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The Silence at Funerals


Fernando López-Mirones

April 2022 

We have always said that the biggest problem with the globalist eugenics plan is the difficulty involved in hiding the dead. This is why an emphasis is placed on deceiving bereaved families so that they don't investigate, and also on deceiving the wider society, so that it pretends not to suspect.

And I say pretend because I don't believe that in their heart of hearts, they don't put this fundamental question to themselves after seeing the third or fourth friend fall to heart attacks and strokes.

For this reason, a circle of self-deception is created. If the victim survives she doesn't want to admit it because she got vaccinated voluntarily, and that would mean admitting that of all those people she's been denigrating were actually right. Paralysed by their complicity, the doctors help in this process and facilitate an alibi by assuring the injured that there is no relationship to the jab (something that they cannot know, and which therefore constitutes a blatant lie).

Then there are the friends of the deceased, almost all of them multi-jabbed, who are gripped by fear at the thought that they may be next. So they prefer to pretend that it was just a coincidence. They will go over their friend's biography until they find something that gives them comfort: he was fat, he drank too much, he didn't exercise, he smoked, he had stress, he had an arrhythmia 20 years ago... any idea will work when one wants to believe.

Later, the media also pitch in by flooding us with reports of increases in all of the diseases that are described as vaccine adverse events, rebranding them with terms such as climate-related mortality, due to our sinful human lifestyle.

All of these sectors together build up a completely false and unsustainable narrative, but it is one that makes them feel better. 

Deep inside, however, the covidian realises that two years of the pandemic took no one under 80, and yet for some time now he's going to funerals for people of his own age or younger almost every month. This is empirical epidemiological evidence that is difficult to ignore even for the most kneejerk types.

Tens of thousands of vaccinated people are dying from strange, sudden, unexpected and previously rare pathologies.

But it's not just the deaths. Millions are taking tests and consulting doctors because after being injected, something is going wrong inside them. Memory loss, severe aging typical of 10 years condensed into one, menstrual problems, depressive psychoses, irritable moods, headaches, lack of sleep, tremors, constant tingling, blindness or deterioration of sight and hearing, arrhythmias and palpitations, liver problems, blood tests showing everything off the charts, problems attaining erections, poor digestion, change in olfactory perception, high blood pressure, unbalanced glucose, the beginnings of diabetes, severe changes in the voice, constant respiratory infections ... Whether they are monitoring themselves constantly or hardly at all, they are preceivinh something whose provenance the doctor claims to know nothing about (the doctor knows its provenance perfectly well, but plays dumb).

Keep in mind that these people mostly don't tell even their best friends because they don't even want to openly voice what they suspect. They'll tell you they're fine, but that's not true.

In this way, a climate of fear is created, which I will discuss in a future article.

My intention in developing this topic is not to frighten you, but to help them to avoid the next dose, which may be the one that ends you. If I can shake just one person out of his absurd hypnosis, his self-delusion of "everything's fine", it'll be worth it.

Will you be the last wildebeest to cross a river full of crocodiles?

Millions of vaccinated people have sworn never again; They understand that they have been deceived. Even those who got vaccinated it to travel or enter bars now see that we unjabbed can do those same things. So not even that absurd reason for the jab was true.

At least the unjabbed, who of course can also get sick and die, know that whatever happened to us had to happen. We know that it was not the result of deciding to participate in an experiment in exchange for nothing, or out of fear or from not wanting to pay attention to the people trying to warn us.

That feeling really must be terrible.

Living in wait for the side effects to appear, seeing healthy athletes collapse, thinking that nothing can be done just because of that one wrong decision you made. That is, for having trusted the "lifelong" doctor or the friend, brother or acquaintance with a medical degree who did not tell us that in reality he was repeating something that he did not know. That person who certified his advice as if he had studied Pfizer's prospectuses carefully, as if his opinion were independent, as if they had not pressured him with procedures and threats, as if he hadn't seen colleagues expelled from medical schools for telling the truth. The doctor you trusted did not tell you any of this, but instead limited himself to repeating what he was told to say: get vaccinated

Are you going to say something back to him now? Probably not. Like him, you will subscribe to the disoriented collective hypnosis, to the prevailing ostrich position of not seeing in order not to suffer.

But your blood keeps generating spike proteins, It keeps getting thick. Your organs are working overtime to maintain their normal activity despite being weighed down by synthetic mRNA.

