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Chinese Lockdown-Breakers are Publicly Shamed and Paraded Through the Streets of Jingxi

                          The CCP, remembering the good old days.

Armed riot police in southern China have paraded four alleged violators of Covid rules through the streets, leading to criticism of the government's heavy handed approach. 

Four masked suspects in hazmat suits - carrying placards displaying their photos and names - were paraded Tuesday in front of a large crowd in Guangxi region's Jingxi city.

Photos of the event showed each suspect held by two police officers - wearing face shields, masks and hazmat suits - and surrounded by a circle of police in riot gear, some holding guns.

The public shaming was part of disciplinary measures announced by the local government in August to punish those breaking health rules. 

China banned such public shaming of criminal suspects in 2010 after decades of campaigning by human rights activists, but the practice has resurfaced as local governments struggle to enforce the national zero-Covid policy. 

It comes as locked-down residents in one of China's biggest cities say they are at risk of starving in their homes after they were banned from going outside even to buy food under harsh new Covid measures sparked by just a few dozen cases.

Apparatchiks running the city of Xi'an on Monday told 13 million people they are only allowed out of their homes when invited to take part in a new round of mass testing, or for medical emergencies.


Armed riot police in southern China have paraded four alleged violators of Covid rules through the streets, leading to criticism of the government's heavy handed approach.

Photos of the event showed each suspect held by two police officers - wearing face shields, masks and hazmat suits - and surrounded by a circle of police in riot gear, some holding guns

Four masked suspects in hazmat suits - carrying placards displaying their photos and names - were paraded Tuesday in front of a large crowd in Guangxi region's Jingxi city.

China banned such public shaming of criminal suspects in 2010 after decades of campaigning by human rights activists, but the practice has resurfaced as local governments struggle to enforce the national zero-Covid policy.

It comes as locked-down residents in one of China 's biggest cities say they are at risk of starving in their homes. Officials running the city of Xi'an on Monday told 13 million people they are only allowed out of their homes when invited to take part in a new round of mass testing, or for medical emergencies (pictured: A medical worker reaches through protective gloves as she administers a nucleic acid test at a private outdoor clinic on December 27, 2021 in Beijing)

The four individuals paraded through the streets of Jingxi city were also accused of transporting illegal migrants while China's borders remain largely closed due to the pandemic, Guangxi News said.

The newspaper said the parade provided a 'real-life warning' to the public, and 'deterred border-related crimes'.

But it also led to a backlash, with official outlets and social media users criticising the heavy handed approach.

Although Jingxi is 'under tremendous pressure' to prevent imported coronavirus cases, 'the measure seriously violates the spirit of the rule of law and cannot be allowed to happen again,' Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Beijing News said Wednesday.

Other suspects accused of illicit smuggling and human trafficking have also been paraded in recent months, according to reports on the Jingxi government website.

Videos of a similar parade in November showed a crowd of people watching two prisoners being held while a local official read out their crimes on a microphone.

They were then seen marching through the streets in their hazmat suits, flanked by police in riot gear.

Meanwhile, officials in the city of Xi'an on Monday told 13 million people they are only allowed out of their homes when invited to take part in a new round of mass testing, or for medical emergencies.

Previously, one member of each household was allowed out once every two days to buy food. City officials said people in 'low risk' areas will be allowed out to buy essentials once testing is complete and if their results are negative.

The tightened lockdown measures prompted some Xi'an residents to turn to social media for help, saying they are 'starving' and appealing to neighbours for supplies. 

'I'm about to be starved to death,' wrote one person on Weibo, China's equivalent of Facebook. 'There's no food, my housing compound won't let me out, and I'm about to run out of instant noodles ... please help!' 

'I don't want to hear any more about how everything is fine,' said another. 'So what if supplies are so abundant - they're useless if you don't actually give them to people.' 


Medical workers in protective suits collect swabs from residents at a nucleic acid testing site during a third round of mass testing following cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Yuncheng's Jishan county, Shanxi province, China December 29, 2021


Xi'an on Tuesday reported 175 Covid cases, its highest toll of the current outbreak, pushing up China's seven-day average of cases to its highest level this year (pictured above)


Xi'an reported 175 new cases on Tuesday, a paltry figure compared to other large cities around the world but a major blow to China which is continuing to pursue a 'zero Covid' strategy even in the face of more-infectious variants.

Nearby cities have also logged cases linked to the flare-up, with Yan'an - about 185 miles from Xi'an - on Tuesday shuttering businesses and ordering hundreds of thousands of people in one district to stay indoors. 

Xi'an's outbreak is being driven by the Delta variant and is believed to be linked to travel to Pakistan a week ago.

