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South Africa’s ‘Show Us the Virus’ Court Case Dismissed — “Let’s Go to Parliament!”


Ricardo Maarman

April 8, 2022

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Transcript provided by Truth Comes to Light [not being from South Africa, there was one government minister* that was unintelligible to us — possibly referring to Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs]

Good day South Africa. My name is Ricardo Marmaan and today is the 8th of April 2022, exactly three days after the Western Cape High Court dismissed our ‘Show us the virus‘ court case application, an application for an urgent interim interdict against the lockdown regulations.

It was dismissed with a punitive cost order against me. This judgment came after a 2-month long delay and exactly one day after Ramaphosa made his speech in which he so-called ended the lockdown. We know he did not end it; he merely escalated it by deceptive means.

This is a very strange coincidence. May be no coincidence all.

We asked the Western Cape High Court to grant the people legal protection against being forced by Ramaphosa and the big businesses into these harmful lockdown regulations — like the wearing of the suffocating masks, the use of these poisonous hand sanitizers, and to be forced into taking these deadly vaccinations.

Ramaphosa and these vaccine producers and big businesses already enjoy such legal protection because they are protected by the regulations. They are acting under the regulations.

We asked the Western Cape High Court, in a reasonable and just application, that the people of South Africa be granted the very selfsame legal protections.

But the court unfortunately dismissed our application with a punitive cost order against me.

South Africa, at the very beginning of this process, we asked Ramaphosa to show us the virus. He failed to do so and, therefore, he is perpetrating a virusless pandemic against the people of South Africa.

Parliament, through its silence, is consenting to Ramaphosa and now the judiciary, through its legal — using its legal power and its judgments and rulings protecting and I’m up also protecting the vaccine producers — are protecting Ramaphosa, protecting the vaccine producers, and protecting the big businesses, and depriving the people of South Africa of the very selfsame legal protection.

South Africa, it is time that we see this for what it is. Our beautiful nation has been completely, or more or less completely subverted.

Subversion means that our beautiful nation has been infiltrated by foreign aggressive actors and their local agents. And they are, through lies and deception, leading us to our own self destruction.

The National Health Act amendments will make this subversive and self destructive measures permanent. But Parliament can stop these amendments. Parliament have taken an oath to represent the interests and protect the interest of the people of South Africa, to represent the people of South Africa, to hold Ramaphosa, the Minister of —–* , and the Minister of Health accountable.

It is time that we wake Parliament up and instruct them because they are our representatives.

I suggest that you go to the Parliament website, parliament.gov [parliament.gov.za], and find the members of Parliament, identify them, contact them and go to them in droves. They live amongst us.

It is time that we instruct them that we the people of South Africa do not want these amendments because they are subversive and self destructive

— that the members of Parliament have a duty to protect the people of South Africa and to stop Ramaphosa

— that if they fail to obey our lawful instructions then it is clear that they are agents of subversion.

South Africa, do not let them divide you. Wake everyone you know up and let us act together. South Africa, do not let them distract you.

Parliament has the power to stop these amendments and we have the lawful authority to instruct Parliament to do so.

South Africa, let us all act together and let us go to Parliament, to the members of Parliament. Let us phone them, let us email them and let us go to them.

And let us say to them that we the people of South Africa say no to these amendments.

Thank you and God bless you.


Source: https://truthcomestolight.com/ricardo-maarman-south-africas-show-us-the-virus-court-case-dismissed-lets-go-to-parliament/

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