I beg you get out of this nightmare and not to take another dose. Break the spell of the news media, join free humanity and reject blackmail, QR codes and vax passports. Return to your condition as a pure human being without genetic contributions from companies with dark intentions.

Those who finance these companies and the institutions that help them have publicly declared their intention to reduce the world's population. Are you willing to be rendered to one of the "surplus" people? Are you seriously going to risk premature death in order to avoid the flu?

The vaccinated get sick and die much more than the unjabbed, and the complicitous authorities have stopped giving data on this. But you can go back to being a natural being if you stop gambling with your life every six months. Your innate biology is wise, so don't buy any more numbers in the lottery of death. If you don't gamble, you don't lose.

Whatever they come up with in the coming months and years will be a lie. So don't listen to them. They will once again use your favorite announcer, your most trusted journalist, your favorite singer... the people who won't be there when you are sitting scared to death in the specialist's waiting room. All of them advised you to participate in the experiment because they were paid to do so. It was just another advert. The same way that they advertise cars or shampoo, they promoted a gene injection. And you believed them then, but this belief cant last because you've seen that not only are you not immune but that you're sicker than before.

Make them pay for having cheated you when you were at your most vulnerable. And do not renew your trust in those who failed you.

They want to inoculate you 3 or 4 times a year between flu, covid and whatever else they make up. If you keep playing, it's only a matter of time before you win the Euro Thrombus. 

The silence of funerals is no longer just out of sorrow. It's out of fear of being next.


"I've had the vaccine and I'm fine". A logical response:

Source: https://t.me/elaullido

Translation: David Montoute

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AIDS & its parallels with Covid-19


The Exposé
April 18, 2022

With the SARS-CoV-2 myth not working as well as they’d like, governments around the world and their media echo chambers have attempted to resuscitate the old virus myth of HIV.

In light of these developments, Planet-Uplift spoke at length with Dr Kevin Corbett MSc Phd, a retired registered nurse, health scientist and educator for the health professions, who in the film below, helps to unpack the history of AIDS and its links to COVID-19.

Dr Corbett is one of the very few individuals in the UK with expertise in clinical and academic healthcare to not only challenge the official government line about the ‘Covid’ hysteria but to question the very existence of an isolated and purified SARS-CoV-2 virus.

From the very start of the alleged pandemic, Dr Corbett has spoken out against government measures to allegedly control the virus, which have proven to be futile and extremely harmful to society. Dr Corbett has worked in hospitals as well as community and forensic medical services. Additionally he then went on to work in health sciences research where he looked into people’s experiences of medical diagnosis and treatments for chronic health conditions, particularly in HIV and AIDS. 

AIDS & its parallels with Covid-19: 


Source: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/04/18/aids-parallels-with-covid-19-dr-corbett/


Rigged French Election Reveals New Normal Dictatorship

David Montoute

April 28th

Following the defeat of presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on April 24th, a barrage of press articles has explained the re-election of the spectacularly unpopular Emmanuel Macron in predictable terms. Thus, for the Daily Mail, Macron was re-elected President of France by voters who "held their noses" and opted for the presumed "lesser evil". The "greater evil" of Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National (formerly the Front National) has typically been "blockaded" in the second round of voting by the rallying together of pro-EU establishment parties. This year, Jean Luc Mélenchon’s call to his voters to "not give one single vote to Marine Le Pen" was an acknowledged factor in the second round result. And so too was second round voter turnout, the lowest since 1969.

However, a window into France's general discontent and increasing atomisation can be seen in the fact that no sitting French president had been re-elected in the previous two decades. In the first year and half of Macron's rule, the Rothschilds banker rammed through business-friendly reforms, including tax cuts for the wealthy, and confronted the country's strongest unions over the weakening of France's labour codes, which made it easier to hire and fire workers. As purchasing power collapsed, the country saw the biggest strikes in years and Macron acquired the status of the country's most unpopular president of all time. During this same period, relentless Yellow Vest protests were brutally suppressed, and soon afterwards there followed one of the most severe and totalitarian lockdown regimes in all of Europe, whose economic effects drove France's trade deficit up to a record 84.7 billion euros. The vaccine pass and health pass mandates also led to tens of thousands of firefighters, nurses, police and, soldiers being suspended without pay, which in turn brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets in sustained, weekly demonstrations across the country. Rubbing salt in the wound of his Covid Gestapo tactics, Macron added in January that he really wanted to piss off (emmerder, lit. "cover in shit") unvaccinated French people, a vulgar jibe that drew protests from across the political spectrum. As the presidential elections approached, a fresh corruption scandal broke, as it was revealed that Macron's government had awarded consultancy firm McKinsey (one of the architects of France's 'health pass' policy) €2.4 billion in fees since 2018. This occurred whilst the company was being investigated for dodging corporation tax in France over the period of a decade.

