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The ‘died suddenly’ list continues to grow

WorldTribune, November 20, 2022

The list of young people dying “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” continues to grow.

Mark Crispin Miller continues to compile the tragic list on his “News from Underground” blog.

The following were from reports over the past month:

• Kayla Rose Lumpkins, a healthy 18-year-old from Texas died in her sleep on the day she took the Covid booster shot, a report cited her mother as saying. Lumpkins had just started college at the University of Texas.

“I found her dead in her bed the next morning. She had been sleeping in the same position she always did,” the grieving mother wrote in a social media post. “I am in complete shock. She was not sick. She acted like her normal self.”

The mother said that her daughter was physically healthy until she received her booster shot: “She had two [vaccines]. Then she had a third one for good measure. I’m telling you all, she was healthy. With her crazy schedule – choir, theater, drill team, morning practices, rehearsals, football game halftime performances, plays, concerts, excelling in her honor dual credit classes and everything else she did, there was no way she was sick. If she was, she wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

• Bethune-Cookman Universtiy announced on Oct. 31 that former women’s basketball standout Kendra Cooper passed away at the age of 27. The former Wildcats guard played for the from 2013-2017, where she had a decorated career, being named to two All-MEAC teams and leading the team to two regular season titles and two WNIT tournament appearances.

No cause of death was reported.

• Jackson State University on Nov. 9 reported the sudden and unexpected death of student-athlete Geronimo Warner. He was 21. JSU said that Warner was a management major from Phoenix and a guard on the JSU men’s basketball team.

No cause of death was reported.

• Lauren Ryan Boss passed away suddenly on Oct. 25 at the age of 21. She graduated from Merritt Island High School in Florida in 2019. She went on to continue her education at Southeastern University, graduating early at age 19, with a Bachelors in Practical Ministries. Upon graduation from college, she accepted a position on the creative team at Saints Church in Queens, New York, where she worked for the past two years, according to a Nov. 9 report.

No cause of death was reported.

• A 35-year-old Ohio firefighter died unexpectedly on Nov. 15, according to a local report. Thomas Harkelrode, of West Farmington, worked for the Niles and Middletown fire departments. He began working for Niles as a firefighter and paramedic in August 2018. The death is being investigated by the Trumbull County Coroner’s Office, although no details were released.

• Michael Lawrence Boland, 27, died unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism on Nov. 7 in Jackson, Mississippi a report said. He was a three-time State 2A singles and doubles tennis champion at St. Joe, and an active member of the Bruins soccer and football teams.

• Callie Ann Marie Nicole Crowell, 18, of Stuart, Virginia passed away Nov. 8 at UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville, her obituary said. She was a cheerleader and Flag Corps Captain. She was active in the Girl Scouts earning her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award which earned her the Triumph Award. She studied at the Patrick County Dancing Arts Center and was attending the University of Virginia on a full academic scholarship.

No cause of death was reported.

• Aiden Thieman, age 6, passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 6, according to a GoFundMe set up by a family friend.


                                    World Premiere: Died Suddenly 


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Vaccines transform funeral homes into the most thriving businesses



18 November, 2022

Throughout Europe, but especially in Spain and Portugal, excess mortality is galloping. Insurers are shelling out large sums of money for the policies of the deceased they had insured, while funeral homes cannot find enough coffins to bury the corpses.

The Swiss magazine Uncut dedicates a report to the overwork of Dutch funeral homes, which are in luck, with more business than usual in recent months. “It doesn't have an obvious explanation,” he says.

"The greater number of deaths has no explanation," he insists for the second time. Funeral homes are not aware of the causes of death for data protection reasons.

DELA is the largest funeral home in the Netherlands. It typically handles between 100 and 120 deaths a day in 40 locations across the country, but "lately, we've often been at or above the top of this range," says a company spokesperson.

“We are in fifth gear, it is no longer a sprint, it is a marathon,” says Martijn van de Koolwijk, a spokesman for the funeral home.

The director of the Monuta funeral home cannot attend to journalists because he is very busy. However, a spokeswoman stressed that the company was able to handle the excess work very well.

In Spain, fakers talk about the heat wave, but this explanation
doesn't work in the Netherlands. In summertime the number of deaths tends to decrease, while this year it has remained stable. “So in the summer we were a bit busier,” says the post-spokeswoman.

According to the Central Statistical Office, more people are dying than expected for months. In October, for example, excess mortality was 16 percent. In all, nearly 1,800 more people died than anticipated, including 1,000 especially vulnerable, such as the elderly in nursing homes and the disabled.

The O
ffice of Statistics won't get involved. It also will not provide any information on the cause of the additional deaths. Do not know, no answer. The pact of silence does not allow us to find out what the defenders of “public health” are really talking about.



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Fake War, Real Suffering: the invasion of Ukraine and its real geopolitical objectives


Kevin Galalae

Originally published: 1st March, 2022

In less than a week, the war propaganda has drowned the fading and no longer effective pandemic propaganda. This sudden shift marks the international system’s transition from one phase to another of its ten-year-plan to end the age of materialism and start the age of sustainability. 

For the past two years, the world was turned into a hospital ward in which mRNA vaccines represented the primary weapon of forced obedience and mass destruction in the arsenal of governments and the UN system. For the next two years, the world will be turned into a refugee camp in which war will represent the primary weapon of forced migration and mass reconstruction in the arsenal of governments and the EU system. 

