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The PCR test goes to court (in Germany, Portugal and beyond)



From the emailed press release provided by Reiner Füllmich. [1]

The PCR test has hung like a sword of Damocles over millions of Germans for months. Depending on the result, there is a risk of massive interruptions in daily life. But this test has now found its way to the court, and a motion has been filed with the Berlin Regional Court.

The main argument: the test is neither suitable nor intended for the detection of infection. And that would make the chain: test positive - infected - contagious - danger - this scheme is wrong.

First step: the libel suit

Overall, the 54-page complaint addresses the libel lawsuit against the "Volksverpetzer" website. Functioning as "fact-checkers", the website has denigrated people who have spoken out critically about anti-coronavirus measures, defaming them as liars, idiots and right-wing extremists. The well-known lung specialist, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former head of a health service and member of the Bundestag and the Council of Europe is involved here. You may recall that with the swine flu, he exposed the machinations of the pharmaceutical industry in 2010 and probably saved countless people from harm. Unfortunately, hundreds of children vaccinated despite his warning now suffer from narcolepsy [2]. In early 2020, Dr Wodarg recognized worrying parallels between what happened then and Covid19 today.

The general strategy of the German lawyers

This libel action is only part of a more comprehensive strategy: it is essentially about exposing the incorrect and abusive use of the PCR test. "We want to kill two birds with one stone," explained Göttingen lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich. It was in his office that the complaint was drawn up on the basis of the preliminary work of the Covid19 Committee in Berlin. The common link is Wodarg, who also criticized the tests. [3]  

“The inadequate PCR test is the cornerstone of the whole coronavirus debacle. This stone must be broken so that the whole house of cards ultimately collapses,” said Füllmich, explaining the real purpose of the trial. 

The PCR test is unsuitable for determining infection - this is the unanimous conclusion of several scientists in clinical practice and daily research. In July, a group of lawyers made up of Viviane Fischer, Dr. Justus Hoffmann, Antonia Fischer and Dr. Füllmich founded the Berlin “Covid Management Investigation Committee” and subsequently invited an entire fleet of experts from various specialisations to uncover the context of the crisis. The PCR test has been discussed over and over again.

Experts have confirmed that the PCR test is [nd1] not suitable for diagnosing Covid19. This critical judgment is upheld by the CDC - America's highest health authority. The PCR test looks for virus extracts. The CDC said, "Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of an infectious virus or that COVID-19 is the causative agent of clinical symptoms." The agency concludes that a large proportion of heavy decisions are most likely based on incorrect test results.

Even some in the pharmaceutical industry admit to the deception. Dr. Mike Yeadon, former director and chief scientist at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, reportedly said: “This test is fatally flawed and should be withdrawn immediately. The tests are about 90% false positives. They would be 'used only to create fear.'

A similar assessment comes from Canada: Professor of medicine Roger Hodgkinson recently said during a hearing in Parliament in Ottawa: “I want to stress that I am active in the COVID screening industry and that positive test results do not indicate clinical infection. This only arouses public hysteria. The risk for those under 65 of dying from COVID-19 is less than one per 300,000 people. “There is a totally unfounded public hysteria which is being carried out by the media and politicians. It is the biggest fraud ever against an unsuspecting public.

The inventor of the PCR test, the Nobel laureate Kary Mullis, who died in 2019, had repeatedly emphasized that the PCR test cannot diagnose a viral infection. Even the German chief virologist Christian Drosten, developer of the PCR test for COVID-19, had declared in the “Wirtschaftswoche” in 2014 that the PCR test would also return positives on healthy and non-contagious people. As of mid-January 2020, however, the “Drosten test” has been the tool used to assess “infected people”. This is a flagrant contradiction. Furthermore, the complaint makes it clear that during the development of the Drosten PCR test, which has been sold millions of times in the United States based on the WHO recommendation, glaring mistakes were made.

A more comprehensive strategy

"This trial is only the first step towards an even broader strategy", explained lawyer Füllmich.

"All measures, from confinement - with devastating economic and psychological consequences - to the decline of education, art and culture and the obligation to wear a mask, are based on this unsuitable test."

For the lawyer, the coronavirus crisis is a "multi-story pandemic" which also constitutes a threat to democracy and freedom of expression. All of this must be dealt with within the legal framework and those responsible must be held to account.

