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CNN: "no se asusten si la gente se pone a morir después de recibir la vacuna"


Paul Joseph Watson 

Diciembre 2020

"No necesariamente tiene que ver con la vacuna".

En un artículo sobre el lanzamiento de la vacuna COVID, CNN dice que los estadounidenses no deberían alarmarse si las personas comienzan a morir después de recibir la vacuna porque "pueden ocurrir muertes que no necesariamente tendrán nada que ver con la vacuna".

El aviso apareció en un artículo titulado "¿Por qué vacunar a los más frágiles?" El voto en contra muestra el dilema 'en el que la Dra. Kelly Moore, directora asociada de la Coalición de Acción de Inmunización, advierte que las vacunas no funcionan tan bien en las personas frágiles y ancianas en comparación con las personas sanas. 

"Cuando las vacunas comienzan a llegar a los brazos de los residentes, Moore dijo que los estadounidenses deben comprender que pueden ocurrir muertes que no necesariamente tendrán nada que ver con la vacuna", afirma el informe.

“No nos sorprendería en absoluto ver, casualmente, que se esté vacunando y luego que alguien fallezca poco tiempo después de recibir una vacuna, no porque tenga algo que ver con la vacunación, sino simplemente porque ese es el lugar donde reside la gente en la última fase  de sus vidas”, dijo Moore.

Luego dijo que los estadounidenses no deberían alarmarse al ver que las personas mueren uno o dos días después de recibir la vacuna COVID

 “Una de las cosas que queremos asegurarnos de que las personas comprendan es que no deben alarmarse innecesariamente si hay informes, una vez que comenzamos a vacunar, de que alguien o varias personas mueren dentro de uno o dos días de su vacunación y que son residentes de un centro de cuidados a largo plazo. Eso sería algo que esperaríamos, como un hecho normal, porque la gente muere con frecuencia en hogares de ancianos."

 Si bien las muertes en hogares de ancianos de personas que toman la vacuna se describen como normales y no tienen nada que ver con la vacuna, algunos dirían que pudieramos citar exactamente el mismo argumento sobre las muertes de personas con múltiples comorbilidades en hogares de ancianos que fueron atribuidas a COVID. 

Muchos lo han dicho y han sido condenados por ello.  


Read in English: https://summit.news/2020/12/08/cnn-dont-be-alarmed-if-people-start-dying-after-taking-the-vaccine/

Translation: David Montoute

Making Sense of India’s "COVID-19" Surge


Mathew Maavak

May 4th, 2021 

India is currently witnessing a COVID-19 surge of unprecedented proportions, with an allegedly triple-mutant strain stretching the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to the limits.  The uncertainty hanging over the nation is compounded by viral despatches of dead bodies piling up in morgues; of people dropping dead in the streets; of despondent souls jumping off their balconies; and of funeral pyres all over the country. There will be no public service-minded Big Tech censorship in this instance.

This is supposedly Wuhan 2.0. Any social media addict would be forgiven for thinking that India’s population of 1.3 billion might suffer a dip before the year is out.

Amidst the toxic miasma of fear-mongering, coherent explanations over this surge are hard to come by. Therefore, one needs to resort to correlations and proxies in order to gauge causations and effects. For starters, one should compare the yearly death tolls (from all causes) before and after the advent of COVID-19 in India, particularly for the year 2021. But relevant data will only be available a year from now. Many will die as a result of continued lockdowns which generally weaken the immune system. Essential medical procedures will be deferred as hospitals are compelled to focus on COVID-19.  Rising socioeconomic despair will naturally lead to a surge in suicides. In the end, not all coronavirus deaths can be directly attributed to the virus no matter how “experts” add them up.

Other correlations must also be explored in the Indian context. India was rather late in joining the mass vaccination bandwagon. Throughout 2020, its COVID-19 mortality figures were moderate by global standards due to the efficacy of low-cost treatment protocols. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was sanctioned for early stage treatment from March 2020 onwards; while a few months later, India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh (population 231 million) replaced HCQ with ivermectin (an anti-parasitic drug).

The results were highly encouraging. As the TrialSiteNews (TSN) reported on Jan 9 2021:

By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh — which distributed free ivermectin for home care — had the second-lowest fatality rate in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in December. Only the state of Bihar, with 128 million residents, was lower, and it, too, recommends ivermectin.

Despite having the coronavirus situation under control, New Delhi was under immense pressure from various international lobbies and their local proxies to roll out a mass vaccination campaign. It can be argued that India’s ongoing oxygen shortages are the direct result of prioritizing foreign-curated experimental vaccines over local necessities.