 Even a distant observer will have noticed that there is no reason for war in Ukraine as nothing has changed in the country’s situation either with respect to its accession to the EU or to NATO for the past six years. Equally obvious is that during this time the West and Russia have made tremendous efforts to give the impression of a growing rift in relations. Let me state from the onset that no such rift exists and make the bold assertion that the relationship between the West and Russia has never been closer. And we should all rejoice on hearing these good news because it means there will be no nuclear war. 

Why then would Russia invade Ukraine and attract the world’s ire? The short answer is that without a false armed conflict the transition towards sustainability would stall since the depopulation by vaccination strategy can no longer be forced down people’s throats. Despite the global propaganda and the many layers of deception and mass formation laboriously erected to make depopulation by vaccination permanent the truth has won and governments have run out of idiots to boost and are about to also run out of idiots to sterilize with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The system’s agents of misinformation deeply embedded in civil society have relentlessly pushed these two known sterilizing drugs on the gullible masses with shameless impunity but they too have lost to the truth. 

Without further ado let me now list and briefly explain the many objectives pursued under the front of the system’s latest deception, the invasion of Ukraine, which are of two kinds, short- and long-term goals. 

Short-term goals: 

1. Drive up inflation and lower per capita consumption 

By further destabilizing the supply chain and creating even more economic uncertainty and anxiety companies and individuals alike will have to tighten their belts and watch where and how they 2 spend their money. The result will be renewed focus on the essentials of life and greatly diminished appetite for luxuries. This is already showing up in lower consumer spending and will become even more acute over the coming months. The higher grain prices that will undoubtedly follow a crippling of the Ukrainian agriculture, the fifth largest exporter of wheat in the world, and Russia’s exclusion from the world markets, which is the largest exporter of grains (23% of the global exports) and the leading exporter of gas in the world, will trigger hyperinflation. And nothing is as effective as hyperinflation in lowering consumption. Everything will double in price as a result of war in Ukraine, fake or not. 

2. Hide vaccine casualties 

Putin has managed to kill 930,000 of his fellow citizens with his Sputnik vaccine and lethal drugs since the plandemic started, that’s 0.67% of the Russian population. Biden killed 1.3 million Americans with his Moderna killer shot during the same time, that’s 0.4% of the American population. Trudeau killed 1,045,223 Canadians during the same time with Pfizer’s death in a syringe product, that’s 2,75% of the Canadian population, fivefold more than Biden and Putin. How many people the other G20 nations have killed we will know when the stats are released. In addition to the highest mortality rates in modern history our leaders have also given us the highest infertility rates in history via vaccines, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The point is that it has become impossible to hide the vaccine casualties and the fertility collapse inflicted on the global population under the veil of the plandemic. Only a world war can do that or global disruptions intentionally amplified globally by a prolonged false war in Ukraine. 

3. Hasten transition to renewables 

By placing Europe’s energy lifeline, the Russian gas pipelines, in the line of fire, G20 governments will be able to justify the exorbitant increases in energy. The Russians have already been blamed for refusing to supply enough gas to Europe and this was given as the pretext for a global domino effect increase in the price of gas, electricity and fuel. By keeping the false conflict going the price of fossil fuels will be raised artificially high to force companies and consumers alike to invest their last dime in renewables thus speeding up the transition to renewable energy sources. And if insufficient capital flows towards renewables the Brotherhood Pipeline that carries Russian gas to Western Europe through the Ukraine will be shut down with a bomb or two. In the meantime, the opposite is happening for despite the so-called war in Ukraine the volume of gas sent to Europe via Ukraine has been increased by 38% and then again by 24% over the month of February, something that no western media is reporting because it contradicts the war narrative. Furthermore, this pipeline, which flows across Ukraine, seems to be the only infrastructure object left untouched by Russian bombs as though the hand of God itself protects it. 

4. Ease the EU old-age burden and meet Europe’s 20% CO2 emissions reduction target 

By making life impossible in Ukraine millions will be forced to migrate to safe countries and the exodus to follow will rejuvenate the EU’s old population and help it lower its old-age burden enough to meet its social obligations towards an increasingly and unsustainably old society. Already half a million Ukrainians have left and according to the UN millions more will follow shortly. To make sure that Ukrainians get the message and get out of the country as fast as they can the system sends the right signals. Russia’s defense minister Shoigu has announced today that Russia will continue the military-operation until its “goals are achieved”. And since no one knows what the goals are this can go on indefinitely. The American government is doing its part by falsely claiming that the Russians are using cluster bombs on the civilian population and thermobaric rockets despite the lack of evidence that such weapons have been deployed, which is highly unlikely as that constitutes grave breeches of war rules. The Europeans are doing their part by broadcasting that various shipments of advanced weapons are being sent to the Ukraine by just about every European country and the Russians are threatening the EU with a harsh response. To top it all, everyone is talking about the possible use of nuclear weapons, which is enough to cause panic in the most patriotic Ukrainian heart and make it run for the border. That’s the stick meant to chase as many Ukrainians as possible out of their country and into exile. The carrot is wagged by Zelensky’s appeal for emergency acceptance of Ukraine into the EU and a clear signal by the EU’s President von der Leyen that Ukraine belongs to the EU as well as a pledge by Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for home affairs, that “the executive is ready to trigger an old, obscure EU directive that could provide the bloc with a fast way to manage the influx of refugees”. Romania, my country, which is not exactly rich, said it can absorb half a million Ukrainian refugees. How it can accomplish this gargantuan feat is beyond me. And Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, has announced a special humanitarian passport to facilitate the speedy migration of as many Ukrainian refugees as possible to the other end of the world. 

