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Top cardiologist: Evidence of post-jab heart disease exists but isn’t published out of fear


 Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Michael Haynes

Fri Nov 26, 2021 (leer en castellano)

(LifeSiteNews) — A world-renowned cardiology expert warned of a link between the hastily developed COVID-19 injections and heart disease. He said on UK television that cardiology researchers have found evidence to support this, but are too afraid of losing money from the drug companies to publish the proof.

Speaking to GB News’ Alex Phillips, Dr. Aseem Malhotra referenced a recent publication by cardiac surgeon Stephen Gundry, noting that COVID-19 injections “dramatically increase” inflammation of blood vessels, heart muscles, and “may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events.”

Gundry’s paper revealed that following the mRNA COVID injections, the chance of developing heart disease jumped from 11% to 25%.

“Now what this research has shown, is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who have already got some heart disease, have seen a significantly increased risk (of heart attack) from 11% at five years to 25%,” observed Dr. Malhotra. “Now that’s a huge increase.”

Adding that the findings were “very concerning indeed,” Malhotra said Gundry’s findings were corroborated by researchers in U.K. cardiology departments, who were too afraid to publish their own findings, in case they were financially penalized by drug companies.

“Somebody from a very prestigious British institution, a cardiology department researcher, a whistleblower if you like, contacted me to say that the researchers in this department had found something similar within the coronary arteries linked to the vaccine, inflammation from imaging studies around the coronary arteries. They had a meeting, and these researchers at the moment have decided they’re not going to publish their findings because they are concerned about losing research money from the drug industry.”

This testimony was further supported by “anecdotal evidence” from Malhotra’s colleagues in the cardiology community “across the U.K.,” who had told him how “they are seeing younger and younger people coming in with heart attacks.”

The U.K. has seen close to 10,000 excess non-COVID deaths since July 2021, leading Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care, to call for an “urgent investigation” into the cause of these deaths. “Most of those, or significant proportion of those, have been driven by circulatory disease, in other words heart attack and stroke,” attested Malhotra, who, aged 44, has an already distinguished medical career.

Noting also the increase in people dying at home, a rise of 30%, Malhotra stated that “often these are because of cardiac arrest.

Calling upon the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunization to “absolutely investigate this,” Malhotra also implored the cardiology researchers to publish their findings.

“I really hope that they take a look in the mirror and realize … that they should publish this stuff because their duty primarily is the patients, not the interests of the drug industry.”

‘Put an end to the mandates’

Since the signals linking the COVID injections to heart disease are now “so strong,” Malhotra called for an end to injection mandates, saying, “I think if this signal is strong, and if it’s correct then history will not be on their side, and the public will not forgive them for it.

“This is very concerning. It needs investigating and hopefully it can be resolved very soon.”

Malhotra’s interview marks a crucial point in the media coverage of vaccine-related side effects, with social media users describing it as “massive,” and fellow NHS colleague Dr. Anthony Hinton supporting Malhotra’s testimony.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now numbers 894,145 adverse events following COVID injections between December 14, 2020, and November 12.

While 18,853 reports are deaths, a total of 19% of deaths were related to cardiac disorders, while a further 13,327 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported, with 9,332 heart attacks.

The true number of post-injection adverse events is likely to be much higher, however, as a 2010 report submitted to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality warned that VAERS caught “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events.”


Source: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/evidence-of-heart-disease-after-covid-shot-exists-but-isnt-published-out-of-fear-cardiologist-says/

Thailand: 3 young victims of the Covid cult



This week in Thailand:

Wuthidet Namo (15), Watchira Maichan (25) and Sithipol Bovornkittipaisal (26) all died shortly after receiving their second Covid-19 vaccine. A collective funeral was held on the same day for the three young Thais. All three died within one week of each other, and relatives of the victims believe the vaccine had something to do with their deaths.

On November 28th, Amarin TV reporters visited the funeral lodge of Wat Nam Daeng, Bang Phli district, in the Samut Prakan province. Here the reporters learned the details of the after the post-covid-19 vaccination
deaths. More than three bodies lay in the temple. A sad atmosphere hangs over the Thai pavilion, where relatives and friends are praying. 

Juthathip Namo related how her 15-year old nephew Wuthidet Namo received his first Pfizer vaccine provided by the Khlong Krathum Rat Uthit school on November 3. Following the inoculation, he began to suffer side effects, including fever, shortness of breath and weight loss. After receiving the second injection of Pfizer on November 24, the young man felt pain in his chest and found it difficult to breathe. He was taken to Samut Prakan Hospital on Thursday, November 25th, where his condition rapidly deteriorated, and died a day later. Thes doctor have concluded that Wuthidet Namo's death is due to diabetes mellitus and high blood sugar. But the family believe the cause of death is likely linked to the vaccine.

Watchira Maichan, 25, worked for the Isuzu company in the Samut Prakan neighborhood. He died 13 days after receiving his second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. His relatives said he received his first shot of the vaccine on August 26th. The side effects started with a high fever and diarrhea. On November 20th, eight days later after his second dose (on November 12th) he developed chest pain, and his hands began to turn green. He was admitted to hospital
with a high fever, where he later died on November 25th. The attendant doctor diagnosed an infection in the blood. But the young man was in good health with no underlying illnesses. His family and relatives also believe he died from the vaccine.