Yet, in spite of the incumbent's unprecedented unpopularity, the major polling companies unanimously forecast a Macron victory in April's elections, a forecast that was fulfilled by an even greater margin than expected (58.55% to Le Pen's 41.45%).

The result appears more surreal again when we consider how, on April 5th, just four days before the first round of the presidential election, the Consumer, Science & Analytics company carried out a survey for CNews by asking a key question: "Do you want to change the president of the Republic?". In this richly detailed survey, 66% of respondents wanted a change of president. This overwhelming rejection of the incumbent was confirmed by other surveys. The French radio network RTL carried out an online survey on March 4th which showed that 84% of the respondents (consisting of more than 42,000 people) did not want Emmanuel Macron re-elected. RTL soon deleted the study which was released on Twitter but later published another poll revealing an even greater level of rejection (of 91%).

On the same day as the initial RTL survey, Le Figaro published its own poll in which 90% of their 32,000 respondents were left "unconvinced" by Macron's programme, which had been broadly outlined in an open letter carried  by regional newspapers.

Could it be that Marine Le Pen, who is no longer perceived as "far-right" by a majority of French people, was truly deemed too toxic to replace Emanuelle Macron? Several events during the election night, and in the days leading up to it, suggest a different truth. 

On election night, the channel France 2 presented results “directly from the Interior Ministry”. At around 10 p.m., public television gave Marine Le Pen more than 14.6 million votes, as seen here:  


This put Le Pen slightly ahead in the count, only to go down by over a million votes while Macron pulled ahead by 4 million. So how did Marine Le Pen manage to go from 14.6 million votes around 10 p.m. to 13.3 million votes an hour later? This was enough to generate rippling claims of a fraud that mainstream media summarily dismissed.

The TV channel in question attributed this gross inconsistency to a "computer error" which had led to the dissemination of "overestimated" results compared to those provided by the Ministry of the Interior, an explanation that the Associated Press happily regurgitated. The France 2 apologised and said its software had mistakenly counted some regional votes for Le Pen twice. But why this "glitch" affected only Le Pen's votes and not Macron's remains to be answered. Could it be that France 2 was connected to a raw data stream before the Interior Ministry's recomposition?

Around 9:10 p.m., France 2 journalists Johanna Ghiglia and Jean-Baptiste Marteau presented the "mistaken" figures.

The website Qactus (via Europe Reloaded) drew attention to the improbably accurate estimates of the second round score at 8 pm. At this point, 5 hours before the final results were revealed, only 4% of the results at the polling stations were known. We can therefore legitimately wonder, said ER, if the results were not already known in advance. 

That Macron's "victory" was a foregone conclusion is also suggested by the an early "mistaken" announcement of Macron's victory by the BFMTV, France's most watched news channel. The announcement came at 6.30pm, more than 6 hourse before the final results.

Éric Verhaeghe also pointed to Macron having lost 2 million votes compared to his 2017 result. In this context, the essayist said, serious questions about Le Pen's "defeat" need to be asked.


In an apparent reprise of 2017, video reports also began to circulate of torn (and therefore invalid) Le Pen ballot papers. In an officious "debunking" exercise, France 24 cited anonymous "experts" to sustain their claim that the damage evident in the clips was insufficient for the ballots to be declared invalid.


All of this comes on top of further confounding factors, such as the recurring problem of automatic deregistration of voters who had changed addresses. According to official statistics, this process accounted for nearly 227,000 voters who were unable to vote in the first round of the election.