Mothers and young children are pouring out of the Ukraine as fast as the EU can provide buses and free transport for them to every corner of the continent. Soon the young husbands of these young women will join them and the western European economies that are hurting for labor will be thrown the lifeline they need to survive the last stage of the demographic transition, the one that requires them to kill as many old people as possible to keep them from pulling the national budgets down into the grave with them. 

But that is not all! By moving millions of people from a cold country like Ukraine down into the moderate or warm climes of central, western and southern Europe the EU can meet its ambitious decarbonization targets in 2022 and the years to come. Because we must not forget that the loose cannon EU leadership has pledged 20% annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions every year from 2020 to 2030, an impossible goal. Not if millions of Ukrainians can be uprooted from their nasty cold country and moved south, the technocrats have reckoned, since keeping a body warm in Ukraine takes three times the energy to keep it warm in Italy. 

For this to work the system must prevent the return of the Ukrainian refugees. It has two options, either cause a few leaks at the country’s four nuclear power plants, which is why they took Chernobyl first and the western media immediately said they noticed a spike in radioactivity (which is of course utter nonsense), or destroy enough infrastructure to make a return home meaningless. 

5. Collapse the financial system 

By imposing painful economic sanctions on Russia, whose economy is deeply entangled with the EU and indeed the global economy, being one of the largest exporters of gas, minerals and grains in the world, the already strained financial system will collapse and a global digital currency can be brought in to save the day. The sanctions are “a declaration of financial war” and the ripple effects on the global financial system will be dire. The system will ensure the economic sanctions imposed on Russia will collapse the existing financial system. After all there can be no global government without a global currency. Which is the chicken and which the egg, a global government or a global currency, is irrelevant so long as the political will exists to reshape the world. 

6. Solve world hunger 

The UN has been struggling for decades to eradicate world hunger and has failed because it faces a growing population, which is an invincible enemy. The system has therefore decided to stop trying to accomplish the impossible and to employ the final solution, cut out all food aid to the least developed nations afflicted by chronic hunger. Once neither Russia nor Ukraine can export any grains the UN system will have the excuse it needs to stop all food aid and let the starving starve. Once the poorest half a billion are gone the system will have no difficulty lifting the rest out of poverty. The World Food Programme has sounded the alarm that millions will starve. And they will starve because no one will have any excess food supplies to send them. 

Long-term goals: 

1. Sustain deep decarbonization 

The IEA’s data shows that in 2020 the world accomplished by far the greatest drop in CO2 emissions in history, a whopping -2.6 billion metric tons of CO2. Moreover, the Global Energy Review: CO2 Emissions in 2020 shows that the world accomplished exactly the CO2 reductions the UN’s Emissions Gap Report 2019 had calculated to be necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, namely 7%. The same reductions are needed annually until 2030 to prevent global warming, according to the false environmental science pushed by the international system 5 to hide their true objective, which is deconsumption not decarbonization as I have showed in my last article

Unfortunately for the system the restrictions on our mobility and consumption imposed on us during 2020 and to a lesser extent 2021 that have resulted in such drastic emissions reductions cannot be maintained in 2022 and beyond under the pretext of pandemic prevention measures. Even the most gullible people no longer buy the propaganda and the false science. So the system had to come up with an alternative and since they ran out of ideas they brought back the oldest depopulation and deconsumption method there is, war. With war they can decarbonize (and depopulate) at will. 

2. Dissolve the UN system 

The existing international architecture, the UN system, no longer meets the requirements of the day. It is 87 years old and as sclerotic as an 87-year-old. A new system is needed and is on the way. But first the old system must be dismantled. The war in Ukraine will accomplish that. Zelensky and Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN have called for Russia’s expulsion from the UN Security Council, which means the end of the organization. US Congress has echoed the notion of ousting Russia from the UN’s most important body. Once Russia is out and the UN can no longer fulfill its primal duty, uphold international peace, the UN will become utterly obsolete. Hopefully, a Planetary Wellbeing Authority will take its place, as I have envisioned and called for since 2015. 

3. Shatter Russian nationalism 

The world cannot survive the next 50 years without unfettered access to Russia’s vast natural resources and the system’s corporations cannot access them until Russia’s nationalism is dead and buried. This is Putin’s role which is why he took on the task of starting a war in Ukraine. Putin has always been a pillar of the international system just as the Soviet Union has always been a pillar of the UN system and a founding member, of course. He was not allowed to stay in power this long for no reason at all. The West knew Putin would be needed during the crucial last phase of the demographic transition and to give the last blow to the era of consumerism. Who better to do that than a son of communism who will be able to declare that capitalism is dead? For whether we like it or not the era of sustainability that has started will be more like communism and less like capitalism so long as there are nearly 8 billion souls to feed. If all Covid vaccinated people die in the next five years, which is a possibility, the rest will lavish in newly freed wealth. If not we will all have to tighten our belts. 

By isolating Russia and making life impossible for Russians outside their own country nationalism will take its last breath in Russia in 2022. And since Russia is the last remaining stronghold of nationalism in the world the other nations still hanging on to the ghosts of the past will give up 6 too. Then full global integration of the planet’s resources and a seamless global market become possible. 

4. Redistribute wealth 

The confiscation of the wealth of Russia’s oligarchs has started. It will not stop there. By the middle of this century at the latest the era of billionaires will come to an end. I will put an end to it as soon as there is a Planetary Wellbeing Authority if I have a say in the matter. But with or without me the grotesque distribution of wealth we have today, the most skewed in history by far, will come to an end if not peacefully then brutally. 