Sithipol Bovornkittipaisal, 26, a recent graduate, died
returning home, less than half a day after receiving his second vaccination. His sister recalls: “At around 9:00 pm, my older brother went upstairs to turn on the air conditioner in the bedroom. By around eleven o'clock, my mother and I were worried about not seeing him and went to his room. He was lying unconscious on his bed.” The doctor believes he died of acute heart failure and that his death was unrelated to the vaccine, while his relatives maintain that this sudden death was in fact due to the vaccine.

Below is a report on the Thai channel Amarin TV concerning the deaths of these three young men, whose bodies lie in the same temple: 


Source: https://lemediaen442.fr/thailande-a-15-ans-25-ans-26-ans-ils-decedent-apres-la-vaccination-les-funerailles-ont-eu-lieu-le-meme-jour-dans-le-meme-temple/

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Morocco Finally Erupts: Vaxxed and Unvaxxed Shoulder to Shoulder Chant “United Against the Pass”


Silviu “Silview” Costinescu 

November 4th

I’ve been a prisoner on the Moroccan slaveship since Covidiocracy started, under the command of King Pfizer I the Destroyer of Morocco and the rule of other people we’ll discuss later. I can’t go far without being molested by the government so I can’t report as a witness to everything, but I still can provide sources and insights you won’t find many places, and believe me, this is a really interesting and telling story.

Morocco is the most jabbed country in Africa, about 3/4 of the population had at least one shot, and I was growing depressed and desperate with these stats and the deafening silence around, as I f-ing love these people and I was hurting being a direct witness to their silent suicide.

I couldn’t understand how can they be so alive inside, individually, but dead as a community.

It was peace because the regular folk here have simple sane natural mentalities and, more so than in many ‘free-minded’ Western societies, they respect each other’s options and allow their neighbor to follow and meet his destiny. Within the framework of Quran. of course, but parallel with the legal framework and propaganda. So whatever was going on was creating big economic problems, but not social tensions and division.

This could’ve been almost a successful vaccination rollout, definitely the best in the region, on the background of an economic and health calamity. But then the rulers of the land decided to ruin their own only achievements lately and made the mistake to push the pedal to the metal with these green-passes, because they’re 200% aboard the Great Reset and all that Davos transhumanist lunacy, especially the king, as vaccines are just the gateway to digital ID’s. And this is the part where other fine gentlemen come in. More on that coming up too.

So when the ‘green’ slave passes hit, what everyone suspected became clear: the whole circus is not about health, their suffering so far was not about mitigating a crisis, quite the opposite.

And now you have what you don’t find everywhere: a more cohesive and clear-minded society, with enough protest experience, loudly standing up to the bullshit, and some frowning bystanders who are completely clueless or confused. No millennial CDC Karens here, that NPC model is not even on the market yet.

Soon, I will reveal how we got here, decades of history, I’ve only scratched the surface before, time to crack it open. Until then… 



Related: How Bill Gates and banksters ganged up to take Morocco. And now are ruining it.

Source: https://silview.media/2021/11/04/morocco-finally-erupts-vaxxed-and-unvaxxed-shoulder-to-shoulder-chant-united-against-the-pass/

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Australian Senators rebel against mandatory vaccination



France Soir

November 26th

On November 22nd, a group of Australian senators backed a One Nation party bill in parliament, proposed by its chairperson, Pauline Hanson, and Senator Malcolm Roberts. The project aims to annul all vaccine mandates.

It was brought forth by representatives of several parties: Senator Matt Canavan (National Party) and Liberal Party Senators Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells. For Pauline Hanson, parliamentarians opposed to this bill have no guts, not even the courage to defend the Australian people.

Though the bill was rejected, the same 5 senators out of 44 voted for it, while the revolt thunders on in the cities and the countryside of Australia. According to various estimates, there were some 500,000 Australians on the streets last week, from a population of around 25 million.

Why was this bill proposed?

Among the group that supported the bill is Liberal Party (LNP) Senator Gerard Rennick. At the end of October, he sent an open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison where he reported that the number of vaccine accidents was very high: "During the last two weeks, I have become aware of severe and undiagnosed injuries as a result of the Covid vaccines. Many of these are not being acknowledged by the very medical authorities who are should be helping them. Those who have suffered injuries accident need help urgently both in dealing with their pain and mental anguish of not knowing if, or when they will recover."

He therefore proposed a legislative mechanism for urgent compensation for victims of vaccine accidents, at no cost to the patient, urgently: "Many victims have been unable to work and are facing economic as well as in health issues as a result of an adverse event from the vaccine".

For Senator Rennick, "it is completely inhuman to force these people to have to take another shot if the have suffered paralysis, strokes, sever clotting or one of the numerous ailments the vaccine has caused."

In addition, "no person in this country should be forced to lose their job because they don't want to take a Covid vaccine on which long-term studies are not yet completed." The senator continues: "
All domestic travel restrictions regarding Covid should be repealed. The tyranny of the last eighteen months must stop.  The Governments have destroyed livelihoods of the people, our children's education, they has kept families apart and divided our nation...I have been inundated from many Australians who are stressed about losing their jobs or the having mandatory vaccination for their children."

And he concludes, “Upon becoming a Senator over two years ago, I made a pledge to serve the people of this great country, not destroy them."

According to Senator Malcolm Roberts, the vaccine is
"injected into healthy people and is killing healthy people."

As for Senator Malcolm Roberts, he is a unique figure. A graduate of several universities, with an MBA from the University of Chicago, he nevertheless insisted on working in coal mines himself for three years, before founding an industrial consultancy company. A sworn opponent of the thesis of global warming, Senator Roberts follows the scientific literature on so-called Covid vaccines on a day-to-day basis, participates in street protests and unfailingly steps up to the plate in Parliament.