The airbrushing of all of these events from mainstream discourse has done nothing to pacify Le Pen's voting base, 30% of whom already believed the election was rigged prior to the second round. French electoral law stipulates that only a candidate (or a representative of the State) can contest the results of an election after the closing of the polls. Yet despite the abundance of red flags here, Le Pen herself has not contested the results. Marine's general strategy during this campaign involved a mainstreaming of her brand, dropping her longstanding aim of withdrawing France from the European Union and softening her overrall image. Whilst much of this was clearly tactical in nature, the RN leader's quest for 'respectability' was brought into sharp relief with her tepid and ineffectual opposition to Macron's lockdown regime. For many, she began to appear as "just another establishment politician".

Meanwhile, protests erupted across the country in response to Macron's "victory" and the President was pelted with tomatoes upon his first public appearance after the election. The likelihood of a return to Covid "health" restrictions, as well as France's central participation in NATO's economic sanctions, ostensibly directed at Russia but in reality targeted at the economies of Western Europe, will inevitably aggravate popular rage towards Macron. So acute is France's social fragmentation now that Chinese academic Wang Yiwei's recent prediction of an approaching revolution does not appear far fetched. The nation's abrupt awakening to the possibility of election-rigging, on full display across election night TV screens, may well constitute the necessary trigger. 

But France is hardly a unique example. Pointing to the clearly rigged 2020 US election and the dubious UK election in the year prior, Off-Guardian posed the pertinent question of whether elections mean anything at all in the context of the Great Reset. Given the breadth, and ambition of this corporate fascist endeavour, would the global elites really leave to chance the election of national leaders in a "core country" such as France ?

The question seems to answer itself. And it places true oppositional strategies in an entirely new context.


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Nigeria Blocks 73 MILLION Smart Phones For No Digital ID



Due to not registering in the national digital identity database (NIN) Nigeria has blocked a total of 73 million mobile phones, which has prevented them from making outgoing calls:

* Outgoing calls barred on mobile SIMs not linked to NIN database 

* One-third of mobile users blocked for failing to comply 

* Nigerians raise concerns over privacy, data security, access

Kelechukwu Iruoma and Justice Nwafor

April 20th (Thomson Reuters Foundation) 

Constance Chioma calls her son every morning to check that he is safe while studying in northeast Nigeria, a region plagued by deadly attacks by Islamist insurgents and armed kidnappings.

Earlier this month, she could not get through.

She later realised her SIM card was one of about 73 million - more than a third of the 198 million in Nigeria - which have been barred from making outgoing calls because they have not been registered in the national digital identity database.

"I could not concentrate at work; I was uneasy and constantly asking myself if he was safe," said Chioma, a 57-year-old teacher in Owerri city in southeast Nigeria.

"With the rising insecurity in the north, not speaking with my son makes me afraid."

Nigeria is among dozens of African countries including Ghana, Egypt and Kenya with SIM registration laws that authorities say are necessary for security purposes, but digital rights experts say increase surveillance and hurts privacy.

Nigeria has been rolling out 11-digit electronic national identity cards for almost a decade, which record an individual's personal and biometric data, including fingerprints and photo.

The National Identity Number (NIN) is required to open a bank account, apply for a driver's license, vote, get health insurance, and file tax returns.

In 2020, Nigeria's telecommunications regulator said every active mobile phone number must be linked to the user's NIN. It repeatedly extended the deadline until March 31 this year.

The government said outgoing calls were being barred from April 4 from any mobile phone numbers that had not complied.

Millions of Nigerians have not registered their SIM cards, for reasons ranging from concerns over privacy to problems reaching registration centres or not having a NIN.

"There have been no reasonable explanations as to why we have to link NIN to our SIM," said Nneka Orji, a journalist in southeast Nigeria who has not registered her SIM.

"For that reason, I am not ready to do that," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.She now relies on WhatsApp to make calls, even though not all of her contacts use the messaging service.

The spokesperson for the government's National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), which is overseeing the linkage with NIN, did not respond to requests for comment.

Officials have said the policy is needed to bolster security and identify criminals as the government battles insurgents and armed bandits who have kidnapped hundreds of people for ransom.

Nigeria's 12-year war with insurgent Islamists has spawned one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, killing some 350,000 people, according to United Nations estimates, including indirect deaths through damage to agriculture and healthcare.


The push to get citizens to link their mobiles to the national ID database has sparked alarm among privacy activists, who warn that African governments are using new technology and laws to increase surveillance of citizens and dissidents.