5. Denuclearize the world 

By bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war, the international system seeks to activate now dormant denuclearization plans and galvanize the global population to insist on the complete elimination of nuclear weapons and a nuclear-weapons-free world. This, however, cannot be accomplished until Russian and American nationalism are consigned to the past. Nuclear weapons are no longer needed. Nuclear deterrence as a front for population control has been replaced by global warming as the way in which the principle of 'mutual coercion mutually agreed upon' needed for continuing to control population growth across the globe can be maintained. The nuclear demilitarization will start in Europe and Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov has signaledthat the US must remove its nuclear weapons from Europe and refrain from installing new nuclear weapons facilities in the former Eastern Bloc countries. 

6. Create a global granary 

Once half a billion people have been starved across the world by preventing Ukraine from growing and exporting any grains and preventing Russia from exporting any grains for a couple of years, and once the most fertile agricultural regions of Ukraine have been cleared of people by forcing them to migrate to the EU, Ukraine’s territory will be transformed into the world’s granary to feed the many regions that will be unable to feed themselves as the climate changes and arid regions become useless for agriculture. Furthermore, a way had to be found to compensate for the loss of agricultural land over the past forty years, about a third of the arable land we used to have. The US is preparing a similar strategy for the Americas which is why Bill Gates has become the largest owner of farmland in the US. 

This in a nutshell is the full scope of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

I can hear you ask, what does Russia have to gain from all of this? The pride of playing the most significant role in the history of the 21st century. The satisfaction of giving capitalism the lethal blow to the head. The vindication that the intellectuals on whose work communism is based were closer to the truth and in their predictions of the future than the intellectuals on whose thinking capitalism rests. The glory of taking on the hardest task. The contentment that Russia’s hard-won resources will save the world. And the recompense of a nuclear-weapons-free world and global citizenship. 



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Uganda: Doctor, nurse arrested over baby’s sudden death following vaccination



Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  

November 8, 2022

The sudden death of a baby shortly after vaccination has landed two medical workers from Daphine medical center, Kabalagala, Kampala in trouble.

They are Dr. Doreen Akuku and Joan Nabakooza, a nurse at the facility. The two are locked up at Kabalagala police station in connection to the death of nine-month-old Messiah on Friday evening, shortly after being vaccinated at their facility.

Police swung into action after Messiah’s mother, Geraldine Ainembabazi, filed a case at Kabalagala police station accusing them of causing the death of her child. According to information gathered by the police, shortly after noticing changes in the minor after vaccination, Dr. Akuku and Nabakooza attempted to save his life in vain.

According to Ainembabazi, after learning that the child had actually died, the health workers gave her a referral to Mukwaya General Hospital, which is opposite the American Embassy along Gaba road.

“When I reached Mukwaya hospital, the doctors there just looked at my baby and they told me I had taken there a dead body. They told me that the baby had long died and the referral I was given was just a waste of time,” Ainembabazi told the police.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, says that police decided to arrest the two medics as part of their investigations to establish what exactly happened on the fateful day.

“We have taken a toxicological sample from the victims and we are now waiting for the results. But Dr. Akuku and nurse Nabakooza are being held at our Kabalagala police station to help us in the investigations,” Enanga said.

Ainembabazi who hails from Buziga parish in Makindye division, says that she took the baby to Daphine Medical center for vaccination but things changed swiftly as soon as the shot whose content she does know was administered to her baby boy.

A 2019 article in the Forensic Medicine and Pathology Medicine Journal indicates that sudden deaths in infants might be a result of adverse reactions to vaccination. But the article adds that is always difficult to separate vaccine reactions from coincidental occurrences. 

[COMMENT: The last minute bromide is laughable in the context of skyrocketing global death rates since the Covid vaccine roll out. As in most of Africa, uptake of these shots in Uganda is low (no more than 25% of the general population) and awareness of the damage they wreak appears to be correspondingly low. Yet the most incredible aspect of this story is that medical personnel could be held to account at all. This would be unthinkable in the West, since the doctor and nurse in this case appear to have done nothing other than apply the directed medical protocol. The true crime, therefore, lies with the manufacturers and those who licensed the product for use.]



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Earth's electric chair

Dedicated to Dr. José Luis Sevillano & Ricardo Delgado of la Quinta Columna, and to the misunderstood patients suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Galo Dabouza
4th Noviember, 2022 (leer en castellano)

As we mentioned yesterday, as an answer to the acute irradiation syndrome (ARS), now renamed covid, the WHO and almost all states adopted the "vaccine" as the only "solution", whilst hindering or even prohibiting effective drugs for said syndrome. Of course, the vaccine was the initial objective (alongside extreme social control, with the crude pretext of protecting our health) as well as the collapsing of the economy to impoverish and controll the middle class.

But speaking of vaccines, in 2017 a report was published by the married couple of Italian scientists Gatti-Montanari that showed that ALL vaccines for human use (but not those for veterinary use) are contaminated with heavy metals. (1)  The cleanliness of the veterinary vaccines proves that this was not an accident of the production process, but rather a consciously sought effect.

In a similar way, the combative
Scabelum association demanded the Ministry of Health provide the scientific reports that it had to prove the safety and efficacy of any vaccine used in Spain. They have so far received no answer. (2)

Regarding the "efficacy" and "safety" of vaccines, many critical doctors deny that they have saved any lives at all, and rather
that they are a terrible threat to human health, causing numerous pathologies such as autism, which did not exist before childhood vaccination campaigns began (3), or measles, which in Spain is prevalent in 40% of vaccinated populations. (4)

Regarding vaccines and the acute irradiation syndrome ARS/covid, a team of scientists from the Barbastro Hospital (Huesca), Ms Ana Martínez, Ms Juan Gastón and Ms Elisa Sahún, through a pharmacovigilance study, established an
unquestionable 95% correlation of  between common flu vaccination and “covidmortality. (5) They did biological analyses of the vaccines, without finding anything conclusive, and then considered the hypothesis that the cause was polysorbate 80, an adjuvant present in these vaccines. If they had done chemical, rather than biological, analyses, they would very likely have discovered graphene oxide, as other researchers have found. But for disseminating their discoveries and asking for the investigation to be widened (both of these being obvious & logical demands), they were cruelly vilified by their own trade union. Undaunted, they expanded the research themselves, concluding that the flu vaccine multiplied by 6 the chances of dying from "covid". A strange virus, this Sars-cov-2.