On November 10, in an interview with political scientist Hrvoje Moric, he launched an attack on the Covid restrictions:

[They are] immoral and inhuman, that they’re unlawful, unjustified. That’s how I view them. First of all, you mentioned a number of points and I’ll try to capture some of them. You talked about a pandemic. I never use the word pandemic because there is no pandemic of deaths, Hrvoje. None at all. If we look in Australia, then we have normal death rates as compared in past previous years. So then people in Australia might say, “Well, hang on, we’ve had lockdowns, that’s why we’ve not got a pandemic of deaths.” Okay, well, let’s look at other countries in the world. Nowhere is there a pandemic of deaths.

The only thing with regard to the death data that’s unusual in Australia is since the injections have been introduced. Now we’re seeing that the number of deaths is above the upper range, and we believe that that is… Well, it’s not explained. So it raises serious questions about the injections, because we know that the number of deaths and that the adverse effects is far, far higher than people are telling us. We know that. We know that anecdotally. We also know that the Therapeutic Goods Administration in this country has supposedly investigated the 564 reported injection deaths that doctors have reported, but they have toned them down to just nine. So we have now asked the question of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in this country, “Show us the process by which you assess that.”  

And the other point you mentioned was about quarantine. We don’t have quarantine in this country. We have lockdowns. Lockdowns are where you isolate everyone. You withdraw everyone from society, and that’s what we’ve had. It’s cruel, it’s barbaric, it’s inhuman. 

We have also seen now injections of an unproven, not-fully-tested drug that’s been injected into healthy people and is killing healthy people. That’s the first time this has happened in our society, healthy people being injected with something forcibly, coerced into injections, and dying from it. The second thing is we have seen governments deliberately and consciously suppress the use of ivermectin, make it illegal. But ivermectin is a proven, safe, effective, affordable, and readily available treatment that is working in other countries overseas. We are being denied here. That is genocide in this country. 

And Malcolm Roberts continued: 

"Prior to the TGA’s approval of Comirnaty vaccine, Steve Anderson, the Director of the US Centre for Biologics Evaluation and Research released data detailing potential Comirnaty adverse outcomes, including Guillain-Barré syndrome, acute myocarditis, auto immune disease, and death. This is exactly what’s happened. In approving Pfizer’s Comirnaty injections, did the TGA fail in it’s duty of care to the Australian people?" 

And the third question from Senator Roberts:  "Latest data from America’s CDC indicates that children aged 12 to 17 are likely to experience mmyocarditis and related conditions at the rate of 9.5 cases per million vaccinations. Yet after the second vaccination, that rate rises sevenfold from 9.5 to 66.7. In approving two doses of Pfizer Comirnaty for our children without testing, are the Minister for Health Greg Hunt and Professor Skerritt at the TGA, risking our children’s lives, health and future?"



Source: https://www.francesoir.fr/politique-monde/senateurs-australie-obligation-vaccinale

SENATE SPEECH: Pauline Hanson Calls For An End To Mandatory Jabs


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Dr. Pablo Campra and the technical report on graphene oxide





Dr. Pablo Campra recently gave an exclusive interview for Vivir con Salud, a health program of El Toro TV, in which he was asked for details about the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in vaccines against COVID-19

This is a key interview if you want an update on what graphene oxide is and what damage it causes in the organism, aside from knowing how Dr. Campra detected it in several vaccination vials.

Orwell City translates the interview into English.


Juan Zaragoza: Welcome back, after this break that we have made for the advertisement. Today we have a surprise, as we mentioned before, and we're going to talk about a topic that isn't talked about much. And when it's talked about, it's shrouded in controversy. But I think it's important to talk about it. And to talk about it, moreover, with rigor. And that's why today we have the privilege of having with us... He's with us, online, the professor and doctor Pablo Campra Madrid. He's a full university professor. He has a doctorate in Chemical Sciences and a degree in Biological Sciences. Welcome, Mr. Pablo.

Dr. Pablo Campra: Good day. Thank you for the invitation. 

Juan Zaragoza: Well, then... We haven't yet explained what we're going to talk about and we want to talk about a report. If you allow me to call you by your first name... 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes, yes, yes. 

Juan Zaragoza: Well, we're on a first-name basis then. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: A report that you have recently published. It's a technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vaccines. In the vaccines that are being used here in Spain. I... There we have it in the image. I have some questions I wanted to ask you and, well, also so that our viewers can understand this. You've found or have detected the presence of graphene oxide inside some vials. But I think it's important that we start by understanding what this graphene oxide thing is. What's reduced graphene oxide, specifically? 

Well, graphene oxide is a nanomaterial that has been researched for decades. It was rediscovered a few years ago, and it has many industrial applications in biomedicine and many fields. It, basically, consists of a layer that's a mesh of hexagonal carbon atoms with double bonds that gives it electromagnetic properties and a dynamism that's responsible for the properties it has. It's a derivative of graphite by exfoliation. Exactly, the composition is the same. It's just that instead of having many layers bonded together, it appears as a maximum of 10 layers by definition. 

Normally, graphene oxide in its pure state is intended to have only one layer. So that the viewers can understand it. Can you give us an example of graphite so that they know what it is. Sure. Graphite is a hexagonal mesh of carbon, like a network where six carbon atoms are joined in hexagon, but in which there are many overlapping layers and joined by bonding. So, that gives it different properties. Graphene isn't just a layer. It has very special physical and electromagnetic properties, which is why its applications are sought. 