Nigeria's order to bar unregistered phones is "an infringement on the rights to freedom of expression and privacy" guaranteed by its constitution, said human rights lawyer Festus Ogun, managing partner at Festus Ogun Legal in Lagos.

"What law empowers them to shut out millions of citizens in this digital economy?" he said, referring to people relying on their phones for banking, mobile money payments, and accessing government services.

The barring of mobile phones has especially hurt women in rural areas with patchy mobile networks and poor road networks, who may lack the means to go to registration centres, according to human rights groups.

Charity Elem, a street food vendor in Awarra village in southwest Imo state, said she could not afford to travel to the registration centre in Owerri city about 60 kilometres (37 miles) away.

"Some of my regular customers come from Owerri. With my line barred, I cannot call them to find out if they want to place an order," she said. "They will probably go to other vendors."

There are nearly 800 registration centres in Nigeria - one in each local government office - according to official data. The NIMC did not respond to a question on their accessibility.

Others worry that their personal details will not be secure.

"I don't think the NIMC and telcos have the right infrastructure to protect my data," said Favour Akachukwu, a call centre agent in Ibadan in southwest Nigeria, who has not registered his phone.

Akachukwu said he has received numerous calls from fraudsters who had his 11-digit bank verification number - which is required to hold a bank account in Nigeria - and were trying to get further details from him to access his account.


In Kenya too, authorities have directed citizens to register their mobile SIM cards, citing security reasons. The East African nation has almost 65 million mobile subscriptions.

"Financial fraud, kidnapping, terrorism and related crimes prevail in situations of compromised SIM card registration processes," Ezra Chiloba, director general of the Communications Authority of Kenya, said on Twitter last week.

"How can we win the war against such crimes if we cannot participate by ensuring that we have updated records?"

An April 15 deadline for registration prompted thousands of Kenyans to inundate local telecom outlets in Nairobi, fearing they would be locked out of their phones.

"There have been so many fraudsters, so I guess it's a good thing," said Dennis Blessing Wanja, a 31-year-old chef, as he queued outside a Safaricom outlet in Nairobi's Lavington suburb.

Following complaints from the public and telecom companies about the short notice, authorities extended the deadline for registration until Oct. 15.

Back in Nigeria, Chioma is not always able to speak to her son when she calls him via WhatsApp as her connection is poor.

"I never thought my line would be barred and that I cannot speak to him easily," she said.

"I feel like my connection with him is not so strong."


Hugo Talks comments:

Source: https://news.trust.org/item/20220420123542-btwyo


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Large Study Finds Non-Vaccinated are Healthier than Vaccinated


April 11th

This study is going to the US Supreme court and fighting the status quo all the way. No-one wants you to see it – least of all, the medical profession and Big Pharma.

“We have now initiated our Federal Suit to stop all discrimination against Americans based upon their vaccination status,” The Control Group website states.

The Exposé is now heavily censored by Google, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal. Let’s not lose touch, subscribe today to receive the latest news from The Exposé in your inbox…

In 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services commissioned a study to be conducted by Harvard-Pilgrim Healthcare to determine how accurately the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (“VAERS”) had been keeping an accounting of the vaccine injuries and deaths the American people were suffering. The resulting report opens with the words “vaccine adverse events are common.” The report concludes that “less than one percent (1%) of vaccine side-effects are ever reported”.

This horrifying revelation was swiftly concealed and fully censored by the media. This censorship continues to this day and is buttressed by heavy search-engine and social media censorship, Joy Garner, founder of The Control Group, wrote in the summary and guide to The Control Group Pilot Study.

“The vaccine marketing slogan “safe” has always depended upon the disproven adjective ‘rare’ in reference to side effects. In the American Restatement (Second) of Torts 402A (comment k) vaccines are formally classified as ‘unavoidably unsafe’. But we are told vaccines are ‘safe’. Vaccines are not only unsafe, they are ‘unavoidably’ so. And the injuries are common, a minimum of 100 times more common than the VAERS will report

“The fact our obscenely abusive laws currently protect the pharmaceutical industry from any consequences for this fraud, and from the injuries it commonly causes, does not alter the dictionary definition of the word fraud. Few people suffer such severe cognitive dissonance that they would still believe vaccines are ‘safe’ once made aware vaccines are ‘unavoidably unsafe’ products that commonly injure, disable, and kill people.