In the tradition of attributing “covid” to environmental causes, Ricardo Delgado, from La Quinta Columna, soon became involved, and he was quickly joined by Dr. José Luis Sevillano, a rural doctor in France (6). He discovered that his geographically located “covid” patients showed a “focus” effect and a “gradient” effect. That is, the largest number of patients are focused around a specific point, which is possible for both infectious agents and chemical or physical agents. But he also discovered that the severity of the clinical picture (the gradient) is greater in the vicinity of the focus, and less when we move away. This does not correspond to any infectious disease, but it does correspond to chemical or physical agents. Coincidentally, in the center of the town's sick spot was the largest telephone antenna in the area.

Expanding on these theses, which are as reasonable as they are reviled, the mathematician and biologist Bartomeu Payeras released several reports, which statistically and geographically correlated the implementation of the 5G network with "covid", The irrefutable conclusions he reached were that: the correspondence found has chance possibility of less than 1 in 12 million. (7) Later on, he extended and ratified this study. (8)

The doctor in biomedicine, Ms. Ana María Oliva, broadcast an informative video on the matter, entitled “virus, waves and health”, with the same perspective, which was immediately censored by YouTube, proof that she had hit the nail on the head. Today accessible on odysee. (9) 24 essential minutes.

This scientific assessment was later joined by the Rubik-Brown report, which confirmed the geographical and clinical correspondence of "covid" and telephone radio frequencies: where there are no antennas, there is no covid, and the symptoms of covid are coincidentally identical to those of acute irradiation syndrome AIS. (10)

And now it's time to reconcile and synchronise radiation with the vaccines.. (11)

To be continued...




See also: Is Wifi-nanotube resonance affecting brain activity? 


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An imminent global "currency": Israel, Norway and Sweden will test "central bank digital currencies" for cross-border transactions


Fourth World,
November 8th

The first stage of a global financial reset is now clearly coming into  focus. The central banks of Israel, Norway and Sweden have signed off on a project led by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) that will test the feasibility of using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for cross-border payments. Similar international initiatives to test the use of central bank digital currencies have been implemented in China, Malaysia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey is also launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that will be integrated with the country’s digital identity system and its Central Bank’s instant payments service.

The Israeli-Scandanavian project known as Icebreaker will enable fast cross-border transactions using central bank digital currencies at significantly lower cost compared to existing systems for cross-border use of central bank digital currencies.


Along with the Innovation Hub and the three participating central banks that will connect the proof-of-concept
CBDC systems of the Bank of Israel, Norges Bank of Norway and Sveriges Riksbank of Sweden, the project will also involve local providers of participating digital currency wallets, exchangers, retailers and consumers.

The stated aim is to "reduce operating expenses" arising from the use of central bank digital currencies and increase the speed and transparency of transactions. The BIS expects to have a final report on the experiment's results by the first quarter of 2023.

Officials at the central bank of Israel, Norway and Sweden noted that this project will help them to further develop their own central bank digital currencies – the digital shekel, digital crown and e-krona, respectively.

The implications and negative impacts on society

This is one of the first projects testing central bank digital currencies on a large scale. It comes as several other nations move to monitor and restrict individual bank transactions. The government of the Netherlands is currently looking to pass a law that would force banks to track and trace all transactions over 100 euros. Beyond the invasion of citizens’ privacy, it appears as a preparatory step to the implemention to Holland's own digital central bank currency. 

As the entrepreneur-investor Anthony Pompliano wrote last March, “central bank digital currencies will be one of the greatest violations of human rights in history.” Central bank digital currencies, says Pompliano, remove the privacy and decentralised nature of physical cash, and create an environment where central banks have complete control over every aspect of a citizen’s financial life.

All the supposed benefits coming from central bank digital currencies are already present in cryptocurrencies and digital payments. Yet while decentralised cryptocurrencies are derided as 'unsafe', government-controlled programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), are being steamrolled into existence. 

The emerging switch to a digital transaction system also reveals one of the key reasons for the pseudo-medical tyranny of the past two and half years. Vaccine passports were always intended to be data passports in reality. In order to bring in a central bank digital currency, a digital ID is required. And in order to bring in the digital ID, a pandemic was required to justify vaccine passports. The digital ID, in whatever form it takes, will determine our participation (our allowances and our compliance) in the new system.

This top-down system of CBDC control dovetails perfectly with the green energy movement, which is designed to produce energy scarcity within a digitally monitored smart grid connecting electricity, gas, and energy usage to citizens’ digital IDs. In line with this rationing drive, for example, the is now pushing a “Battery Passport,” escribed as “a digital ID for car batteries”, in order to monitor “the impact car batteries have on the environment” and track the “greenhouse gas” footprint linked to lithium-ion batteries.

Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, said in a recent interview, “All of this clean energy is designed to produce an all electrical system which will allow them to build an all-digital transaction system that will give them digital control.”

“Energy will be top-down and then you’re going to place sensors and chips on everything that moves in America,” she explained. “If you can move every human into a digital concentration camp, empty their bank account any time you want, and tell them what they can and cannot spend money on, you've got complete control."