The city has been in lockdown since last Thursday when mass testing revealed a case had escaped quarantine and then spread the virus widely.

So-far this month, Xi'an has reported 810 Covid cases - China's largest outbreak since the virus first emerged in Wuhan.

The 13million-person lockdown is also China's largest since Wuhan was locked down early in 2020, which affected 11 million people. 

On Sunday, city workers were dispatched to disinfect public spaces with residents warned not to touch anything until the chemicals had time to disperse.

Lockdown rules were then tightened on Monday evening as a fifth round of mass testing got underway.


City workers disinfect public spaces in Xi'an, as residents were warned not to touch anything immediately afterwards to allow chemicals time to disperse


Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10352249/Chinese-lockdown-rule-breakers-publicly-shamed-ensure-Covid-rules-obeyed.html

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UK Scientist's Bombshell Data Analysis: "..Some Batches Are 50 Times Worse Than Others"

 App "How Bad Is My Batch?" Allows People To Input Batch Code And See How Many Deaths, Disabilities and Illnesses Associated With That Batch "1 in 200 Lots Contain Deadly Ingredients"



Celia Farber

Dec 17th, 2021

I was told about the work of Craig Paardekooper by my friend of many years, PhD bio-chemist Dr. Dave Rasnick a few days ago; Today came this email from Dave, clarifying his shocking findings:

“I’m following the very important work of Craig Paardekooper at Kingston University London.  Recently, I introduced Craig’s work to our email group. 


Three of his conclusions:

  • The companies purposely manufactured non-uniform formulations of their vaccines while representing to the public that all COVID-19 vaccines from a given manufacturer were uniform in their formulation.

  • Over 20,000 different batches (lots) of Pfizer, Moderna, J & J injections total. 

  • 1 in 200 lots contain deadly ingredients. He urged me to watch a series of videos, in which he lays out the unthinkable. One video here:

    Another, “Death By Alphabet: Moderna Batch Codes And Associated Deaths:” here.

    “Please share with those you know, and also with doctors, nurses and teachers - who may soon be pushing the vax onto children. Doctors and nurses need to see that some batches are 50 x worse than others - before they prescribe them.”

    —Craig Paardekooper, Telegram

    How Bad Is My Batch?” App and website here.

“Moderna Used the Alphabet to Label Different Toxicities of Vaccine

Moderna batches belong to two main groups - 20A or 21A - the 20A group is much more toxic. In fact all of the batches producing more than 1780 adverse reaction reports - all of those batches have batch codes ending in 20A.”

“I ranked all the Moderna vaccine batches in order of the number of deaths caused, and used the data from the highest 180 batches as my data set.

As shown in my previous videos, Moderna batches have an alphabet letter in the centre of their batch codes…”

—Craig Paardekooper


I called Dave Rasnick, just now.

How did you find this guy? I asked.

”I just stumbled upon it,” he said. “Every morning I spend an hour or two going to the usual places, I go to, to find information. Last week or something I came across one of his talks. Odyssey or something. And then found his website. He had done a series of videos. These analyses are of the US VAERS data. That’s available to anybody. There are huge number of reports in VAERS. What he has done is that…the guy must have a lot of time on his hands because VAERS is a pain in the ass to use normally. There’s almost a million reports now on the Covid injections….from this guy I learned there are 20,200 batches. That includes all 3— Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen. He has done an analysis by batch number. One batch has about 20,000 jabs. There are 20,200 lots numbers. We know there are billions of these already ordered and shipped. The important thing is that it’s a huge data base. He has correlated over time the reports of the severity of the jabs over almost a year now.”

Dr. Rasnick described how Paardekooper charted a roller coaster of adverse events patterns, not random, but highly variable. They went up and down, forming patterns. “He was able to show that they had done a dosing regimen where the earliest ones had highest toxicity, some a lot less toxic…This is exactly what any scientist wants to see, this volume of data. These companies are working in concert so they did not interfere with each other’s results. The toxicities are very specific, and they come sequentially.”

”All of that non-randomness was the key. As soon as you see that… if I was on a jury I wold convict those people of grievous bodily harm and willful homicide.”

I asked what he knew about Paardekooper.

“He’s not a PhD yet,” Dr. Rasnick said. “He’s at Kingston University, in London. We’ve had exchanges, he answers my emails promptly. He reminds me of….well, he’s not beholden to anybody. I knew something like that could be done if somebody had all that data. It’s a huge, extraordinary effort. If it was only a few thousand data points that would be one thing, anybody could do that, but this is about a million data points. Batch codes and toxicity. The December 4th video, that’s the one that shows coordination.”