Füllmich works closely with the other lawyers of the Corona committee Viviane Fischer, Dr. Justus Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer, their medical advisers Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and their legal advisor, Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab [4]. There is also close cooperation with renowned law firms in the United States - including the group of lawyers led by Robert F. Kennedy, jr. and its defense of children's health - [5] and Canada. The first trials are expected there these days. Austria is also in the starting blocks with a trial with the same content. A Portuguese court recently lifted the quarantine measures due to the inadequate PCR test, as it was "detention without a factual basis". [6]

“Based on the data that we have meticulously collected, any lawyer can now work here in Germany and abroad,” said Füllmich. This applies both to an attack on PCR tests and to legal proceedings against other media guilty of defaming critics. The litigation value of the lawsuit against the "treacherous people" is 250,000 euros."

This press release was commented on in the press. We offer here some excerpts from an interview with Füllmich in early November in the German language press. Note that the French press has forgotten this very important step in the fight against the manipulation of peoples through the practice of large-scale PCR tests without the obligation of laboratories to communicate the number of amplification cycles used (and even a ban on transmitting it. to patients).

The French people must be informed about this scam which still leads them being banned from visiting retirement homes, to having their shops closed, to abandoning their students, to being isolated by order of the Regional health Agency from whom we still await legal papers allowing them to pursue so-called contact cases...and all on the pretext of a case. In the process we forget that a case in no way indicates that the person is sick, and we forget that that the asymptomatic are not contagious, as admitted by a WHO representative in June and recently confirmed in an article from Nature.

The interview with Dr. Reiner Füllmich took place in early November 2020. It was published on November 11, 2020 in the print edition of Fuldaer Zeitung and also on November 11, 2020 in a slightly abridged version online at fuldaerzeitung.de . Excerpts from this interview appear below in free translation

"Severe criticism of the containment of covid19: lawyer Reiner Füllmich attacks virologist Drosten and RKI boss Wieler by Volker Nies [7]

Class action lawsuit in US and lawsuit in German courts: Göttingen lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich (62) seeks damages for companies that have suffered losses due to covid lockdown.

Mr Füllmich, you represent companies that have suffered losses due to the demands of the Covid19 crisis. Who are you pursuing with your team?

“We blame those who say the PCR test can diagnose infections. They are above all the virologist Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten and Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) ". “The lawsuits also target politicians who relied on the advice of Drosten and Wieler. In court, we'll ask why politicians haven't heard from other experts as well - such as Nobel Prize winner and Stanford professor John Ioannidis: he says the virus is far less dangerous than Drosten and the RKI claim . He calculated that 0.14% of patients with Corona die. This means that the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu. "

The restrictions were ordered by the federal and state governments. Why don't you go after them?

“We want those responsible - civil and criminal law - to be responsible in all cases. But we start where we are sure to succeed”.

What do you accuse the medical experts of?

“If we can prove to MM. Drosten and Wieler in court that they deliberately lied, then there are intentional moral damages according to Section 826 BGB. When taking evidence, politicians will of course also have to respond. 

Even if Drosten and Wieler's advice was wrong, they are not responsible for the lockdown.

“Drosten and Wieler's Council lockdown policy is familiar. The two have made two false claims: They say that if there is an asymptomatic infection - people with no signs of illness - they could spread the virus - and the infection can be detected by PCR tests. The people who disseminate these false statements are responsible for them. We are in court and prove that PCR tests are not appropriate for detecting infection.

The Robert Koch Institute explains that the accuracy of the PCR test is almost 100% if it is performed and evaluated correctly.

“But this is the correct use. In the process of PCR testing, traces of the virus genome are reproduced - in many cycles. In Germany all tests are obviously adjusted to high values ​​over a large number of cycles in order to produce as many positive results as possible. However, a positive result does not mean that the affected person is still contagious. Even the genetic components of a previous flu can lead to a positive result.

So the problem is the high number of cycles in the test?

“Among other things. The New York Times reports that the majority of true "false positive" PCR results in the United States are a result of such high cycle thresholds. There they discussed generally rejecting tests with more than 30 cycles. The Frankfurt health department is now correctly considering ignoring everything above 25 cycles.

And that means ?

If the danger of the coronavirus is 0.14%, therefore at the level of the flu, and the PCR tests are for the most part false positives, then Covid is transformed into a very dangerous disease, which is not the truth. PCR tests are obviously only a tool to generate panic.”

Again, RKI says PCR testing is extremely accurate when done correctly.

So why not do the tests correctly? Why is Drosten, against his own judgment, running 45 cycles? Why, against all better judgment, is a single gene sequence typically examined - rather than six, as the Chinese have suggested? Their method is much more precise, but it is obviously the aim in the Western world to produce as many positive cases - but false positives - as possible. This pandemic is a testing pandemic."