“Most of the ‘top’ scientists in this field rely heavily upon pharma-funding so they all plead the 5th when it comes to explaining what has injured the immune systems of most Americans. They persist in pretending they’ve got “no idea” as they search for elusive genetic, race, or socioeconomic causes, i.e., anything besides vaccines to blame for all of these immune disorders. This farce keeps their benefactors very happy, but it requires an astounding number of scientifically obtuse “experts” and consistent fraud to sustain it.”

Big Study Finds Non-Vaccinated Healthier than Vaccinated (4 mins)

Further resources:

CDC Childhood Vaccine Schedule Put to the Test and Fails

Regarding another 2020 study by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas, Children’s Health Defense wrote: “This study adds to a growing list of published peer-reviewed papers that compare the health of vaccinated children to the health of unvaccinated children. These studies suggest we have long underestimated the scope of vaccine harms, and that the epidemic of chronic illness in children is hardly a mystery.”

The study, ‘Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination’, demonstrates that non-vaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. It was conducted among 3,300 patients at Dr. Thomas’ Oregon paediatrics practice, Integrative Paediatric.

Since 1986, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) has been legally obligated to conduct safety studies and issue a safety report on children’s vaccinations every two years. In 2018, it was determined they had never done so. It is therefore incumbent upon non-governmental groups to do the work the CDC refuses to do.

As the leading governmental organisation driving vaccination among Americans, the CDC refuses to incriminate itself in the epidemic of childhood chronic illness. It is a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse. They are complicit in creating an evidence vacuum to deliberately manage against the possibility of the public turning against vaccination.

Since the Lyons-Weiler and Thomas study demonstrates that vaccinated children have more chronic illness and were also more likely to get respiratory infections, those who downplay vaccine risks will be sent into another round of apoplectic machinations to attempt to invalidate the results.

When research highlights anomalies that diverge from a dominant scientific paradigm, it’s important to remember that the playground of science is not in proof, but in the accumulation of evidence that bolsters an emerging paradigm. The Lyons-Weiler and Thomas study strengthens this emerging paradigm that vaccines may cause more harm than previously documented and characterised.

Although the authors call for more studies to be conducted using similar methodology, this study should certainly cause paediatricians to pause and wonder if they are contributing to life-long chronic illness in some of their patients.

Read more: Groundbreaking Study Shows Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Vaccinated Children, Children’s Health Defense, 7 December 2020

Further resources:


Source: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/04/11/study-finds-non-vaccinated-are-healthier-than-vaccinated/

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Sanitary Pass, Vaccination Pass & the Emergence of Ordinary Bourgeois Fascism


Éric Verhaeghe
17 avril 2022

 Amongst the cultural elites, blocking fascism is currently on everyone's lips. In quick succession, we had the stand taken by sports personalities, then the stand taken by 500 artists, then the stand taken by 1,000 careworkers, all of them calling on us to block the National Rally, reclassified as far-right.

But where were all these sermonisers when Macron proclaimed, as President of the Republic, his intention “to piss off the unvaccinated”, who, according to him, were no longer really citizens?

I will come back tomorrow to the issue of these platform on the unvaccinated, which are worth their weight in peanuts.

In the meantime, we must hammer home how the health pass and the vaccination pass have marked the emergence of an ordinary bourgeois fascism, which now disqualifies any call to block the far right when it comes from those who have consented to the health dictatorship.

How is the health pass a mark of fascism?

For many, and in an overused way, fascism is the Shoah and the SS.

This view is wrong. Fascism was invented by Mussolini, in Italy, after the First World War. The regime did not practice anti-Semitism (at least not in its early stages) and Italy did not have a single concentration camp.

On the other hand, Mussolini practiced elements of the politics that we find in the health pass (which partly explains the appetite of certain Italians for this resurgence of a strong State). On the one hand (and this is fundamental), the health pass calls for the sacrifice of individuals in the interest of the group, and on the other hand, it degrades the rights of the minority which refuses government policy.

It is indeed the fundamental logic of the health pass that we find here, which is close to the logic of apartheid: the State knows two groups, one endowed with all of its rights, and the other with (strongly) reduced rights.

We understand the sophistry that justifies this rupture of the rule of law. "The unvaccinated are much sicker and much more contagious than the vaccinated", an assertion whose inanity is exposed by
statistics. But this lie also stems from a fascist ideology, and demonising minorities is a part of its totalitarian modus operandi.