While the initial mass vaccination launch was pencilled for Jan 16, the campaign effectively took off only in late February. With uncanny timing, the New York Times hailed India as an “unmatched vaccine manufacturing power” that could counter China in the area of vaccine diplomacy.

As the goal of vaccinating 300 million people by August 2021 neared the midway mark, however, the number of COVID-19 cases surged accordingly. The graph below broadly charts this anomaly.

Not only has India’s COVID-19 cases surged in tandem with increased vaccination, the trajectory of infections and inoculations can be neatly superimposed as the following graph suggests.

Can one infer that there may be a correlation between increased vaccinations and infections? This is not the first time that gene-based therapies ended up creating new viral chimeras. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently admitted that a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)-backed vaccine program was responsible for a new polio outbreak in Africa.  The usual suspects were also behind a vaccination-linked polio surge in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Vaccines causing deadly outbreaks of the very diseases they are supposed to eradicate happen to be a 21st century phenomenon – brought to you by an unholy alliance of Big Tech and Big Pharma. In the process, new mutant strains or “vaccine-derived viruses” emerge, necessitating even more potent vaccines which deliver greater profits and levers of global control to Big Tech. This is how the Davos cabal tries to stay relevant in a century that should otherwise be dominated by Asia. India may end up being the first Asian victim of Big Tech’s Great Reset against the East.

A recent study by Tel Aviv University may shed further light on India’s bizarre surge. It seems those who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are 8 times more likely to contract the new South African variant of COVID-19 than the unvaccinated.

The Covishield (Oxford University-AstraZeneca) and Covaxin (Bharat Biotech) vaccines used in India may have produced a similar effect. Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale University, has estimated that over 60 percent of all new COVID-19 cases seem to occur among the “vaccinated.” Dr Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief science officer for Pfizer, fears a more alarming outcome which includes the possibility of “massive-scale depopulation”. These are not your average basement-dwelling conspiratorial kooks!

“The vaccine,” to paraphrase Francis Bacon, “is now appearing to be the worse than the disease itself.” Gene-based vaccines open up a Pandora’s Box of what systems theorists call “emergence”. The human body is a complex system that may react unpredictably to interferences at its most substrate (or genetic) levels. As a result, mutant virus strains may emerge alongside unforeseen side effects. This is what we are witnessing worldwide.

But as the virus mutates, so does the official narrative. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) now claims that mass vaccinations in densely-packed stadiums and halls are “superspreader” events. Is the IMA suggesting that new vaccine delivery systems, as lobbied by Big Tech, will solve this problem? Let us wait and see. Furthermore, is close proximity the prime culprit behind the super-surge in India? India is a nation where trains, buses and all forms of public spaces teem with human bodies. Yet, it did not lead to mass casualties in 2020 as many had feared.

In the absence of a watertight scientific explanation from mainstream gatekeepers, a more plausible narrative may be sought from peripheral sources. The Daily Expose offers one such graphic-laden narrative to explain the correlation between mass vaccinations and the rising death toll in India.


Image Source: Daily Expose

While the Daily Expose concedes that correlation does not always equal causation, a similar pattern was noticed in other nations. The vaccination-mortality graph for Mongolia, for example, is particularly eye-popping.


Image Source: Daily Expose

Did Mongolia witness a near-zero to mutant COVID-19 surge just when mass vaccinations rolled out? How coincidental can that be?

The Case of America: Red vs Blue States

One may scientifically argue that India’s surge had nothing to do with ramped-up vaccinations. A new mutant virus may also somehow explain the vaccination-mortality correlations in Mongolia.

Therefore one should resort to another layman-friendly proxy to see whether similar correlations exist elsewhere. How about a comparison within the most coronavirus-affected nation on earth – the United States of America?

Reports thus far suggest that US states which have been resisting mass vaccinations and/or mandatory masking, at least in relative terms, are generally faring better than those adhering to draconian COVID-19 guidelines. Just weeks after Texas lifted its public mask mandate – featuring full crowds at bars, restaurants and concerts  no less – COVID-19 cases as well as hospitalizations dropped to its lowest levels since October 2020. The current White House occupant, who continues to make a buzz over his mental acuity, nonetheless panned the move as a symptom of “Neanderthal thinking”.  In the meantime, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a prominent opponent of mandatory masking, is using COVID-19 restrictions elsewhere to lure businesses to her state. Other red states such as Florida and Arizona have moved to ban the so-called vaccine passports.

Rather coincidentally, the annual flu has virtually disappeared in the United States since the onset of the pandemic. It must be a modern medical miracle!

How will India fare?