Source: https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/uk-scientist-reveals-bombshell-data 

Mortality clusters in deployment of vaccine batches 

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New York Times Editor Dies Just One Day After Getting Moderna Covid-19 Booster Vaccine



The Daily Exposé

December 29th 

A Deputy Editor for the New York Times passed away of a heart attack just one day after receiving the Moderna Covid-19 booster vaccine.

Deputy Asia Editor Carlos Tejada, 49, was married and tragically left behind two children. He worked on the paper’s coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic, among other topics. Before he worked at the New York Times, he spent some time at the Wall Street Journal. According to his New York Times bio, he has worked as a reporter and editor for nearly two decades in cities such as New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dallas.

Just a day before his death, Tejada posted on his Instagram about his gratitude for being able to receive the Moderna booster while working in Seoul, South Korea. In July, he originally received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Although, less than a day after getting his booster shot, he died of a heart attack.

A few days later, The New York Times confirmed his death, writing that he “helped shape coverage of the global Covid-19 crisis that won a Pulitzer Prize.”

Shortly before his death, Tejada posted on Instagram: “Double-vaxxed. Janssen-fueled, Moderna-boosted. Hey, Omicron: hit me with your wet snot.” After that, he added: “All I had to do was fill out this form in a language I can’t read. Translation software tells me I now belong to the BTS army.”

Less than 24 hours later, Tejada was dead. His wife posted on Instagram: “This is Carlos’s wife, Nora. It’s with deepest sorrow that I have to share with you that Carlos passed away last night of a heart attack. I’ve lost my best friend and our kids lost a truly great dad. I will be off social media for awhile.”

On Substack, former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson said that Tejada did not provide informed consent to get the booster vaccine because the consent form was written in Korean, a language he was unable to read – something he joked about in one of his last posts online.

Furthermore, Berenson added that no clinical trials have been carried out into the efficacy of mixing two different vaccine types, as Tejada did by following the Johnson & Johnson adenovirus vector vaccine with an mRNA injection.

It’s worth noting that the vaccines have been increasingly linked to cases of heart conditions of pericarditis and myocarditis, something that the NYT failed to mention.


Source: https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/12/29/new-york-times-editor-dies-just-one-day-after-getting-moderna-covid-19-booster-vaccine/

The British Medical Journal to Facebook: your fact-checking is "inaccurate, incompetent & irresponsible"



Fourth World comments:

On December 17th, the editors of the British Medical Journal, one of the oldest and most respected scientific journals in the world, addressed a bitter open letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in which they challenge the 'fact-checking' exercised by his social network on the revelations about the falsification of Pfixer's clinical trial data, also known as "PfizerGate".

This concerned Brook Jackson, a former regional director of Ventavia, one of Pfizer's subcontractors in charge of clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine. Jackson told BMJ that the Texas-based
subcontractor had falsified its data, violated basic rules for the conduct of clinical trials and “slowed down” its tracking of adverse events reported in Pfizer's pivotal Phase III trial. Jackson's accusations were backed up with dozens of internal company documents supplied to the BMJ, including photos, audio recordings and emails.



December 17th

Open letter from The BMJ to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

We are Fiona Godlee and Kamran Abbasi, editors of The BMJ, one of the world’s oldest and most influential general medical journals. We are writing to raise serious concerns about the “fact checking” being undertaken by third party providers on behalf of Facebook/Meta.

In September, a former employee of Ventavia, a contract research company helping carry out the main Pfizer covid-19 vaccine trial, began providing The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails. These materials revealed a host of poor clinical trial research practices occurring at Ventavia that could impact data integrity and patient safety. We also discovered that, despite receiving a direct complaint about these problems over a year ago, the FDA did not inspect Ventavia’s trial sites.

The BMJ commissioned an investigative reporter to write up the story for our journal. The article was published on 2 November, following legal review, external peer review and subject to The BMJ’s usual high level editorial oversight and review.[1]

But from November 10, readers began reporting a variety of problems when trying to share our article. Some reported being unable to share it. Many others reported having their posts flagged with a warning about “Missing context ... Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.” Those trying to post the article were informed by Facebook that people who repeatedly share “false information” might have their posts moved lower in Facebook’s News Feed. Group administrators where the article was shared received messages from Facebook informing them that such posts were “partly false.”

Readers were directed to a “fact check” performed by a Facebook contractor named Lead Stories.[2]

We find the “fact check” performed by Lead Stories to be inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible.

-- It fails to provide any assertions of fact that The BMJ article got wrong

-- It has a nonsensical title: “Fact Check: The British Medical Journal Did NOT Reveal Disqualifying And Ignored Reports Of Flaws In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials”

-- The first paragraph inaccurately labels The BMJ a “news blog”

-- It contains a screenshot of our article with a stamp over it stating “Flaws Reviewed,” despite the Lead Stories article not identifying anything false or untrue in The BMJ article

-- It published the story on its website under a URL that contains the phrase “hoax-alert”

We have contacted Lead Stories, but they refuse to change anything about their article or actions that have led to Facebook flagging our article.