Nazism practiced it on Jews, homosexuals and a few others. Mussolini practiced it on homosexuals and Communists. Vichy practiced it on Jews and Freemasons, and Macron practiced it on the unvaccinated.

Ordinary bourgeois fascism

Of course, the fascism in question here is not that of Chaplin's Great Dictator
, in brown uniform with a runic-shaped armband and ready to declare war on the entire planet to satisfy his murderous impulses.

No. It is a much more ordinary fascism. We're talking here about a bourgeois fascism, that of the caste of well-meaning people who live steeped in certainties, sheltered in the
fashionable districts of the big cities, who have no problem making ends meet, and who do not understand that we do not share their vision of the world.

It is the latent, presentable, honorable, fascism of all those who, last winter, shamelessly called for the starvation of the unvaccinated in order to force them to accept the vaccine.

We find here the two characteristic impulses of fascism. On the one hand, sacrificing certain members of the group is not a problem
(in particular, youngsters falling to side effects) when this sacrifice is deemed to be in the group's best interests. On the other hand the defamation and hatred of the unvaccinated because they do not submit to the pressure of the group.

This bourgeois fascism was, in its time, the fascism of Vichy… the one which closed its eyes to the status of the Jews, and which preferred to lower its gaze when the trains took their deportees to Auschwitz.

Tricked by the ironies of history

History is ironic.

Amongst all those who supported the health pass as a proportionate and intelligent measure, how many of them are now denouncing the dangers of the far right?

Very, very many of them…

Many explain to us that Marine Le Pen is the return of Vichy. But the real Vichy is the health pass.

Here again, it takes a sacred capacity for denial, so characteristic of the globalist bourgeoisie, to dare to denounce the speck in the eyes of others, without seeing the beams in their own. Because the presumed fascism of Marine Le Pen is
found, in reality, in the nostalgia for the Vichy regime.

But oppression, the totalitarian loss of rights due to the health pass, which is only the beginning, it is not a memory of 1940. It is happening today, with the same indifference of those who, in 1940, pretended not to see, and sometimes justified the persecution of Jews and Freemasons.

Basically, it is a Pharisee fascism that has taken power, and it is blessed with zero credibility.


Marine Le Pen: I will reinstate the suspended nurses & pay their salaries: 


Source: https://lecourrierdesstrateges.fr/2022/04/17/passe-sanitaire-passe-vaccinal-ou-lemergence-dun-fascisme-bourgeois-ordinaire/

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On the Ultimate Cause


José Miguel Ruiz Valls
16th April, 2022

Every human being is curious about “something”. It is true that this "something" can be different in each person but not curiosity, which is, in itself, indistinguishable. Curiosity is a common feeling that unites us all, beyond all differences. And if we all share it, must it not be because it's in our nature? Isn't it because human beings are essentially curious?

To say that curiosity is essential is like saying that there is nothing that causes it. It is like saying that it is the ultimate cause. Beyond curiosity there is nothing and there are different objects at which we direct it. We are free to choose to project our curiosity on this ot that object but not to choose whrether or not to be curious. Curiosity is therefore an obligation: It forces us to increase our knowledge, to evolve, to improve ourselves. It is inevitable.

Letting oneself be carried away by curiosity is therefore "natural". It is how we inform ourselves and become aware. It is true that this awareness can be potentiated, more or less, depending on how we project our curiosity on this or that object. The choice of the object will speed up or slows down this evolution but can never stop it completely, because being alive means going through certain experiences and acquiring some level of knowledge, even if unintentionally. Curiosity and transcendence are, therefore, “the same thing”: Curiosity adds knowledge with which it surpasses -or transcends- what we had before, and thus it grows and broadens consciousness. (The human being is like a volcano, that is, a mountain that grows upon its own ashes, and it is an apt metaphor).

If in order to accelerate evolution it is necessary to give free rein to curiosity. To slow it down it would be necessary to tie it up, which is what we attempt to do with children, for example, through the "educational system". We substitute their inexhaustible curiosity with beliefs that, being illogical, cannot be reasoned through and stunt the natural expansion of the mind. Beliefs do not grow and cannot, therefore, cause any growth. That is why they are valid for people eight years old, or also eighty years old.