Juan Zaragoza: For example, graphite would be the tip of a pencil. The characoal which we use to write.

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes, it would. From graphite, graphene can be obtained simply by using cellophane, removing layers, and repeating the process many times. And you can end up with a single layer of carbon atoms. That would be graphene. 

Juan Zaragoza: Which would also be transparent, I imagine. Being single-layered, it would let light through. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: That depends. When you get a single layer it appears transparent or translucent, which is difficult to detect by microscopy. But as I say, if one buys a standard graphene solution —there are many commercial ones—, normally, it comes stacked in layers and appears as dark-colored lumps because many overlapping layers appear, even though it's graphene. So, it appears under a microscope in two different ways: as dark lumps, carbonaceous type, and if it's subjected to ultrasound, to sonication, well, individual layers can be exfoliated, which appear as a series of transparent sheets. It's a very characteristic appearance. 

Juan Zaragoza: Alright. And before we go into how this graphene oxide works and why it's important and why it could be in the vaccine, how did the initiative come about that you have analyzed, specifically, several vaccine vials that have been used here, in Spain, against the COVID? How did the initiative come about to analyze these vials? Where did this come from? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Well, this came from Ricardo Delgado, from a channel called La Quinta Columna. They made a call because they raised this hypothesis that the vaccine could contain graphene. So, they asked the university for help to analyze it and detect it. And I volunteered. Then, in the first work that we did before the summer, a series of objects with that appearance that I have mentioned were found. But that was left unfinished because only the microscopic image isn't enough. It's necessary to do either spectroscopic or chemical analysis to confirm that this structure is there, which is what we have finally been able to finish after many months. 

This could have been done in weeks, but here the collaboration we have had is minimal. So, we have to look for the equipment, to get up to date with the techniques... And all this takes time. But c'mon, this work could have been done in weeks with the collaboration of really specialized people. 

Juan Zaragoza: So, you haven't had much institutional support. Have you had any kind of support to carry out these analyses? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: No, no. None. This has been done on an individual basis and with a lot of effort because, well... The scientific research system has more than enough capacity to analyze this material and many others. But here, the system isn't participating in this work that's, simply, a counter-analysis, of what's declared to be in the vaccines, which I believe is necessary. A totally independent analysis of the companies that are marketing other products and that, many of us believe, is not being done by the regulatory agencies. At least not publicly, nor periodically done, as it should be. Per batch. 

Juan Zaragoza: Alright. What are the vials that you have been able to analyze? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: We have analyzed, specifically, in this second batch, seven of the samples that have arrived. Because that's, also, a difficulty: to get vials of a total of four different vaccines. And from each vial, we have taken a series of minimum samples, 10 microliters, and we have tried to detect this material. The analysis that has been done is qualitative, not quantitative. It was simply a detection analysis. To find out whether this material is present or not. To try to look for that structure that is detected by spectroscopy. 

Juan Zaragoza: Uh-huh. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: In a second phase, what we'd have to do is to quantify how much is there. And then, also, to carry out a more universal study. A statistically significant study of a much larger number of vials to know what's the degree of presence of these products. Whether it's only the result of contamination in those batches or to find out the extent of this presence. It's potentially toxic product. And that's what has to be evaluated, and that's not covered by the emergency authorization. Neither in the FDA nor in the European EMA. 

So, the work we have done is simply a counter-analysis, a contrast independent of what's declared to figure there. And we're only working on the graphene hypothesis because I'm working on this hypothesis because was put to me. But some several other possible substances and objects have been described by other researchers that would need to be investigated as well. 

Juan Zaragoza: Alright. What kind of analysis technique have you used? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Well, we have focused on Raman spectroscopy, which is called micro-Raman because it uses the microscope. It couples the image of very small objects —of micro-metric or nano-metric size— on which a monochromatic laser is focused, and a signal called spectrum can be obtained. It's specific to the structure. So, as the particles here are very small, they're very dispersed in a complex matrix, so that's the way to detect them. If it were a solution in which there was only graphene, it'd be done with a technique called macro-Raman, for example, in which you take the whole vial to obtain a signal. But here, we had to look for objects of very small size and do the spectroscopy one by one. 

Juan Zaragoza: So you have to look for them, first, optically. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Of course, because this technique couples the visual aspect with the spectrum. So, you cannot dissociate one from the other. You look for objects that could have the appearance of graphene and then you check with the spectrum that this structure is there. 

Juan Zaragoza: Very well. And within these objects that were found... Well, you told me that there weren't only objects that could be graphene. How many graphene objects did you find? Did you find them in all the vials? How was the result? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: It was a laborious task because it doesn't appear as the majority component, far from it. You have to look for it. You need to know how to detect it, and you have to do a lot of screening, a lot of tracking. But our objective was, simply, to detect it and confirm its presence. Then, as I said, the next step would be to quantify its level. The average mean level in the samples we have, and then in other similar samples that we haven't analyzed, to see the statistical significance of the finding of this presence. And then it's up to the manufacturers to give an answer as to what it's doing there. Whether if it's contamination or has some function, that which is not declared in the documents. 

And that's what we demand: that periodic or routine analyses be carried out. Like the ones we do in intensive agriculture in Almeria, where routine controls are carried out on all the batches of vegetables that come out. Therefore, the companies, the certifier, and the Government of Andalucia make routine control. Because one cannot trust, simply, a punctual declaration that a private company makes. Even more so in a subject like this. 