With the surge affecting the nation badly, the CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Apple, among others, have pledged heartfelt aid to India. With friends like these, one wonders why Indians cannot question the global COVID-19 narrative on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube without being summarily banned or censored. If India can concede the digital rights of its own citizens and the digital sovereignty of the nation to Big Tech, then how is it going to crowdsource solutions for COVID-19? Or deal with any other future crisis for that matter? An Indian scientific paper which tentatively explored a laboratory origin for COVID-19 can be summarily removed after concerted condemnation from Western academics but a similar claim made by the former head of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) appears relatively palatable. Isn’t this a textbook example of neoliberal racism?

Indians should also question why Africa has not been badly affected thus far, despite a South African variant hovering in the region. This is a continent mired in conflicts, poverty, serious healthcare deficits and other Third World-related woes. It lacks world-class scientists and institutions which India admittedly has. Is it because Africa does not pose an economic threat to the Western oligarchy the way Asia does? Or maybe, mass vaccinations haven’t yet taken off in Africa?

For the time being, India cannot reverse course on its vaccination drive and adopt measures similar to the one employed by the Eisenhower administration during the 1957-58 Asian Flu pandemic. The fear genie is already out of the bottle. Big Tech controls the digital narrative in India as it does elsewhere. Even if New Delhi manages to tame the COVID-19 crisis within the next few weeks or months, Big Tech will still be around to stifle India’s destiny.

Ultimately, this game is much bigger than COVID-19; it is about global domination through perennial mass-manufactured crises until a Great Reset is achieved.


Source:   https://www.activistpost.com/2021/05/a-case-of-graphical-correlations-making-sense-of-indias-covid-19-surge.html

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Mansoor Ali Khan: Arrested For Vaccine Thought Crimes

 The High Price of Stating the Obvious in India


David Montoute 

May 8th

On April 17th, 2021, Tamil actor and comedian Vivek passed away after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. The unexpected demise shocked the film industry and the nation as a whole. Two days before his death, Vivek had publicly received a dose of Covaxin (manufactured by Indian company Bharat Biotech), at a state Hospital in Chennai. The following morning, he experienced breathlessness and chest pain, and was admitted to SIMS Hospital, where doctors deemed him critical. After an angioplasty, he died the next day, having suffered “an acute coronary syndrome with cardiogenic shock.” Vivek was buried immediatedly, without any post-mortem.

As Tamil Nadu's Health Ambassador, the actor had campaigned to promote the benefits of vaccination and the use of public hospitals. At the public awareness event where he received the vaccine, he said:

Many have doubts about vaccination and its side effects. There are also several rumors doing the rounds. I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us.

The hospital later dismissed speculation that Vivek's death was linked to the vaccine, claiming that the actor had thrombosis with a complete blockage, something which clearly could not develop in a day. But Vivek’s death is only the latest in a rash of cardiac-related fatalities after COVID-19 vaccination in India. Last month, an analysis of 79 Indians who died following a COVID-19 vaccine showed that more than half had suffered strokes or heart attacks.  

There are currently three shots authorised for emergency use in India – Covishield/AstraZeneca, Covaxin and the Russian Sputnik V. The locally-produced Covaxin is an experimental “inactivated virus” requiring two doses several weeks apart. Covaxin's factsheet claims its product is made with a whole, inactivated virus, a curious statement given that no labs anywhere in the world claim to possess a purified virus sample of Sars CoV-2. Aside from the supposedly inactivated virus, Covaxin also contains "inactive" substances such as aluminium hydroxide (a potent neurotoxin that blocks the electrical discharge of nerve cells), the adjuvant imidazoquinolinone, that has apparently never before been used in approved vaccines, and the synthetic preservative 2-phenoxyethanol, also with known toxic effects. 

Shortly after the comic actor's death, fellow Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan, held an impromptu media interview outside the hospital where Vivek died, claiming that it was the Covid vaccine that was responsible for the actor's cardiac arrest. The recorded interview went viral in India, as Ali Khan claimed that "Covid" was part of a wider political scheme. Clearly agitated, he denounced almost every aspect of India's approach to the alleged pandemic:

The video of the actor making such statements went viral in  ..

Read more at:
http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/82305786.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppstAli Khan claimed that there is "nothing like coronavirus in this world," asserting that Covid was a part of a wider political scheme.

“Don’t compel people to take the Covid-19 vaccine. I have been saying this for the past one year, stop these Covid-19 tests. There should be no news about vaccines. Why [is the government] killing people? Does the government think that no one can question them?  He (Vivek) was fine a day before the vaccine was given to him. I have slept on the streets, shared food with beggars during my campaign in Thondamuthur constituency and I haven’t contracted the virus. I am telling you frankly that there is no coronavirus. All these preventive measures are of no use.  Making masks compulsory is a foolish act by the government.” 

