isolation was initiated...”

That’s interesting, because a colleague of mine noticed that the CDC’s Standard Operating Procedure for viral transport medium includes fetal bovine serum and toxic drugs. So… this means that the clinical specimens were contaminated with cow material before the molecular diagnosis (via PCR) and “isolation” procedure even began.

That seems strange. And troubling. And unscientific. But let’s keep reading and see how they isolated the virus from these contaminated patient/cow specimens.

The Methods contain a section on Cell Culture, Limiting Dilution, and Virus Isolation. In that order? Hmm. More confusion.

We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage.”

So, in the CDC’s mind, culturing a patient sample in a cell line and “virus isolation” are the same step. Iiiiiinteresting.

And what are Vero CCL-81 cells?

Google search. First link: a company called ATCC lists Vero CCL-81 as animal cells.

Organism: Cercopithecus aethiops.
Morphology: epithelial.
Tissue: kidney.

Derivation: The Vero cell line was initiated from the kidney of a normal adult African green monkey on March 27, 1962…
Passage history: The cell line was brought to the Laboratory of Tropical Virology, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health in the 93rd passage from Chiba University by B. Simizu on June 15, 1964.

And, under Required Products:

These products are vital for the proper use of this item and have been confirmed as effective in supporting functionality. If you use alternative products, the quality and effectiveness of the item may be affected. Eagle’s Minimum Essential Medium…; Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)…

More fetal bovine serum. Seriously? Fetal bovine serum and kidney epithelial cells from an African green monkey are necessary to “isolate a virus”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Back to the supplier, ATCC. Their product sheet states: “This product is intended for laboratory research use only. It is not intended for any animal or human therapeutic use, any human or animal consumption, or any diagnostic use.

Back to the CDC study:

We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics… We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation. For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 μL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 μL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate. We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL. We added 100 μL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols

When CPEs [Cytopathic effects aka harm to the monkey cells] were observed, we scraped cell monolayers with the back of a pipette tip. We used 50 μL of viral lysate for total nucleic acid extraction for confirmatory testing and sequencing. We also used 50 μL of virus lysate to inoculate a well of a 90% confluent 24-well plate.

Did you see anything in that blurb about isolating a virus? Me neither. Monkey cells, fetal bovine serum, swab specimens and drugs mixed together. Harmful effects to poisoned monkey cells irrationally, unscientifically attributed to “the virus”. Nothing isolated/purified, not even from the monkey cell mixture.

No virus purified, characterized, sequenced or studied with controlled experiments. No virus was even looked for in the patient samples. What the hell?

THIS is what’s passed off as “isolating a virus”?

Hmm, well what about that Globe and Mail article that Peter cited, the one with the smug photo of Dr. Rob Kozak and Dr. Samira Mubareka of the University of Toronto, and Dr. Arinjay Banerjee of McMaster University?

Fortunately I’ve seen that article before, many times, and dealt with that “isolation” claim well over a year ago.

In fact, I even obtained Freedom of Information responses from all 4 of the institutions involved, and the CDC, showing that none of them have any record of a “virus” having been isolated/purified, from any patient sample, by anyone on the planet – all of which have been publicly available on my website for well over a year now.

I’m actually surprised that Peter, who is clearly familiar with the claim that “the virus” has never been isolated, never came across my FOIs. Or the ever-growing collection of FOI responses from institutions (138 of them as I write this) in over 25 countries, showing that no one on the planet has any record of a “COVID-19 virus” having been isolated/purified from any patient sample, by anyone, period.

Despite Peter’s article, and despite the list of further useless/fraudulent “isolation” studies, and published “virus genomes” that Peter later emailed to Gabriel (shown at the bottom of this page), it is 100% clear that the alleged virus has never been isolated/purified from any patient sample.

And because “it” has never been purified, we also know that “it” has never been sequenced, characterized or studied with controlled experiments.