In the rapidly approaching draconian future, central bank digital currencies will begin as individual substitutes for currencies. There will be a digital dollar, digital yuan, digital shekel, etc. But at some point they will determine that the various systems represent obstacles to achieving a single globalist financial system. That's when they will reveal that the only solution is the globally unified World Central Bank Digital Currency.

Armed with a new global jurisdiction (the 'biosecurity' of the WHO's stalled pandemic treaty) a single world 'currency' or transaction system will eventually be rolled out. And this system will translate into a single world governance. 

Thus the central banks will have unparalleled levels of control. If your government approves a CBDC, every doctor you visit, every meal you eat, every trip you take, every purchase you make, and every dollar you own will be tracked, and controlled in real-time, by your government, for the rest of your life.  

Central bank digital currencies will steal people’s financial, personal and medical freedoms for whatever reason the financial elites deem necessary.



Quotations from 'A Farewell to Virology' by Mark Bailey, MD



Read or download the full paper here.

Compiled by Mike Stone, author of, for Planet Waves FM and the Chiron Return investigative team.

Virologists create their own pseudoscientific methods to replace the longstanding scientific method

Virology invented the virus model but has consistently failed to fulfill its own requirements. It is claimed that viruses cause disease after transmitting between hosts such as humans and yet the scientific evidence for these claims is missing. One of virology’s greatest failures has been the inability to obtain any viral particles directly from the tissues of organisms said to have 'viral' diseases. In order to obfuscate this state of affairs, virologists haveresorted to creating their own pseudoscientific methods to replace the longstanding scientific method, as well as changing the dictionary meaning of words in order to support their anti-scientific practices. (Abstract)

No direct evidence, 209 inquiries

As of 11 Sept. 2022 and following extensive enquiries through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests coordinated by Christine Massey, not one of 209 mainly health or science institutions in over 35 countries have been able to provide direct evidence of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus. (Page 5) 

It is a game of deception, whether realised or notIt is a game of deception, whether realised or not. It simply involves theassertion that a virus was in the sample, blaming the breakdown ofexperimentally stressed cells in the test tube on the imagined virus, and then declaring that some of the vesicles (whose biological composition andfunction were not established) were the viruses. (Page 8) 

No sense of irony

As is typical, there seemed to be no sense of irony for them that the purported human respiratory virus cannot be shown to 'infect' the relevant cell type, let alone the relevant species. And their experiments were once again invalidated by the absence of appropriate control cultures. (Page 9)

It appears more likely that the virologists are distancing themselves from their own techniques

In May 2020, a publication appeared in the journal Viruses that claimed,"Nowadays, it is an almost impossible mission to separate EVs and viruses by means of canonical vesicle isolation methods, such as differential ultracentrifugation, because they are frequently co-pelleted due to their similar dimension." 'Nowadays’ means in contrast to the past and it isunclear how such an observed technical change may be reconciled with biological laws. It appears more likely that the virologists are distancingthemselves from their own techniques in order to avoid refutation of their own postulates. They may have to accept that the reason differential ultracentrifugation is not able to separate viruses from other vesicles is because their assertion that viruses are present in the sample is ill-founded.
(Page 10) 

At the heart of the matter is a simple concept  

Virology invented the hypothesis of viruses so whatever method it employs in an attempt to prove their existence, it must satisfy that definition. At the heart of the matter is a simple concept and we need to see evidence that alleged disease-causing particles cause new particles that are clones of the former. Claiming that detected proteins and nucleic acids are of a specific viral origin is not possible unless the alleged viral particles have been truly isolated by purification and shown to have these key biological characteristics. (Page 11) 

You won't get a visible band  

In response to an email enquiry, Dr Marica Grossegesse from the Robert Koch Institute responded that, "We purified SARS particles by density gradient. However, just from the cell culture derived virus, as you wrote. The challenge with purifying SARS from patient samples is that you won’t get a visible band." (Page 13-14)

There has never been a physically isolated particle  

SARS-CoV-2 remains nothing more than a hypothetical computer construct, assembled from genetic fragments of unproven provenance. There has never been a physically isolated (i.e. purified) particle shown to be responsible for the production of identical particles or a particle shown to be the cause of pathological effects in any human or in an experimental animal model. (Page 14)  

The complete absence of the scientific method 

It is hard to know exactly what to call virology, but it is not science. The current practitioners are engaging in some form of algorithmic or statistical speculation added to circular reasoning and confirmation bias, with a complete absence of what should be the corresponding process of refutation that lies at the heart of the scientific method. While the abandonment of the scientific method may be unnoticed or accidental by lower level participants, there are almost certainly conspiratorial motivations at higher levels of the global hierarchy. (Page 14) 

Has virology ever been a scientific pursuit?  