Mansoor Ali Khan also claimed that the wearing of masks was inducing illness and urged people to stop using them.

"We are inhaling the exhaled breath when we are wearing masks. It is very unhealthy, and it will affect our respiratory system. We do not know what is the content of the coronavirus vaccine. Why cannot the government introduce an insurance scheme to protect people who face side effects due to the coronavirus vaccine?" 

Realising the likely consequences of his words, Mansoor Ali Khan challenged India's authorities to "take a case against me and imprison me in jail." And the authorities were not slow to oblige. The governing Chennai Corporation and the ruling BJP lodged a formal complaint was against the actor, alleging that he had engaged in a "defamatory campaign" against the government, and that he had expressed views that were "contrary to medical science". Acting on the complaint, the Vadapalani police booked Khan under numerous sections of the Indian Penal Code ("Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot", "Malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life", "spreading rumour with intent to cause fear or alarm to the public" etc.).

Though Ali Khan was granted anticipatory bail, the Madras High Court ordered him to pay Rs 2 lakhs (roughly £2000) to the Health secretary (which was assigned to the purchase of more Covishield vaccines).

                  Mansoor Ali Khan at Vivekh's residence in Chennai on Saturday. (Photo | R Satish Babu, EPS)

Mansoor Ali Khan hasn't been the only person to fall foul of India's approved-thought-enforcement. The Chennai Corporation has announced its intention to initiate action against anyone who spreads "misinformation" on social media, while politicians such as Akhilesh Yadav and businessmen such as Rajiv Bajaj have been excoriated for doubting the government's strategy and encouraging "vaccine hesitancy".

Rather than being "hesitant", however, industrialist Rajiv Bajaj is certain that he won't be taking the vaccine: "A vaccine that is new and hurried is the last thing I will take." Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, suggested instead that homeopathy could be used to combat coronavirus symtoms. Echoing scientific critiques by the likes of Sucharit Bhakdi or John Ionnaidis, Bajaj has picked apart the basis of lockdowns:

"When 99.9% of the most vulnerable are above 65, I see no logic in this sweeping lockdown in a country in which 94% are below 65. We should have kept the seniors home, closed public spaces, and allowed the rest of us to keep life moving forward."

Bajaj pointed out that no country in the world could arrest a flu virus and this is why 600,000 people die every year due to common flu. If the common flu cannot be contained even after so many decades of research, then how could COVID-19 be contained by lockdown? During an interaction via video link, Bajaj told former Congress president Rahul Gandhi:

“You (the government) have not solved that problem. But you have definitely decimated the economy. You flattened the wrong curve. It is not the infection curve, it is the GDP curve. This is what we have ended up with, the worst of both the worlds.” 

Bajaj's expressed preference to be "infected by the virus" rather than receive the experimental vaccine is reflected more widely than India's official culture can comfortably admit. Even before the death of Vivek, the country was already witnessing "a crisis of trust" in its COVID vaccines, according to Vice. One of the more high-profile examples of such scepticism is the medical freedom movement known as the Awaken India . In addition to its anti-lockdown position, this largely youth-based group has helped to publicise vaccine-related scandals, such as the reveal by activist Rachana Dhingra that people affected by the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy were being used in without their consent in Phase-3 Covaxin trials at the People’s University in Bhopal. Poor, vulnerable and often illiterate individuals, says the activist, are being mass-vaccinated "with a promise of Rs. 750.” Dhingra has alleged that most of the participants are not even aware that they are part of the Phase-3 trial. “They are told that they are being given the vaccine to stop COVID-19...And no copy of the consent form is being given.”

Immediately prior to India's Covid vaccination programme, the civic body known as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation announced a propaganda blitz to counter the threat posed by "antivaxxers". A Johns Hopkins study from last year had already suggested that fully one quarter of the Indian population was sceptical towards the vaccine. And as other medical voices have denounced the rush to vaccine approval and the process' lack of transparency, popular attitudes have hardened.

All of this comes in the context of an alleged Covid-19 "catastrophe" in India, with previously neglible "Covid" cases and mortality suddenly and dramatically on the rise since April 2021. Yet, the Lockdown Sceptics website has pointed out a specific feature of this development that has not interested the corporate media:

One mystery, as yet unexplained, is why India, which has not experienced a strong surge like this so far, suddenly did in March and April. Adding to the mystery is that the simultaneity of the surge across the regions is unexpected in a country as large as India and contrary to earlier outbreaks last year. Nick Hudson from Panda suggests it means there must be something artificial about it as it is not a natural pattern, since viruses naturally spread across the country with some delay and variation evident between regions.