Juan Zaragoza: Alright. Have you seen any other type of object? We have some images that were published in the technical report. Let's see if we can show them. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes. On the vials, in particular, well... 

Juan Zaragoza: This one we see here, what would it be? I don't know if this is one of the objects you were talking about. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes. That carbonaceous appearance is typical graphene, but this is called 'lump' in English. It's like a dark clump, right? This, most likely, when you focus the laser, will give a characteristic graphene signal. These would be several layers of graphene bonded together. That's why it looks so dark. And they're very easily detected. That's one of the two appearances that graphene appears in a commercial standard that you can buy. The other one is the translucent sheet, much more faded. You can see that it appears at the edge of the droplet. 

You put 10 microliter drops. That's another detail because each vial can have 0.3mL. That would be 300 microliters. Or, if they are of another brand, up to 2,000 or 3,000 microliters. And we have only looked in aliquots of 10 microliters. We would have to do a much more intensive scanning. I say again that here we haven't quantified the presence of graphene oxide, we have detected it. It's a binary system: it's either there or not. 

Juan Zaragoza: Well, I don't know to what extent... And, I imagine you've only done this with vaccines. I don't know if you have ever analyzed also, with this same methodology or also optically... Last week, in the program, we showed pictures of a trial. An experiment was done by a well-known man in the United States, Dr. Fleming, and he showed images, some of them similar to what we're seeing here. He said that what was there was dirt or substances that shouldn't be there inside the vial and that it should be checked because it should be transparent, like a saline solution. Or, in any case, to be able to see those lipid nanoparticles that should have a spherical shape. That's what Pfizer and Moderna told us, where the messenger ribonucleic acid is included. 

But this wasn't the case. 

There were some other objects, so to speak, or substances that are seen under the microscope. Some of them had a crystalline appearance. Others looked more like this than we see here, which could be graphene oxide. I don't know if you guys have also been able to see any other type of object that wasn't or didn't test positive on the analysis as to whether it was graphene or not. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes, well. We... I've been observing vaccines for months and what surprises me is the number of objects of quite a large size that there are, micrometric, tens of microns. Because the magnifications I use are small, they are 40 or 600, at most, in an optical microscope. There's a typology of objects that are quite repetitive and that have nothing to do with what's declared in the authorizations of these products. Because it's assumed that there are only nanoparticles with RNA inside in one type of vaccine. Others with adenoviruses with RNA inside, and that's not to be seen under an optical microscope. 

Above all, you don't have to see the typologies that we're seeing, which we don't know what they are. Graphene, you also see large fibers, a sphere, lumps... You see a lot of things that we don't know if they're contamination or not. The manufacturers are the ones who have to respond. Say if they are failures in the quality control of the products. We don't know. 

But the fact is that there are a lot of objects that are very easy to see. They are seen under low magnification, and they shouldn't be there, because I've worked with sealed vials and in a laminar flow hood that prevents contamination from occurring. So, what we demand is that counter-analyses be made or that the companies give us an explanation because up to now they have not given us any. 

Juan Zaragoza: What could be the purpose of the presence of graphene oxide in vaccines? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Well, there are several patents and publications. In theory, it could help the RNA to enter the cell and to be better distributed throughout the body. That's patented. Here, the problem is that they aren't declared neither in the products nor in the authorization. If they were declared, there would be no problem. They would have given the explanation: 'We've put this in for this purpose.' 

Juan Zaragoza: Graphene oxide, for example, could be part of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, specifically. There's a part of those lipid nanoparticles that they say are part of the 'secret formula'. They're patented, and they haven't given us all the details of that formula. Could this be part of those nanoparticles? Or would we be talking about different objects? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: It could be. This is the anomaly I'm telling you about. I work in the intensive agriculture system in Almeria, and there's no secret formula allowed for anything. Here, everything that's used in the greenhouses is controlled, tested, and then continuously monitored, periodically, with random and unannounced inspections. So, it cannot be that an experimental vaccination is being carried out —because it's not approved—. This is an emergency authorization where there's no continuous control of the composition that's declared in the batches. So, you don't know what all these objects are. They may have toxicity. Graphene, of course, has potential toxicity. But you also have to evaluate the quantities they have, the mode of administration, the type of graphene that goes in them... Because talking about graphene is like talking about plastic. And to make a toxicity assessment, which I haven't done. 

Juan Zaragoza: It'd be much more complex to do. And who would be responsible for doing that kind of evaluation? What national or supranational bodies should be reviewing those compounds? 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes, well. In theory, the FDA should have done it in the United States and the EMA in Spain. The Spanish Medicines Agency. Well, I think that... Hmm... How is it said...? They leave this issue in the hands of the EMA. But, of course, I haven't seen uploaded to this agency's website any type of counter-analysis. And not just one, because only one wouldn't be enough. They would have to periodically upload batch analyses, and I haven't seen them do that. If they have, they certainly haven't made it public. 