Instead, virologists have always worked with soups of material that they assume contains “the virus”. And wild assumptions have no place in science or logic.

In other words, there is zero proof or compelling evidence that the alleged disease-spreading virus, allegedly composed of a 30,000 base pair RNA strand and a spikey protein shell, actually exists.

It is 100% clear that “the COVID-19 virus”, like viruses in general, is purely theoretical and imaginary, with “genomes” that are fabricated electronic codes corresponding to nothing in the physical realm.

If Peter actually begins reading the Methods sections of the “virus isolation and sequencing” studies, instead of relying on headlines and Abstracts, he will be able to see this for himself. Not just for the imaginary “COVID-19 virus” (aka “SARS-COV-2”), but “viruses” in general.

Because virology is not a science.

Whether or not Peter would then admit and report these facts, or retract his misleading, inaccurate claims, is another matter altogether.

Peter’s list, that he wrongly claimed shows proof of the isolation of “the virus” and that “it” has been fully sequenced multiple times:

Either Peter has, like a lot of people, not read the Methods used in these “isolation” studies, or he is intentionally playing along with the unscientific and absurd practice of blaming harm to starved and poisoned cells on a phantom virus that was never actually shown to exist.

And, either Peter has not read the Methods used to conjure up a “virus genome”, or he is playing along with fabricated, fraudulent “genomes” patched together from zillions of sequences (allegedly) detected in patient samples and cell cultures.

More from Peter:

Note to Peter:

Yawn. I read Siouxsie’s slanderous, red-herring article long ago.

So you are aware of the FOI collection, interesting.

Well, if you actually read the requests, you should have noticed that the vast majority of them make no mention of Koch’s Postulates whatsoever. Because we know that a strict application of Koch’s would not be possible, even if imaginary viruses existed.

The requests only ask for records of isolation/purification, which, like it or not, is necessary for proving the existence of a “virus”. No matter how inconvenient for virologists and all the related indu$trie$.

Aside from being focused almost entirely on this red herring topic of Koch’s Postulates, Siouxsie’s article relies heavily on ad hominen attacks and contains zero citations for any studies proving the existence of “the virus” or any other “virus”.

Not impressed!


For some more insight into what’s really going on:

“So What The Hell Is Going On”?

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Canadian TV's fascist indoctrination of kids provokes outcry

Marcel D
23rd January, 2022

We often think we have reached rock bottom, but then begin to wonder if there is a bottom. Julie Snyder is a Canadian TV host who is also known in France from her show Vendredi, c’est Julie.. During her talk show La Semaine des 4 Julie broadcast on Tuesday January 18th, 2022, Julie gave the floor to two kids so that they could give their opinion on vaccination.

It provoked an outcry on social media, and for good reason. The host asked the children if they were for vaccination, to which they replied yes. She asked another question: “What should we do with people who do not want to be vaccinated? The children responsed: We should call the police", If they don't have their vaccine, it could put a lot of people at risk, so as the government is doing right now, we have should restrict them until they get tired of it and get vaccinated.

The reaction on the set became infamous, everyone present applauded with smiles on their faces. Health propaganda is using children to convey ideas of extreme violence against the unvaccinated, with the latter reduced to the condition of a punching bag upon which children are invited to let off steam. The abomination unfolds with laughter and applause in order to promote the segregation of part of the population.

The sequence did not go unnoticed on social networks. An outcry was heard, forcing Julie Snyder to apologise. 

(“Last Tuesday (yesterday) I made a mistake by asking children what they thought of vaccination. I apologize to those who have been offended by this. I'm very sorry about that.”)

Are these sincere apologies? Internet users strongly doubt it since the person that calls herself the “barometer of hate in Canada” found the idea of depriving the unvaccinated of employment benefits interesting. It allows us to better understand the leading question she asked the children: “What should we do with people who do not want to be vaccinated?