By February India claimed to have vaccinated some 6 million people. And Lockdown Sceptics have not been alone in noting how the country's significant uptick in cases and mortality began some 3 to 4 months after the beginning of this campaign.

It seems, then, that this could be yet another "coincidence", the type of which has become axiomatic in the age of mandatory vaccination.



                                                                 Mansoor Ali Khan and Vivek

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The Pandemic Caste: a fairytale


by Filóloga Filántropa

 Once upon a time...there reigned a Caste: a group of useless, uneducated and illiterate people who, with no other merit than their inexplicable audacity, decided to play at being gods and put into practice the unacceptable politics of horror and infamy. 

 These regressive idiots settled themselves in incommensurate offices from where they intrigued against their defenseless citizens. One fine day, they determined to violate sacred and inviolable principles and began to draft unjust laws, incoherent regulations and unintelligible decrees to contain I do not know what non-existent pandemic caused by I do not know what unidentified virus. It was said that they were advised by invisible committees of illustrious experts, whose truths were indisputable, indubitable, and irrefutable. 

 For a year, the Caste remained undefeated and, from its impregnable strongholds, subjected the ignorant and indifferent people to implausible and inhuman outrages. People indifferently abided by unquestionable dogmas of faith wrapped in an impressive halo of I-don't-know-what infallible science. 

 There were empty streets, unjustly closed shops, lonely balconies, unhappy children gagged in unbreathable environments, without games or parks, teachers and toilets poisoned by germs nested in putrid muzzles, old men, lonely and dying, imprisoned in filthy rooms and left to their own devices. And implacable policemen: "Put your mask on! Keep your distance! It's five minutes after curfew"

 This bunch of irresponsible people took the country to such unsustainable and intolerable extremes that, one fine day, its citizens, dissatisfied, became impatient. Finally waking up and led by uncompromising Truth, by doctors, unbeaten youtubers, heretical influencers and insurgent artists, they decided that they would no longer remain impassive, and rose, all as one, against the unacceptable norms of their wretched leaders. 

 And unexpectedly, the unthinkable happened. Insubordination took to the streets and an unbeatable army of dissatisfied people rebelled against their overlords. In all countries, they fought tirelessly against wickedness. Their behavior was irreproachable and, protected by the forces of Good and Light, they remained undefeated and indestructible. All over the world they performed incredible feats and won countless victories. And everywhere they reestablished irrevocable and inalienable concepts such as eternal freedom and the inviolability of human rights. Their immeasurable deeds will be remembered forever, unforgettable and indelible, in the annals of Human History

And those inhuman and unworthy infidels, who believed themselves invincible and unimpeachable, when they realised they had lost, they denied  the innumerable charges against them over & over. But they were unmasked and tried by incorruptible judges who punished their undeniable crimes. 

Then, the Castes of all countries were disempowered and outlawed, and losing their worth, they disappeared from face of the Earth.

And just like that, the Plandemic fell flat. 



Souce: http://nomoriridiota.blogspot.com/2021/04/de-los-prefijos-negativos-y-la-casta.html

Translation: David Montoute

Estudio filtrado: La vacuna de Pfizer podría causar inflamación del corazón

Investigadores israelíes encontraron 62 casos de miocarditis, incluyendo dos muertes, después de la reciente vacunación con Pfizer. Cincuenta y cinco de los casos se produjeron en hombres, la mayoría de ellos con edades comprendidas entre los 18 y los 30 años. 


Megan Redshaw


Los detalles filtrados de un informe del Ministerio de Sanidad israelí han suscitado la preocupación de los expertos por una posible relación entre la vacuna COVID-19 de Pfizer-BioNTech y la miocarditis, según The Times of Israel y otros medios de comunicación.

El informe preliminar de un comité encargado de vigilar los efectos secundarios de la vacuna encontró 62 casos de miocarditis, incluyendo dos muertes, en personas que recibieron la vacuna de Pfizer. Cincuenta y seis de los casos se produjeron después de la segunda dosis de la vacuna, y 55 casos se produjeron en hombres, la mayoría de ellos con edades comprendidas entre los 18 y los 30 años.

Los dos pacientes que murieron estaban, según los informes, sanos hasta que recibieron la vacuna y no tenían ninguna enfermedad preexistente. Una era una mujer de 22 años y el otro un hombre de 35. El informe señala que 5 millones de personas en Israel han sido vacunadas contra el COVID.

La miocarditis, o inflamación del músculo cardíaco, puede provocar arritmias cardíacas y la muerte.