If the positive results are mostly false and Coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu, how are so many deaths occurring - in Italy, in Spain, in the United States?

“Here in Germany, there is no excess mortality over previous years. This is also due to our good health system. As far as other countries are concerned, the question of the causal link should in no case be simplified. Abuse in the health care system, excessive medical treatment prescribed out of fear [8] and a particularly elderly population in Italy - you cannot simply attribute everything to the danger of a virus without examining the circumstances in more detail. But obviously shocking photos were needed to keep the population in a state of panic and prevent anyone from asking questions. These horrifying images came from Bergamo and New York. I was in the United States at the time. I live there partially and I'm licensed to practice law in California,”

What did you see there?

“My friend Wolfgang Wodarg, a pulmonologist and former member of the Bundestag SPD, has excellent relations with doctors in New York. Some hospitals were not overcrowded at all. [9] The 1,000-bed hospital ship sent in by the military was occupied by 20 or 30 patients. Affected hospitals suffer each year during the flu season from conditions that Professor Ioannidis has called "a theater of war".

So how did the high death toll come about?

“This question also has a complex backdrop. Because of the panic, people rushed to hospitals who would otherwise have cured a small infection at home. In the wards, they may have been infected with hospital germs, or they have been treated with excessively high doses with agents such as hydroxychloroquine, which may have increased mortality - especially in people of colour who often suffer from favism and therefore often cannot tolerate this drug. Far too many patients in Italy and New York have also been hooked up to ventilators at a very early stage, which can be fatal if used for long periods of time.”

But there have been not only numerous corona deaths in New York City, but across the United States - 240,000 to date.

“330 million people live in the United States, of which approximately 7,300 die every day. This should not be forgotten. Of the 9.9 million people who tested positive, about 0.2% died. However, it is not specified here whether they died with or from Covid. The total number can seem frightening because it is not being related to other deaths.” [10]

When do you plan to take legal action?

“This week [11]. In the United States, our team works with lawyer Robert F. Kennedy and his team. Bobby Kennedy and I met for the first time on August 29 in Berlin, during the demonstration against the liberticidal measures in Germany. There was not a word in the mainstream media as a Kennedy attended! The media spoke of 30,000 to 40,000 participants, but we know it was closer to a million.

Why are you suing in the United States?

“In America, it is much easier for a large number of plaintiffs to pool their interests in a class action suit. There is nothing like it in Germany. The right of proof is also fairer in the United States when a consumer sues a powerful corporation.”

Who are the plaintiffs?

“There are several class actions. The plaintiffs are mainly American contractors seeking compensation for the damage suffered. During the trial, the plaintiffs will state that there are millions of other victims in the world. They will ask anyone aggrieved by testing and confinement in the same way that they are admitted as a complainant. German companies too.”

In which US court do you want to sue?

“It will be decided in a few weeks. But the first strike will be here in Germany. The fact findings will then be used in the United States ”. Where do you want to sue in Germany? “We prosecute those responsible in court when possible. The prosecution makes it possible to sue for damages in the 200 German courts, and it will happen now. We represent companies that say, that's enough, I want to know, and the costs don't matter.”

Do you want to seek compensation from the court or are you pursuing a political goal?

“For me, it's both: we're a group of over 100 lawyers. We originally went for damages. But the question of political accountability is at least as important. Regarding the claim for damages, proceedings can take years. We believe the course will be set from the start. The courts will consider the evidence, regarding the question: What are these PCR tests really?" We assume that things will move very quickly if, for example, the connection between Christian Drosten and entrepreneur Olfert Landt is discussed in public.

On November 2, the Dortmund district court declared the Covid restrictions invalid because they were based on a government ordinance and not on a Bundestag law. How do you assess the judgment against which the prosecutor has already lodged a complaint?

“It's very good judgment. It is on the same line as the Constitutional court of Austria and many American courts. The government can take emergency measures for a few days. Longer terms, as we have done and are currently doing in Germany, can only be decided by the legislature. There is public debate - even beyond the immediate questions: What does a mask do, and what does a PCR test show? The Bundestag now wants to clarify the law on protection against infections: the decisions that the State can order must be determined more precisely. It comes too late, but at least there is now a discussion of what the State can and cannot mandate.

Will there really be an open discussion?

“What is apparent on the surface is not always what's really happening. The second- and third-line political groups have a very different vision. We have received signals from many members of the Bundestag for the CDU / CSU and the SPD, including the Greens, and of course the AfD. The deputies ask us, is there no alternative to lockdown? How great the power of the front row still is remains to be seen.