 Why should we be surprised that after hours of television, sponsored video games, and formatted school lessons, that children regurgitate what they see and hear? Political manipulation takes over from purely commercial advertising. The whole society is conceived of as a Truman Show in which Julie Snyder would be one of the actresses. In other words, the real world has given way to a virtual (and profitable) world in which young and old are unable to exercise any critical thinking.

Source: https://lemediaen442.fr/la-presentatrice-julie-snyder-instrumentalise-des-enfants-pour-inciter-a-la-haine-contre-les-non-vaccines/

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The End in Sight? Doctor Tells Patient Vaccines Will Soon Be Halted Globally


FW Note: While it would be unwise to place too much stock in the speculation of a lone doctor, this conversation comes in the context of a broader change of tone in the official discourse on the 'pandemic', as well as an end to Covid restrictions in the UK and in several other countries. Together with the mea culpa of sections of the media for their shameless propaganda, this all suggest that some kind of tactical shift is underway by the global elites. It won't be a reversal, since too much has been invested in this project to simply abandon it. Rather, we are probably being prepared for another stage in the project for global governance, one that relies on other forms of compulsion.


The COVID World

January 18th, 2022

A shocking video has emerged on social media of a doctor telling a UK woman not to take any more COVID vaccines as the shots are about to be halted globally.

In the video, a woman named Chelsea Harman had called a doctor last week in a telemedicine appointment after she had developed 3 lumps on her head following her first shot on Friday, January 14th. Shockingly, the doctor whose name is unknown, then tells her not to take any more shots as the worldwide vaccination scheme is about to come to an end as new information has emerged that the public has not yet been made aware of.


Chelsea Harman from Chichester, UK was told by a doctor not to take any more COVID vaccines as the shots are about to be halted globally.

The doctor is heard telling Harman in the stunning phone call:

“…There wasn’t enough information. And there’s a lot more coming up especially for the young people whose immunity is intact, apparently, that’s enough.”

Harman sought clarification, asking:

“So just to make sure, you think I shouldn’t have any more vaccines then?

The doctor then advises:

“If you ask me this would be my advice but, yes.

Harman recorded the stunning call with a phone number (01243831500) of St Richards Hospital in Chichester, Jan. 15, 2022


Harman, asking for clarification, responded:

And is that just because you don’t think anyone should have that vaccine at a young age, or is that because medically I can’t have it because of my head?”

The doctor replies:

“Because it’s very much as I said to you, there is a lot of information coming up now which was not available earlier and very soon all of the vaccines will be completely stopped.

This is information that is just really come up. You won’t hear it on TV for a while probably because…[sigh] it’s a long story, but um yea, it’s very soon they will stop all of these vaccines, people don’t know… but yeah…”

After Harman is informed of several side effects to look out for, she then finally asks the doctor if her sister should proceed with getting a booster shot.

“Sorry, could I just ask you? So my sister’s actually due to go and get her booster tomorrow, she’s only 22. So should I tell her…?

The doctor responds:

No… please no. Absolutely not. Does not need it. Please no.

Harman later decided to phone 111 (NHS’ urgent medical help phone number) back to confirm if it was a general practitioner (GP) she’d spoken to, and they indeed confirmed she had spoken to one.


Source: https://thecovidworld.com/bombshell-doctor-tells-patient-on-phonecall-not-to-take-any-more-covid-vaccines-because-theyll-soon-be-halted-globally/

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Argentine government agency admits COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide


Orwell City

January 17, 2022 

At last, an official body has acknowledged that the vaccines against COVID-19 contain graphene oxide as part of their composition. This event took place after a request was made to investigate the death of a person post-vaccination.

The toxicity of the nanomaterial that goes into the vaccines is described in the scientific literature, with at least 67 articles on the subject, the same ones that La Quinta Columna compiled a few months ago to attach to the final report by Dr. Pablo Campra.  

Orwell City brings the details of this important news in English below.

Ricardo Delgado: "Argentina: A.N.M.A.T recognizes that vaccines contain graphene."