El coordinador de la respuesta a la pandemia en Israel, Nachman Ash, confirmó que se produjeron “decenas de incidentes” de miocarditis en personas vacunadas, principalmente después de la segunda dosis, pero subrayó que el Ministerio de Sanidad aún no había sacado ninguna conclusión.

Determinar una relación, dijo Ash, sería difícil porque la miocarditis, una condición que a menudo desaparece sin complicaciones, puede ser causada por una variedad de virus, y un número similar de casos fueron notificados en años anteriores, informó Reuters.

Sin embargo, según los investigadores de la Organización Nacional de Trastornos Raros, la miocarditis puede ser el resultado de infecciones, pero “lo más habitual es que la miocarditis sea el resultado de la reacción inmunitaria del organismo al daño cardíaco inicial.”

Los investigadores israelíes presentaron sus conclusiones al Director General del Ministerio de Sanidad israelí, a Pfizer, a los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades y a la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos de Estados Unidos (‘Food and Drug Administration’, FDA por sus siglas en inglés).

Preguntada por Reuters sobre la revisión, Pfizer dijo que estaba en contacto regular con el Ministerio de Salud israelí para revisar los datos sobre su vacuna y que estaba al tanto de las observaciones israelíes sobre la miocarditis que se produjo predominantemente en hombres jóvenes.

“Los acontecimientos adversos se revisan de forma periódica y exhaustiva y no hemos observado una tasa de miocarditis superior a la que cabría esperar en la población general”, dijo la empresa. “No se ha establecido una relación causal con la vacuna. No hay pruebas en este momento para concluir que la miocarditis es un riesgo asociado al uso de la vacuna Pfizer/BNT COVID-19.”

Pfizer dijo que no había detectado hallazgos similares en el resto del mundo, pero que investigaría más a fondo el fenómeno.

Sin embargo, una búsqueda de “miocarditis” en el Sistema de Notificación de Efectos Adversos de Vacunas de los CDC reveló 62 casos de miocarditis, de los cuales el 70% se produjeron en personas de entre 17 y 44 años. De los casos notificados, 23 lo fueron después de la vacuna de Pfizer.

Los investigadores que llevaron a cabo el estudio israelí subrayaron que era necesario seguir investigando para confirmar una relación entre la miocarditis y la vacuna, pero añadieron que tenían importantes preocupaciones. Escriben:

“En esta fase, según los resultados preliminares, que necesitan una mayor corroboración, se tiene la impresión de que el número es mayor de lo esperado, especialmente en las edades comprendidas hasta los 30 años. En breve se elaborará un informe más avanzado sobre el tema”.

“La impresión es que hay un aumento de la incidencia del fenómeno, especialmente en hombres jóvenes, en la escala de 1:20.000 después de la vacunación. Es probable que la aparición de la miocarditis esté asociada a la recepción de la vacuna (especialmente la segunda dosis).”

Los expertos del Ministerio de Sanidad están revisando el informe y harán públicos los resultados. Sin embargo, en una entrevista, Ash dijo que los beneficios de la vacuna son tan grandes que “incluso si encontramos una conexión entre algunos de los casos y la vacuna, no estará justificado tomar ninguna medida con respecto a la vacuna.”

Investigaciones anteriores sugieren que las vacunas de ARNm pueden causar los mismos síntomas que la COVID

Según Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, y presidenta emérita de ‘Children’s Health Defense’, “no es sorprendente que estemos viendo la misma respuesta inmune que resulta en miocarditis a causa de la proteína de pico de las vacunas, igual que la que vemos en la infección real.”

Redwood explicó que las vacunas de ARNm funcionan incorporando el plano genético de la proteína clave de pico en la superficie del virus en una fórmula que, cuando se inyecta en los seres humanos, ordena a nuestras propias células que produzcan la proteína de pico.

“El problema de este enfoque es que la proteína de pico por sí sola -que las vacunas de ARNm ordenan al cuerpo que produzca- ha sido implicada como causa clave de la lesión cardíaca y la muerte en personas con COVID-19″, dijo Redwood.

Según Redwood, basándose en las investigaciones realizadas hasta la fecha, es muy probable que algunos de los receptores de las vacunas de ARNm de la proteína de pico experimenten los mismos síntomas y lesiones asociados al virus.

Como informó ‘The Defender’ el 10 de febrero, el Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, M.D., Ph.D trató de alertar a la FDA sobre el potencial que tienen las vacunas COVID de causar lesiones. En concreto, a Whelan le preocupaba que la tecnología de la vacuna de ARNm utilizada por Pfizer y Moderna tuviera “el potencial de causar lesiones microvasculares (inflamación y pequeños coágulos de sangre denominados microtrombos) en el cerebro, el corazón, el hígado y los riñones de formas que no se evaluaron en los ensayos de seguridad”.