It is thus a reasonable question to ask has virology ever been a scientific pursuit? With regard to the scientific method, the virologists create unfalsifiable hypotheses by setting up paradigms where any number of observations, whether it be illness or alleged test results can be attributed to their ‘viruses’. The observations are passed off as proof of virus existence in the manner of a circular loop of reasoning that no longer requires the demonstrable existence of a virus. Any claims of reproducibility, for example, in the form of a PCR process or a purported viral genome, are simply more circuits of the same loop. (Page 15)  

The lack of valid control experiments  

Historically, virology has been characterised by a lack a valid control experiments and none of its foundational claims have been established through proper exercise of the scientific method. (Page 15)

No further tolerance should have been extended to virology’s unscientific experiments  

In 1954, when John Enders and Thomas Peebles claimed they had propagated the measles virus in human and monkey kidneys cells, no further tolerance should have been extended to virology’s unscientific experiments. Enders and Peebles added throat washings and blood to their cell cultures and on observing CPEs, or dying and breaking down cells in their test tubes, concluded that the in vitro appearances, 'Might be associated with the virus of measles'. They did warn that, "Cytopathic effects which superficially resemble those resulting from infection by the measles agents may possibly be induced by other viral agents present in the monkey kidney tissue or by unknown factors.” (Page 17) 

Dr Stefan Lanka has documented the history of these unscientific practices  

The virologists however, have continued to repeat the uncontrolled methodology of Enders and to this day claim that such CPEs are incontestable evidence of viruses. Dr Stefan Lanka has documented the history of these unscientific practices, and in 2021 demonstrated that CPEs could be induced in cell cultures by the laboratory process itself. (Page 18) 

Virology disqualifies itself from the scientific method  

As this essay outlines, the virology establishment will not divulge or carry out these required experiments, seemingly in order not to refute itself. It intentionally limits itself to ongoing opportunistic fishing-expeditions backed by confirmation bias, thus disqualifying itself from the scientific method due to its inconsistency with the hypothesis-driven and falsifiable approach described by Popper. (Page 19)  

A scientific theory demands evidence  

Because a scientific theory demands evidence that has repeatedly been tested and corroborated in accordance with the scientific method, it is clear that 'viruses' never even reached the stage of a theory. According to the science, they remain mere speculation. (Page 20)​

Guilty of failing to perform any valid controls  

FOIA requests have revealed that New Zealand’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), who have claimed isolation and genomic sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 particle in the Antipodes, are also guilty of failing to perform any valid controls. In the tradition of Enders, they have not paused to check whether the CPEs they witnessed, or genomes they assembled via computer simulations, could also be created in valid control comparisons. That is, by performing experiments with other human-derived specimens, from both well subjects and unwell subjects who are said not to have the alleged disease COVID-19. (Page 20)  

The World Health Organization (WHO) cannot point to one valid positive control experiment  

As has become apparent, the WHO cannot point to one valid positive control experiment, yet on February 11, 2020 they named the new disease they had invented, “COVID-19” with the associated claim that it was caused by a novel coronavirus. They have provided the green light for anyone around the world to “find” SARS-CoV-2 in their backyards without the need for valid control experiments either. (Page 21)  

Shotgun sequencing and subsequent artificial assembly  

With all of the failures to culture postulated viruses, modern virology now favours direct metagenomics of crude samples, often with shotgun sequencing and subsequent artificial assembly of these genetic fragments to create new in silico 'viruses' out of thin air. This invention then provides other virus hunters with predesigned PCR primer panels so that they can also discover the same sequences and claim it is the same virus. (Page 21-22)  

Nobody else has performed these required scientific experiments either  

Despite the resources available to them, ESR apparently do not believe in the necessity to check for themselves whether SARS-CoV-2 can be shown to exist. On 19 July 2022, in response to an OIA request they stated that, 'ESR has not performed any experiments to scientifically prove the existence of SARS-COV-2 virus and can therefore not provide you with any records'. On 17 August 2022 in response to another request, they admitted that, 'ESR has not performed any experiments to scientifically prove that [the] SARS-COV-2 virus causes COVID-19 and can therefore not provide you with any records'. Nobody else has performed these required scientific experiments either. (Page 22)  

More circular reasoning  

In summary, it engages in more circular reasoning: no protein has been shown to come from a virus, including the nucleocapsid protein in this case. It was simply asserted that they injected “viral” proteins into animals and in response the animals produced other proteins that are claimed to be “antibodies.” However, a virus was neither shown to exist, nor required to exist for this sort of exercise. (Page 25)  

The most flawed aspect of the animal experiment was that it did not follow the scientific method 

However, the most flawed aspect of the animal experiment was that it didnot follow the scientific method as it lacked controls. That is, a comparable group of monkeys was not subjected to an internal assault with the same composition and volume of biological soup, sans the alleged 'virus', being poured directly into their lungs. (Page 26)  

None of the studies show the actual existence of an infectious particle they are purporting to test  

Unfortunately, such unscientific methodologies are sadly replicated in allsuch animal studies that have been reviewed. Not one of themdemonstrates: (a) a natural method of exposure utilising the samples alleged to contain viruses, (b) valid “mock-infections” (for example, the disingenuous use of phosphate-buffered saline only), or (c) animal-to-animaldisease transmission. That is of course in addition to the foundational issuethat none of the studies show the actual existence of an infectious particle they are purporting to test. (Page 26)  

Why not simply aerosolise a sample into the animal cages so they inhale it?  

Additionally, if the 'viruses' are so infectious, why not simply aerosolise asample into the animal cages so they inhale it? Once again such experimentsare avoided in order for the virologists not to refute themselves with regard to claims of contagion involving the imagined particles. (Page 26) 

A lot or a little?  

We are led to believe that inside a host such as a human, the viral particles are produced in such great numbers that they can rupture the very cells containing them, while at the same time they are present in such tinyamounts that virologists say they can’t be seen in any patient specimens. (Page 26)  

So why can no viral particles ever be found?  