In today's news, January 16.

"Dr. Patricia Aprea, Director of Evaluation and Control, had to admit it in a court case that took place as a result of a post-inoculation death and which is being prosecuted by Prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde." 

 Thanks to the work of this prosecutor and his insistence, he finally had to admit and recognize —because they knew it— that the COVID vaccine —or what they call vaccine... They call it a vaccine—, in fact, contains graphene. 

This is particularly serious. Why? Because we're talking about a material that's not declared in the transparency policy of pharmaceutical corporations. And, moreover, it's a toxic material. It's so toxic that its toxicity is also radiomodulable. Therefore, it almost doesn't depend on the quantity but on the dose of radiation absorbed by the graphene. 

What's more, we have said that graphene uses the GigaHertz signal of telephone antennasand multiplies them to the order of TeraHertz. Graphene has its maximum transistor field-effect precisely at 26 GigaHertz. So this... Eh... Precisely —look, what a coincidence!—, our government and that of other parts of the world that are in the 2030 Agenda itself, will tender the 26 GHz frequency in mid 2022.

That graphene which increases frequencies from Giga to TeraHertz, once it's at TeraHertz, makes possible that all the other microtechnology that we have found inside the vaccine could work. Micro-routers, micro-rectennas, codecs with communications encryption, logic gates... For all of these to work, they must necessarily operate in the Terahertz band. 

Do you understand now why they wanted to introduce that graphene?

Do you understand now why the vaccinated people, in Bluetooth wireless technology, emit a MAC address that can be checked by anybody with their cell phone? Even with a Samsung or an iPhone. Because they had initially blocked them. Coming soon, we're going to try... Eh... ...to interview a person who is an expert in this regard. Here, in La Quinta Columna. 

"Have they become 'conspiracists' at A.N.M.A.T.?" David Rey, who is the writer, wonders. I needed some water. "Well, no. It happens that this time, pressured by the prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde, they had to admit the inadmissible. Strictly speaking, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Devices had to answer in this way in a court case following a complaint about a post-inoculation death. 

Those in charge of breaking the news, through social networks, were the lawyer Miguel Iannolfi and the medical geneticist Marcelo Martínez..." From here a big hug. "Both of them are well known for their work in warning the population about the singular consequences of the alleged vaccines on people's health, as well as the novel compound they contain, i.e. graphene, which was discovered months ago by the Spanish scientist Pablo Campra." 


"In a brief video shared in networks, Iannolfi explained that something that we had been studying, investigating and that we knew would come to light. Thanks to the efforts of the prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde, the only thing he did was to fulfill his function at the time of receiving a complaint about a person who died after having been inoculated. He made the investigation and the corresponding requests for reports, put pressure and, in the end, the A.N.M.A.T. —government agency— ended up answering in a court case that the inoculum they are applying to the entire population contains graphene." 


"Martínez, for his part, in another video where he first expressed his solidarity with the recently arrested and already released Dr. Eduardo Ángel Yahbes..." I coincided with him in a direct. From here we send her a big hug. And, as it can not be otherwise, we're very happy for his release. "...responds to requests and questions carried out by the prosecutor, that graphene is one of the constituent elements of these compounds." 

Well, if it's one of the elements that appear here, moreover, in this writing that I'm going to share next. If it's one of these elements, why isn't it declared? 

"Next, Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez remarked that there's a minimum —there are more— of 67 scientific publications..." In fact, they were the ones shared by La Quinta Columna. "...where the toxicity of graphene for biological organisms and for human beings, in particular, is described. Therefore, what's the reason for the presence of this element in the inoculums? The certificate issued by Dr. Yahbes, like many of the issued by us, contains absolutely genuine information supported by numerous scientific research articles. I have just referred to an official answer, which means that they're aware of the presence of toxic elements in these compounds." 