Aunque Whelan no discute el potencial de las vacunas para detener rápidamente la propagación del virus (suponiendo que las vacunas demuestren que realmente impiden la transmisión, algo que tampoco se ha evaluado en los ensayos clínicos), advirtió que “sería mucho peor que cientos de millones de personas sufrieran daños duraderos o incluso permanentes en su microvasculatura cerebral o cardíaca por no haber apreciado a corto plazo un efecto no deseado de las vacunas basadas en la proteína de pico completa en otros órganos”.

En octubre de 2020, los médicos advirtieron que las investigaciones demostraban que el virus SARS-CoV-2 podía afectar a múltiples órganos del cuerpo, incluido el corazón, y que casi una cuarta parte de las personas hospitalizadas con COVID experimentan lesiones miocárdicas, como arritmias o enfermedad tromboembólica.

El Dr. Hyung Chun, cardiólogo de Yale, sugirió que las células endoteliales que recubren los vasos sanguíneos liberan potencialmente citoquinas inflamatorias que exacerban aún más la respuesta inflamatoria del organismo y conducen a la formación de coágulos. declaró Chun: “Es probable que el endotelio “inflamado” contribuya no sólo al empeoramiento del resultado en la COVID-19, sino que también se considere un factor importante que contribuye al riesgo de infartos de miocardio y accidentes cerebrovasculares.”

En un estudio prospectivo en el que se realizó un seguimiento de 100 pacientes que se recuperaron de la COVID, los investigadores detectaron una afectación del corazón en las resonancias magnéticas en el 78% de los pacientes y una inflamación miocárdica continua en el 60%. Estos hallazgos eran independientes de la gravedad de la infección, el curso general de la enfermedad y el tiempo transcurrido desde el diagnóstico original.

En octubre de 2020, los investigadores examinaron más detalladamente el corazón después de la muerte por COVID-19 y encontraron que “el daño cardíaco era común, pero más por la coagulación que por la inflamación” y que “los microtrombos (pequeños coágulos de sangre) eran frecuentes”.

“No lo esperábamos”, afirmó la Dra. Renu Virmani, coautora del estudio, del Instituto CVPath de Gaithersburg (Maryland). “Parece poco probable que la invasión viral directa del corazón desempeñe un papel importante en la fabricación de la necrosis miocárdica y los microtrombos”.

Un estudio posterior publicado en enero confirmó los hallazgos de microtrombos que provocan necrosis de los miocitos, indicativos de un infarto de miocardio (ataque al corazón) reciente, en 40 individuos que murieron a causa de la infección por COVID; los estudios también identificaron a los microtrombos como una de las principales causas de las lesiones cardíacas.

Médicos de todo el mundo han visto pruebas que sugieren que el virus puede causar inflamación del corazón, enfermedad renal aguda, mal funcionamiento neurológico, coágulos de sangre, daños intestinales y problemas hepáticos.


Fuente: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/la-vacuna-de-pfizer-podria-causar-inflamacion-del-corazon-en-personas-menores-de-30-anos-segun-un-estudio-filtrado/?lang=es

Read in English: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/pfizer-vaccine-heart-inflammation-people-under-30-leaked-study/

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Europe: 7,766 deaths and more than 330,000 adverse reactions


Eudravigilance, a body belonging to the European Medicines Agency, publishes on the adverse effects of vaccines. The data comes from national drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies. 

Inmaculada Fernández 


 The European body Eudravigilance, a part of the European Medicines Agency, is in charge of collecting reports of fatalities and serious adverse events, suspected of being the result of medications. These cases come to them through the different national drug agencies. The numbers do not take into account the data of all European countries, only those of the European Economic Area (those of the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Thus, countries like the United Kingdom have their own drug surveillance system and case registration.

As of April 17th, reports on individual cases of adverse reactions reported to Eudravigilance (on the four experimental vaccines used in Europe against Covid19) have been 330,218, of which 7,766 were fatal.

    Specifically, for the
Moderna vaccine, 15,979 adverse cases have been identified and 2,094 have resulted in death.
    The Pfizer-BiOnTech vaccine: 144,607 cases of adverse reactions, resulting in the deaths of 4,293.
    For the Astrazeneca vaccine: 169,386 cases, of which 1,360 have been recorded as fatal.
    And for the new Janssen vaccine (introduced very recently): 246 registered cases, of which 19 are deaths.

In the following links, any citizen has access to, and can count, the published data by himself:

To access the data on total deaths for each vaccine, the individual deaths from each of the groups of adverse reactions must be added, and these are found in the section (upper tab) entitled 'Number of Individual Cases for a selected Reaction' (Number of Individual Cases for a selected Reaction).