This is a very interesting development to follow, if, as R. Füllmich hopes, the denunciation of the PCR scam on which the lockdowns and freedom-killing measures are all based, actually leads to the the house of cards collapsing. Let us get the information out there, because fear needs to vanish along with the PCR tests before the leaders in the service of the vaccine industry find a way to replace them and continue their fear exercise. We thank the lawyers of the German extra-parliamentary commission which initiated the investigations among international experts with a view to a Nuremberg of Covi-19 and who have pushed international jurists to highlight the Covid testing deception and the dramatic measures resulting from it: lost sleep and already thousands, even millions of lost lives around the world. Let’s disseminate their work so that the hoax is no longer hidden, and so that the citizens of the world can stop being afraid, and recover their strength and their freedoms. The video of lawyer Reiner Füllmich (links in the first Nuremberg article of the YouTube Covid video) has been censored by YouTube. His speech, in which he describes the Corona measures as a "crime against humanity," has been shared 670,000 times on YouTube - the English version still over a million times.

[1] Our reference (always indicate) Date Z-99/20-rf / nw23.11.2020 Wodarg, Dr Wolfgang./. Kreißel, Philip Complaint by Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg, Wiesenweg 40, 24646 Guardian - Plaintiff - represented by: Rechtsanwälte Dr. Fuellmich & Associates, Senderstrasse 37 at 37077 Göttingen against Philip Kreißel, [address] - Defendant - for omission, revocation and monetary compensation. Provisional amount of the dispute: € 250,000 We appoint ourselves as representatives of the plainfiff.

[2] In France at least 800 children whose families are struggling to obtain compensation.

[3] We reported in October the Nuremberg 2 project against those responsible for this false pandemic and the tragic economic, psychic social consequences. Nuremberg-Covid: confinements were unnecessary, and remain so (3)

Nuremberg-Covid : les confinements furent inutiles, et le demeurent (3)

Nuremberg-Covid : un crime contre l'humanité qui doit être jugé !

Vers la mise en place d'un Nuremberg du Covid – site ripostelaique.com

[4] Kurzbericht_Corona-Ausschuss_14-09-2020-1-4.pdf see their information on their site

[5] Pandemic Exposes How Science Is Suppressed for Political, Financial Gain • Children's Health Defense

[7] „WERKZEUG ZUR PANIKMACHE“ Harsche Kritik an Corona-Lockdown: Anwalt Reiner Fullmich greift Virologen Drosten und RKI-Chef Wieler an

[8] Think of the deaths of Rivotril in nursing homes and the aberrant ban on the use of hydroxychloroquine by the Minister of Health in France. The death figure for Rivotril would be at least 10,000 deaths and the deaths are also related to the abandonment of care for chronic or undetected diseases during confinement and the weeks that followed (heart attacks, strokes, untreated cancers and not screened etc. No to deadly re-containments, even local ones! - Doctor Nicole Delépine (nicoledelepine.fr)

[9] Recall that in France despite the theatrical transfers by plane or TGV of some patients, private clinics were empty throughout the country, prohibited from normal care by the White Plan imposed by Edouard Philippe a few days before confinement (reserved for emergencies deemed such by the ARS and not the surgeon or the patient) and that no covid-19 patients were sent to them, except with a few exceptions. It should be noted that currently private clinics have again had to cancel many patients on the orders of the ARS while the pseudo second wave is over and hospital services are not saturated.

[10] Note that the US CDC recently admitted that only 6% of patients classified as dead from Covid actually died from Covid. In France itself, the minister recently confessed to the Senate that it was difficult to determine the proportion of deaths due to covid or associated with Covid.

[11] In fact the complaint was filed on November 23, 2020 Klage des Dr. med. Wolfgang Wodarg, Wiesenweg 40, 24646 Warder - Kläger - Prozessbevollmächtigte: Rechtsanwälte Dr. Fuellmich & Associates, Senderstrasse 37 in 37077 Göttingen gegen Philip Kreißel, [Anschrift] - Bekufälagter - wegen Unterdigeldung. Vorläufiger Streitwert: € 250,000 Wir bestellen uns zu Prozessbevollmächtigten des Klägers.


English translation: David Montoute

Original [via FranceSoir]: http://www.francesoir.fr/societe-sante/le-test-pcr-va-au-tribunal-au-portugal-mais-aussi-en-allemagne-et-dans-de-nombreux