Essentially, the virologists have offered multiple hypothetical pathogenetic mechanisms for a particle hypothesised to exist in an organism such as a human. And again, even if these speculative mechanisms were at play, itwould require enormous numbers of cells to be affected to produce symptoms. But enormous numbers of cells would result in astronomical amounts of viral particles coming out of them — so why can no viral particlesever be found? Virology has a habit of diverting attention away from such aspects that raise doubts about its phantasmal model. (Page 27)  

Genetic fragments of unknown origin  

In The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity we documented the invention of SARS-CoV-2 by Fan Wu’s team who assembled an in silico 'genome' from genetic fragments of unknown provenance, found in the crude lung washings of a single ‘case’ and documented in, A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China. (Page 28, link)  

The treasure chest of virological nonsense  

The GISAID database is the treasure chest of this virological nonsense and by 29 August 2022 had over 12.8 million claims of having ‘found’ SARS-CoV-2. However none of them can point to an actual virus, they are simply calling ‘bingo’ by assembling similar sequences which they have aligned with Fan Wu et al. and other previous assemblies, no actual virus required. (Page 28)  

The general medical community acknowledges that no 'pathogen' is identified in around half of the cases.  

It should also be noted that while the author does not make pronouncement as to the cause of any case of pneumonia or acute febrile respiratory syndromes, the general medical community acknowledges that no 'pathogen' is identified in around half of the cases. So what reason did Fan Wu et al. 

have to suspect that their patient was harbouring a brand new virus? (Page 29)

PCR itself cannot identify the origins of the sequences 

This is a sleight of hand as the PCR simply amplifies pre-selected sequences and has no capacity to confirm a previously unknown genome. As PCR expert Stephen Bustin has explained, "PCR requires you to know what the sequence of your target once you know that there’s something in your sample, then you would try to isolate it, yes. And then once you’ve isolated it, then you sequence it again, or PCR it up." In other words, PCR itself cannot identify the origins of the sequences and the methodology of Fan Wu et al. did not establish the origin of their described sequences. (Pages 29-30) 

A virus is claimed to be a tiny replication-competent obligate intracellular parasite 

A virus is claimed to be a tiny replication-competent obligate intracellular parasite, consisting of a genome surrounded by a proteinaceous coat: it is an infectious particle that causes disease in a host. All Fan Wu et al. had wasa 41-year-old man with pneumonia and a software-assembled model' genome' made from sequences of unestablished origin found in the man’s lung washings. (Page 30) 

These alleged genomes are also simply in silico constructs that have never been proven to exist

These alleged genomes are also simply in silico constructs that have never been proven to exist in their entirety in nature, let alone been shown to come from inside a virus. (Page 31)

The virus genomes have become what is possibly the greatest illusion in virology

The virus genomes have become what is possibly the greatest illusion in virology, an illusion which propagates a belief that viruses are indeed being shown to exist. The virologists themselves don’t seem to appreciate the fatal flaw in their methodologies even when they state it themselves." (Page 31)

How can metagenomics be used to establish the sequence of a previously unknown genome?  The more important limitation with ‘viral’ sequencing is that the process itself does not determine the provenance of the genetic fragments, so howcan [metagenomics] be used to establish the sequence of a previously unknown genome? (Page 31)

None of the virologists are demonstrating that the sequencesare viral in nature

Additionally, it is nonsensical to arbitrarily declare that sequences are viral by a process of elimination, that is, based on the fact that they do not have a previously conflicting assignation on the genetic databanks. None of the virologists are demonstrating that the sequences are viral in nature whenthey assemble the very first template and declare they have discovered a pathogenic virus. At no stage are any of them purifying alleged viral particles to prove their relationship with the sequences. And yet the first invented de novo genome becomes the touchstone with which other virus hunters will align their own in silico genomes or design ‘confirmatory’ PCR protocols.(Page 31-32)

No way to directly verify the size of the sequence

Virologists do not have any laboratory techniques that can directly check whether there even exists a complete 30 kilobase RNA strand in any of their samples. (Page 32)

Not on direct evidence of a virus but on detection of sequences of unestablished provenance

In other words, their declaration of discovering a viral genome was based not on direct evidence of a virus but on detection of sequences of unestablished provenance aligned to yet more fictional ‘virus’ templates.(Page 35) 

The bat virus story has been in play since the 2003 SARS 'outbreak'

Of note, the bat virus story has been in play since the 2003 SARS 'outbreak' and apparently after thousands of years, the human race is now under constant threat from viruses percolating in Chinese bat caves. (Page 35)

Unfortunately, this zoonotic folklore has spread from the virology literature into the imagination of the public

They duly warned the world that, “genetic diversity exists among zoonotic viruses in bats increasing the possibility of variants crossing the speciesbarrier and causing outbreaks of disease in human populations.” Unfortunately, this zoonotic folklore has spread from the virology literatureinto the imagination of the public. (Page 36)

No demonstration that any sequence comes from a virusIt should be clear at this point that each coronavirus genome has beentemplated against other so-called genomes without the virologistsdemonstrating that any of the sequences come from a virus. (Page 36)

Virology’s fictional genomic inventions have been relied upon to create wholly unnecessary medical and political interventions

The danger to humanity is that the putative coronavirus genomes that have been templated out of the virologists’ speculations are now used as templates to create and inject products into hapless recipients who were conned and gulled into believing that virology’s latest invention was real.That is, virology’s fictional genomic inventions have been relied upon to create wholly unnecessary medical and political interventions. The dangerous and highly experimental mRNA and nanolipid biotechnology has killed more people than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years, and we have only just begun counting. (Page 38)

CDC appear[s] completely ignorant to the fact that they are not following the scientific method 

In other words, the CDC appear[s] completely ignorant to the fact that theyare not following the scientific method or they have realised that the game isup and are engaging in disingenuous responses. Either way, they cannot betaken seriously as a source of reliable scientific information if they are also promoting uncontrolled experiments as proof of viruses. (Page 41)