Juan Zaragoza: I seem to remember —reading some time ago—, that the EMA did check some of the vials on the quality of the messenger ribonucleic acid in the vaccine, specifically from Pfizer. Those chains were not complete, i.e., they were fragmented in a relatively high percentage. And this was, supposedly, a quality study of what the vaccine had to contain to assess its efficacy. This was very early on before the vaccine was authorized and began to be used. Theoretically, before production. But after that, it's true. I've been reading, looking for this information or this documentation. And I don't know that it has been published anywhere. I don't know if you have been able to get in touch with any of these official bodies and ask them or if they have contacted you after the publication of this technical report. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: No. The problem here is that the scientific system is totally passive. Totally passive in this activity. Even the Spanish Medicines Agency doesn't delegate in the EMA either. And, here, the few of us who're making observations both in Spain and abroad as independent scientists, there's no type of institutional activity to carry out these counter-analyses. And then, what you've told me about RNA analysis, I haven't seen any independent one either. Apart from what has been stated in the authorizations, where there's no independent analysis by an independent laboratory and with total transparency. But here, we're not only looking for RNA. We're looking at a series of objects of quite a significant size. Not only tgraphene. Other objects require many techniques to be applied. If you're just looking for RNA, you may or may not find RNA, but what about everything else? You have to tell me what it is. Mr. manufacturer must do it, or Mr. control agency, right? In other words, here, we have to apply different techniques, multidisciplinary, to have a complete view of the actual composition, not of the vaccines in general, but of each of the batches that come out. 

Juan Zaragoza: Correct. And in the end... How can there be informed consent if we don't know what we're being inoculated with? If what they declare —perhaps it's possible in the light of this report, it seems so—, at least, in these analyzed vials... What's in those vials doesn't coincide with what is declared in the ingredients of the vaccines. And that's something that I, at least personally, find quite worrying. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Well, they may say it's contamination. There's always the possibility of contamination. So, therefore, what we have to do is to continue these analyses. In other words, this is an investigation that's open. It's necessary to confirm, with a sufficient number of samples, the presence of what we've found. And other things. To rule out, well, what I have said: failure of the method used, contamination, artifact... That's to say, it requires a thorough investigation. We have plenty of technical capacity in Spain to do it. What happens is that it's not being done by those who really have that capacity. Because they haven't been involved or they don't want to be involved. But this could be done in days. 

Juan Zaragoza: It could and should be done. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: Indeed. 

Juan Zaragoza: Well, we'll leave it here, but surely, we'll come back to this subject in the future. I'd like to thank Dr. Campra for the work done because he has done it on his own initiative without help, which isn't easy at all. I think it's important for all of us. And also to urge the official bodies to pick up the baton and analyze and publish the analysis results of these vials to know, exactly, what we're being inoculated. 

Dr. Pablo Campra: If I may. More than the official bodies —the confidence that some of us had in them has diminished after what we have been through— I'd call on independent researchers who have more than enough capacity to do this. 

Juan Zaragoza: Very well, we're laying down the gauntlet today. Hopefully, not one or two, but all those who have the capacity or are willing to pick it up. And we'll continue to talk about this issue. Thank you very much for connecting with us, for the work you're doing. I think it helps a lot of people, and it's commendable. -I'm very grateful for all this.

Dr. Pablo Campra: I thank you. Thank you, and congratulations on your program. 

Juan Zaragoza: My pleasure. Alright. And just to close the subject —because this is the first time we've discussed graphene oxide in the program—, I think it's important that we talk about a couple of things that Dr. Campra mentioned. One of them is a patent whose image we can see right now. And that's that there's indeed a patent in China, for the use of graphene oxide, specifically reduced graphene oxide in recombinant coronavirus vaccines. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Recombinant adenovirus vaccines are those of Pfizer and Janssen —which are no longer used in Spain—, which contains graphene. And, in this case, graphene would be the vehicle that transfers the content of the vaccine, the active content of the vaccine, to the different cells. 

That's concerning this patent. But I also wanted to share —and these are two or three hints that we're going to share today— before we end the program. In which both of them are in agreement, is that other cells, from our innate immune system, specifically neutrophils, when we do a regular blood test, that's where we're going to find them. Neutrophils would respond in all cases, attacking, so to speak, this 'pathogen' which would be graphene oxide, specifically reduced graphene oxide. And that would indeed increase some inflammatory cytokines. And that could be seen in a blood test. 

Alright. What has also been seen and compiled in this study that I'm talking about is that there are different mechanisms by which graphene oxide can cause toxicity at the cellular level. And there we have an image. I recommend that you then look at it quietly at home. What would it produce? It'd produce free radicals inside the cell itself and at the mitochondrial level, and that would cause the cell to be damaged. It'd deplete those enzymes that try to scavenge the free radicals, for example. 

Well, we've heard of N-acetylcysteine, which is a precursor to glutathione. And glutathione is that cellular antioxidant par excellence that would eliminate this. Graphene could produce mitochondrial damage, the mitochondria could be dying and signaling for cell suicide. It could also produce —and this has been demonstrated— in studies, DNA damage. That's a mutation of our genetic code within the cell nucleus itself where it'd gain access. It can also produce exaggerated inflammatory responses, for example from macrophages as we were talking about before, but from other cells. For example, in platelets and this could produce clots. And we've seen clotting pictures within the adverse effects of vaccines. It could also produce a process of apoptosis or cell suicide. The cell sees that it's not viable to continue living, and the mitochondria activate this suicide mechanism, which is chemical. It could trigger autophagy, but rather pathological autophagy. It could trigger necrosis and produce epigenetic changes. These epigenetic changes —like DNA changes— can, eventually, degenerate into mutagenesis. A mutation of the nucleus of the genetic code can produce cancer cells. And let's close with two solutions. I always like to end on a positive note. 

What are the things we can do? Well, the first study that we see here is about Vitamin C. This study shows that vitamin C in rather high amounts, protects our DNA code integrity and repairs the DNA in our cell nucleus. And the other substance that would also have this same effect. We already know that vitamin C also gets rid of all those free radicals. It's an antioxidant. And the other effect we could also get with niacin, which is vitamin B3. 