In a higher up section (upper tabs) you can obtain general graphs according to the type of serious adverse reactions reported by each vaccine. For example, these two, from Moderna and Pfizer:


Spain has recorded 16 percent of all serious adverse reactions reported in the EEA after vaccination with Moderna; 8 percent of injuries after the Pfizer vaccine; and 5 percent of the injuries recorded after the Astrazeneca vaccine.

The Eudravigilance website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions). These reports are sent to Eudravigilance by the national drug regulatory authorities and by the pharmaceutical companies that hold marketing authorisation (licenses) for the drugs.

Eudravigilance is a system designed to collect reports of suspected side effects. The reports are used to assess the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and to monitor their safety after authorisation in the European Economic Area (EEA). It has been in use since December 2001.

Reports on suspected side effects are processed by national drug regulatory authorities and marketing authorisation-holders and sent to EudraVigilance in accordance with applicable data protection rules as set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

How to report side effects

The European Medicines Agency and Eudravigilance specify that “health professionals are the ones who usually report side effects and therefore it is recommended to consult with a health professional, such as your doctor or pharmacist. With increasing ease, patients can report suspected side effects directly through a variety of avenues, such as online, using patient report forms offered by national drug regulatory authorities, or by phone. For information on how to report a side effect, see the relevant authority on the list of national drug regulatory authorities in the EEA '.

They add: “If you are experiencing a side effect or think you may be experiencing it, you should consult a healthcare professional. The European Medicines Agency cannot accept reports of side effects coming directly from patients or consumers. Furthermore, the Agency is not in a position to provide individual medical advice or to confirm whether your symptoms are due to the drug.”

The way to report adverse events to the Ministry of Health is through the doctor who will study the case and report on it; In Spain, patients can also report cases of adverse reactions to drugs, through a long form from the Ministry of Health (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) that consists of 5 steps. Notification of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions in Spain: www.notificaRAM.es

Why don't the mainstream media mention these figures?

Whenever before the deaths occur after transgenic experimental vaccines, there is the immense silence, if not contempt, for these serious cases of collateral effects.

Deaths and serious incidents after vaccination are minimised to such a degree that they have lied and denied all death from the Covid-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, most other media continue to fervently encourage vaccination of the entire population, without reporting these figures.

Health Impact News and some specialised and committed blogs have been the first and
only media to sound the alarm and publicise these dramatic numbers, occurring as they do, in often completely healthy people. From here, I thank these real journalists and researchers. They are wonderful.

The other media (the "correct-thinking" media) only dedicate themselves to following the inertia of (dis)information and to repeating, like good parrots, the dizzying daily contagion figures, which refers above all to controversial PCRs. Due to ignorance or negligence they refuse to consult other official sources, see for example the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and they do not want to report whatever is off-script. Or perhaps, more suspiciously, it is because many media receive millionaire subsidies or have advertising contracts with political organisations that encourage experimental vaccination of the entire population.

This negligent media refuses to listen to any dissenting voice that contradicts the official version, and they refuse scientific debate. They refuse to report, for example, that a group of
Spainish doctors and biologists, many of them quite renowned, have signed a document calling for the immediate halting of experimental Covid-19 vaccination: "We firmly believe that the risks are not acceptable, not a single adverse effect or death should be tolerated."

How many suspicious deaths must a drug or vaccine attain to be treated
as more than just "isolated cases" by the media and the European Medicines Agency ?

Are 7,766 deaths and more than 330,000 reported adverse reactions after Covid vaccination in the European Economic Area not enough?

And these figures of injuries in Europe only refer to suspected cases that occurred in the short term after vaccination. What await us in the medium and long term with experimental vaccines that have not met the minimum requirements or the minimum terms that any other medicine or vaccine is required?

These are experimental vaccines, in which the pharmaceutical companies themselves showed little or no faith when they demanded that the governments exempt them from financial compensation for these adverse effects.

These are vaccines whose own safety data sheets detail that there are no interaction studies of the vaccine with other drugs that a citizen may be taking. The data sheets also acknowledge that they do not know how long immunity lasts: "The duration of protection provided by the vaccine is unknown, as it is still being determined in ongoing clinical trials."

Here you can consult the safety data sheets of:

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, already announced that it may be necessary to vaccinate again every six months.

It is all a lucrative business for them: no losses and large sums from annual sales, over a prolonged period of time. Or perhaps forever? That's what we're given to understand.


Original version: https://www.actuall.com/economia/reportan-7-766-muertes-y-mas-de-330-000-reacciones-adversas-a-las-vacunas-contra-el-covid/

Translation: David Montoute