Believing always entails backwardness and sectarianism. According to the dictionary, a sect is either a doctrine that differs from another, or the group of followers of that doctrine that differs from another. The dictionary emphasises differentiation, separation. A sect is thus a self-marginalisation of certain human beings who tend to close their minds and even lock up their bodies, as the Jews did, already in the Middle Ages. with their aljamas (or “ghettos”).

Being sectarian therefore implies maintaining the will to remain separate and also maintaining the will not to be carried away by curiosity. No sect encourages curiosity or the love of surprise, but, on the contrary, they all encourage ritual and repetition, which is by definition a boycott of curiosity. No sect foresees the overcoming of their beliefs and that gives us an indication of their insignificance. Every belief collides with one's own experience and blocks reasoning, with the growth of knowledge, awareness and mental evolution.

Every believer would be condemned not to evolve, to remain eternally chained to his beliefs, if it were not because it is impossible to "unplug" curiosity. And so, it is his own curiosity that leads him, sooner or later, to become disillusioned with his beliefs. And what is disillusionment if not a return to reality and the end of delusion? There are not a few who, disillusioned, have abandoned and are abandoning institutionalised religions and also political parties, realising that these are sects that keep us separated and entrenched, without any possibility of overcoming or transcending that separation. The abandonment of sectarianism, of partisanship, is necessary and essential to continue evolving towards the understanding of unity, and towards the ultimate cause. And it is happening, whether you like it or not. 

Each of us can all speed up or slow it down our individual process, depending on the object upon which we project our attention, but stopping it is impossible. 

Because who could kill your curiosity? Is it possible kill God?




EU is relying on Macron's re-election to impose an embargo on Russian gas

15th April 2022
Imposing an embargo on Russian gas to weaken Russia: such is the ambition of the European Union, in a suicidal approach which should cause prices to soar. But...the subject will only arise after April 24th, when Macron will be re-elected. Or so the European authorities think. This is one more element that shows that the caste despises universal suffrage and considers Macron's re-election as a done deal. 

The European Union intends to deliver a terrible blow to fellow citizens (and to its industries) by imposing an embargo on Russian gas, the lethal weapon that has been pushed back so many times since February 24th, the day Putin's army crossed the red line of the invasion in Ukraine.

Small problem: this embargo will cause immediate speculation and a surge in the prices of raw materials (those that are transformed into energy) which will make inflation unbearable and will immediately cause social tensions.

EU gives Macron a boost

As the New York Times reported yesterday, the European Union is therefore patiently awaiting the second round of presidential elections in France and the re-election of Emmanuel Macron to launch this new round of sanctions against Russia.

Acting before April 24th would be likely to favour Marine Le Pen by highlighting the full impact of the disastrous European strategy on the purchasing power of the French people (and Europeans more broadly).

To help Macron, the EU is holding off, convinced that Marine Le Pen will be beaten.

A conflict of caste versus caste

Gradually, the campaign for the presidential elections has turned into a contest of one caste against another. The globalists are faithful to their McKinsey line, entirely based on the argument from authority. On one side, we have the serious candidate, and on the other side, the clown.

We can well understand the vision of the world that this sophistry conveys. The globalist caste has the keys to the future and the populist leader is good for nothing, guilty in advance of all the misfortunes that happen.

Basically, there is no longer a debate on ideas. There is a simple a clash of castes. Those who do not share the globalist vision will be banished because they are not serious and propose (What am I saying? They have the arrogance to propose) an alternative worldview.

The risks of an all-or-nothing strategy

For the
globalist camp, this strategy represents a major risk. Indeed, it is entirely based on the contrast between, on the one hand, the technocratic profile of Emmanuel Macron with all of his implicit codes that characterise his caste, and on the other hand the more "popular" profile of Marine Le Pen, candidate from outside the establishment (anti-establishment, even).

The strategy only works if, and only if, Emmanuel Macron maintains his advantage. If, for example, during the second round debate, Marine Le Pen manages to destabilise him and win the election, the effect would be devastating for the caste.

More than ever, the election will therefore be decided on the debate on Wednesday, April 20th.


Source: https://lecourrierdesstrateges.fr/2022/04/15/quand-lue-compte-sur-la-reelection-de-macron-pour-imposer-un-embargo-sur-le-gaz-russe/