Alright. With these two tools that will help us to prevent all this, we'd like to thank Dr. Campra. And we're going to continue talking and researching this issue.


Source: https://www.orwell.city/2021/11/vivir-con-salud.html

quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2021

Indigenous Australians forced into quarantine camps


David Montoute

November 25th

 On Saturday, November 22nd, the Chief Minister of Australia's Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, announced during a press conference that 8 people who 'tested positive' for the unsubstantiated Coronavirus, along with 38 "prolonged contact" cases, had been loaded onto army trucks and  transported to the Howard Springs quarantine camp. The interned are from Binjari, an Aboriginal community located near the town of Katherine, and their vaccination status was of no consideration in this measure. The settlements they've been moved to are patrolled around the clock by police and security guards, and no one is allowed to set foot outside them “except in an emergency or for medical treatment”. The quarantine diktat also mandates that internees:

  • stay in the person’s allocated room, including on any veranda space allocated to the room, unless permitted by an authorised officer; and
  • when not in their room, or on their veranda, residents must take all reasonable measures to stay at least 1.5 metres away from any other person in the quarantine facility, except for the person’s spouse, de facto partner, child or parent; and
  • wear a face mask when outside their room unless an authorised officer permits the person to remove the face mask; and
  • comply with any directions given by an authorised officer to avoid people congregating in a quarantine zone; and
  • must not leave the quarantine zone in which the person’s allocated room is located unless the person is escorted by an authorised officer, except in an emergency.

“It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts,” Gunner added. The Chief Minister also used the opportunity to engage in a tirade against "anti-vaxxers", denouncing those who would leave isolated peoples "unprotected" (unmolested) by the vaccine. To a reporter he responded thusly:

 “If you are anti-mandate, you are absolutely anti-vax. I don’t care what your personal vaccination status is. If you support anybody who argues against the vaccine, you are an anti-vaxxer. Your personal vaccination status is utterly irrelevant.” 

Although this quarantine event was widely slammed by businesses and social media critics, there is nothing exceptional about it in the Australian context. Since the start of the pseudopandemic, the Australian government has instituted strict 14-day quarantines for any person supposedly infected with "Sars CoV-2", as well as "prolonged contact" cases and Australian nationals returning from abroad. The latter were sent to hotels supervised by the State, or to one of the camps set up to replace them: Alice Springs, in the center of the country, or Howard Springs, located in the far north, 300 kilometers from Katherine.

While corporate news sources have been quick to emphasise that the 46 interned aboriginals agreed to go "voluntarily" into the camps, other activists, such as June Mills, have transmitted oral reports about Northern Territory peoples being rounded up and forced-vaccinated. Although such reports cannot yet be confirmed, it should be borne in mind that marginalised, indigenous peoples are typically the first test subjects of social engineering interventions, with brutal medical experiments being a most common example. 


                                                        Aboriginal elder June Mills

Not to be outdone, the so-called health authorities in South Australia are also racing to organise quarantine “camps” for Aboriginal people who are unable to quarantine at home. Officials fear that the Natives' communitiarian cultural practices would place them at 'higher risk' of contracting the unsubstantiated virus, since these practices involve mobilisation and communal gatherings. Even accounting for the absurd methods of counting 'Covid' deaths, however, it is worth noting that the total number of 'Covid fatalities' in the Northern Territory currently stands at zero (as of November 25th, 2021).

But these dark events in Australia must also be seen in a wider context, since state authorities around the world are mandating and constructing homologous facilities. While US states build isolation camps for Americans “unable to quarantine at home, Canada's facilities are already functioning, although their exact locations are not known. Meanwhile, Germany and New Zealand have announced plans to build similar sites. And last but not least, we cannot forget China's pioneering example, which clearly served as the model for totalitarian aspirants in the West.


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Guadeloupe: to calm the situation, the government dangles the carrot of vaccines without mRNA


Marcel D 

November 23rd (lire en français)

Faced with the determination of the Guadeloupeans, the French government is trying every means possible to appease their anger. Careworkers and firefighters protested against the vaccine mandate which came into effect on November 15th and which led to a social crisis. First, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin reeled off the standard fare on France Inter by announcing that "the reestablishment of public order  is the prerequisite for any discussion”. This story doesn't even jive with that of Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu. The latter spoke Monday evening on France 2 of how "we are also in dialogue with the bosses, the Ministry of Health and Solidarity, and their employees to find a solution. We have careworkers who tell us: "I am not against the vaccine, but against messenger RNA. So we made a commitment last night to find other types of vaccines."

This is an admission of weakness by the government - just like the nice carrot offered by phone - and in the face of a critical situation that is likely to lose control of. The negotiation would therefore sems not to be about not to dropping the vaccine mandate but to simply to switch the messenger RNA from the syringe in order to placate the last holdouts who might not be too observant on the next vaccine, to be manufactured at any moment now. It may also never see the light of day, since there is no vaccine with a non-mRNA viral vector, apart from AstraZénéca and Janssen (which Europe no longer wants) or the Chinese and Russian vaccines (not approved by EU). So Guadeloupean careworkers will never see this happen.

The Franco-Austrian
Valvena, said to be a “classic” vaccine, could convince some of the “anti-vaxxers”. Delivery would begin in April 2022 - a little late to influence the current crisis in the West Indies. The person in charge of investor relations at Valvena is Laetitia Bachelot-Fontaine, a niece by marriage of the French Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot.