Alright. I mean, this is already an open secret. The work that La Quinta Columna and many of you have is just to inform the population. I'm going to copy this news first of all. Here it goes. It's important. Because they're acknowledging it. In other words, they're acknowledging the poisoning of the entire population. It's just like that. Just like that.

This is the official document issued by the ANMAT. 

It can also be found on its official website (click here) by entering the following information: GEDO number: IF - 2021 - 120912800 - APN-DECBR#ANMAT


Source: https://www.orwell.city/2022/01/ANMAT.html

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Argentina: La ANMAT reconoce que las vacunas contienen grafeno



La doctora Patricia Aprea, directora de Evaluación y Control, debió admitirlo en una causa judicial que tuvo lugar a raíz de un fallecimiento posinoculación y que lleva adelante el fiscal Carlos Insaurralde.

Por David Rey

¿Se volvieron «conspiranoicos» en la A.N.M.A.T.? Pues no. Ocurre que esta vez, presionados por el fiscal Carlos Insaurralde, tuvieron que admitir lo inadmisible. En rigor, la Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Dispositivos Médicos debió contestar de este modo en una causa judicial a raíz de una denuncia por un fallecimiento posinoculación.

Los encargados de dar la noticia, a través de redes sociales, fueron el abogado Miguel Iannolfi y el médico genetista Marcelo Martínez, ambos de reconocida labor respecto de advertir a la población sobre las singulares consecuencias de las pretendidas vacunas en la salud de las personas, como así mismo del novedoso compuesto que contienen, es decir, el grafeno, y que ya fuera descubierto meses atrás por el científico español Pablo Campra.

En un breve video compartido en redes, Iannolfi explicó que «salió a la luz algo que veníamos estudiando, investigando y que sabíamos que iba a salir. Gracias al esfuerzo del fiscal Carlos Insaurralde, que lo único que hizo fue cumplir con su función al momento de recibir una denuncia sobre una persona que falleció luego de haberse inoculado. Él hizo la investigación y los pedidos de informes correspondientes, presionó y, al final, la A.N.M.A.T. terminó contestando en una causa judicial que el inóculo que le están aplicando a toda la población contiene grafeno».

Martínez, por su parte, en otro video donde primeramente se solidarizó con el recientemente detenido y ya liberado doctor Eduardo Ángel Yahbes (reconocido pediatra que desaconseja la inoculación), precisó que «A.N.M.A.T., en el documento Nº IF 2021 120912800 – APN – DECBR # ANMAT referencia informe ampliatorio ex2021-45862892, en relación con la causa sobre averiguación causales de muerte Nº ipp015787 de la UFI 3 San Martín, la doctora Patricia Inés Aprea, jefe 1, responde a pedidos e interrogantes llevados a cabo por el fiscal, que el grafeno es uno de los elementos constituyentes de estos compuestos».

Seguidamente, Martínez redundó con que «existe un mínimo de 67 publicaciones científicas donde se describe la toxicidad del grafeno para los organismos biológicos y para el ser humano en particular, por lo tanto, ¿cuál es la razón de la presencia de este elemento en los inóculos? El certificado que emite el doctor Yahbes, como muchos de nosotros, contiene información absolutamente real y sustentada en numerosísimos artículos de investigación científica. Acabo de dar referencia de una respuesta oficial, lo cual significa que conocen la presencia de elementos tóxicos en estos compuestos».


La respuesta de la ANMAT en el marco de la causa instruida por el fiscal Carlos Insaurralde.

Queda por saber, ahora, cómo avanza la causa que da origen a esta «confesión» de la A.N.M.A.T. y qué medidas han de tomar las autoridades nacionales, las que por estos días están completamente abocadas nada menos que a inocular a todo el mundo con el tóxico en cuestión como a amenazar sin pausa a quienes deciden no hacerlo. Desde este editorial, estaremos comprometidos en seguir informando al respecto.


Fuente: https://diariodevallarta.com/argentina-la-anmat-reconoce-que-las-vacunas-contienen-grafeno/