It is indeed a classic vaccine a with deactivated virus, but it uses aluminum and another adjuvant containing synthetic DNA, and is just as experimental as Pfizer's messenger RNA. Above all, this vaccine will not solve anything. Not the vaccine mandate, not the health pass, and not the serious short, medium or long term
side effects. It won't resolve the segregation and especially it will not end the Machiavellian plan that sets in after the the vaccine: the "social credit" system. If you think you've experienced the worst of things, the social credit system will make you regret ever having been tepid on these issues. We always lose when we negotiate with the devil! The French State is playing the long game, making small concessions and exploiting divisions to put the world to sleep. The Yellow Vests saw the results of negotiation: nothing! 

Source: https://lemediaen442.fr/guadeloupe-pour-calmer-la-situation-le-gouvernement-fait-miroiter-des-vaccins-sans-arnm/

See: Uprising in Guadeloupe

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29 times increase of stillborn babies in Waterloo, Ontario



Steve Kirsch

November 23rd

If you weren't already convinced, you double your risk of cardiac incidents and the rate of stillborn babies is up by 29 times (but only if you are vaccinated). Does anyone in authority care?


I’m getting a lot of people telling me about this abstract that appeared in Circulation, which is arguably the top-rated journal on cardiology. This was incorporated in my latest slide deck (slide 26 and 27 at the time this is being written).

Yes, this is a big deal. But nobody is listening. Cardiac risk could go up 1,000X after vaccination and it wouldn’t matter. Nobody is listening. This article is proof of that.

Here’s the punch line from the abstract:

These changes resulted in an increase of the PULS score from 11% 5 yr ACS risk to 25% 5 yr ACS risk. At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac. We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

Stillborn babies

The punchline here:

There is a 29X increase in the rate of stillborn babies in Waterloo, Ontario that started after vaccination program rolled out. All the mothers of the stillborn babies were vaccinated.

I’m sure this is happening everywhere, but nobody in the US wants to lose their job over this.

So why the CDC is saying this is perfectly safe for pregnant women? I’m curious as to what the CDC has determined the cause of this. Obviously, it couldn’t be the “safe and effective” vaccine. Note: the CDC doesn’t have jurisdiction in Canada of course, but they could call over there and find out…

The good news of course is that this only appears to be happening in areas of the world where they release data to the public on what is going on.

One place is Scotland: Investigation launched into abnormal spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland. This only started post-vaccine and I bet that all the moms were vaccinated. Isn’t it odd that they don’t list the vax status of the moms?

Another place is Canada, but only thanks to a courageous whistleblower (otherwise, we wouldn’t know):

From a post by John Smith: 2 hr ago

One Canadian doctor is speaking out about the sudden increase of stillbirths in Canadian hospitals. Transcription of a video interview:

Reporter: Dr. Daniel Nagase - the very famous doctor who treated three of his patients with ivermectin and they survived. He is a hero for all Canadians right now and we are so very fortunate to have them here.

Reporter: Dr. Nagase, we noticed that you were creating some attention in North Vancouver a couple of days ago with the stillborn babies in the hospital there, could you tell us a little about the outcome of that?

Dr. Nagase: From one of the local doctors in North Vancouver, Dr Mel Bruchet, he has contacts all through Vancouver. And some doulas who work in Women and Children's Hospital which isn't in North Vancouver, it's in Vancouver-Vancouver, it's one of the birthing centers for Vancouver. They had 13 stillbirths in a 24 hour period. That was what I heard. But the thing is I've also heard a similar story out in Waterloo, Ontario. So in Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic that there were 86 stillbirths between January and July. And normally it's 5 or 6 stillbirths every year. About 1 stillbirth every two months is the usual rate. So to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in 6 months, that's highly unusual. But the confirmation, the most important confirmation that we have, from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.

Reporter: Fully vaccinated mothers?

Dr. Nagase: That's right.

Reporter: So we're seeing a correlation.

Dr. Nagase: We're seeing a correlation. And certainly when you see a correlation, then you have to start asking: in the water in Waterloo, is there something in the air, is there some toxin in the food supply? But when you see the same correlation in different parts of the country - in Vancouver, and then in Waterloo - and you see an increase in stillbirths, you have to ask yourself: what is going on that is both in Waterloo, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC, that is suddenly causing an increase in stillbirths?

Reporter: So we need to demand answers as Canadians. What can we do, Dr. Nagase?

Dr. Nagase: We need to get freedom of information requests. We need doctors, nurses, unit clerks at hospitals, to start printing out the statistics. Because we know if we ask the health authorities to print out the statistics, they will refuse. And that is absolutely criminal. Because who pays for the hospitals? We do. It is our information. We own that information. We should not be asking some administrator for permission to get the death statistics. We should not have to ask some kind of health minister for permission to get the actual rate of ICU stays.

Well they're saying it's unvaccinated people. But there are so many people who are within two weeks of their second shot, and they are getting deathly ill. This information is our information. We deserve to know how many percent of the ICU is filled with people who are having side effects within one week of the injection. And then if they are clogging the ICUs because they are getting a vaccine injury, but then they're being labeled as unvaccinated, that is an absolute lie. We deserve - we have the right - to all the information and all the details.




KLG wrote 33 min ago

I have a Twitter follower whose daughter got vaccinated at 7 1/2 months pregnant - perfectly healthy - and delivered a still born baby 1 month later. Just one anecdote but heartbreaking.

A lot of coincidences lately.


Source: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/latest-devastating-news-on-the-vaccine