We have also contacted Facebook directly, requesting immediate removal of the “fact checking” label and any link to the Lead Stories article, thereby allowing our readers to freely share the article on your platform.

There is also a wider concern that we wish to raise. We are aware that The BMJ is not the only high quality information provider to have been affected by the incompetence of Meta’s fact checking regime. To give one other example, we would highlight the treatment by Instagram (also owned by Meta) of Cochrane, the international provider of high quality systematic reviews of the medical evidence.[3] Rather than investing a proportion of Meta’s substantial profits to help ensure the accuracy of medical information shared through social media, you have apparently delegated responsibility to people incompetent in carrying out this crucial task. Fact checking has been a staple of good journalism for decades. What has happened in this instance should be of concern to anyone who values and relies on sources such as The BMJ.

We hope you will act swiftly: specifically to correct the error relating to The BMJ’s article and to review the processes that led to the error; and generally to reconsider your investment in and approach to fact checking overall.

Best wishes,

Fiona Godlee, editor in chief
Kamran Abbasi, incoming editor in chief


Competing interests:
As current and incoming editors in chief, we are responsible for everything The BMJ contains.


[1] Thacker PD. Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial. BMJ. 2021 Nov 2;375:n2635. doi: 10.1136/bmj.n2635. PMID: 34728500. https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635

[2] Miller D. Fact Check: The British Medical Journal Did NOT Reveal Disqualifying And Ignored Reports Of Flaws In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials. Nov 10, 2021. ​​https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2021/11/fact-check-british-medical-jo...

[3] https://twitter.com/cochranecollab/status/1458439812357185536


Source: https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635/rr-80

Israel Sets Syria’s Latakia Port Ablaze in Biggest Bombing Yet



Anti Empire’s note: Earlier this month Israel struck Latakia port for the first time. Now it has followed up the attack with a much bigger one.


December 29th

The Israeli air force struck the port at Latakia at 3:21 am today.  This was the second Israeli attack this month at the main commercial port of Syria on the Mediterranean Sea.  The attack today was massive, which inflicted heavy damage to the port infrastructure as well as massive loss of cargo containers full of civilian imports such as: cotton threads used in fabric factories of Aleppo, car tires, automobile parts, baby milk for pharmacies and many other commercial cargoes for civilian use.

 The fire raged for hours and the thick clouds of black smoke are billowing still at 4:00 pm.  No civilian deaths are reported so far, but fire fighters suffered smoke inhalation, and residents in their homes nearby suffered mild to moderate injuries from flying window glass in their homes.  The private hospital opposite the port, Nada Hospital, suffered broken window glass along their front façade. Restaurants and cafes along the Western Corniche have suffered glass damages in one the finest residential areas in Latakia opposite the port.

 On December 7, the port at Latakia was attacked by Israeli missiles fired from the Mediterranean Sea at about 1:00 am. [The attack earlier this month, the first one against the port.] The Syrian air defenses reacted to the strike which produced five large explosions which rocked the nearby residential neighborhoods, with some residents reporting broken windows in the bitterly cold night.

Dozens of shipping containers were destroyed and damaged.  Photos from the scene show packages of coffee scattered among the debris, as evidence of commercial food, having been destroyed.  The port is used by private businesses to import medicines, food products, and supplies for Syrian residents who are suffering from devastating US-EU sanctions which prevent importing materials for rebuilding after 10 years of armed conflict.

The food products destroyed in the attack were imported by private businesses.  These merchants are now faced with financial ruin.  Many such merchants have left the country, but the ones who have stayed have suffered greatly from the US-EU sanctions which prevent the transfer of money from Syria to pay for shipments. These merchants have provided vital supplies for the Syrian public.

The Israeli attack on the shipping containers may cause merchants to give up ordering the supplies the residents need, such as medicines and food, for fear of loss of the cargo to an attack.  This may be part of a siege and blockade strategy on Israel’s part.



Israel has staged hundreds of strikes on targets inside Syria over the years, some of which have targeted the main airport in the capital Damascus.

Israel has acknowledged that it targets the bases of Iran-allied groups, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah that has fighters deployed in Syria. It says it attacks arms shipments believed to be bound for the groups.

Israel says Iranian presence on its northern frontier is a red line, justifying its strikes on facilities and weapons inside Syria. However, it was Iranian- backed soldiers who have fought to eradicate ISIS and Al Qaeda from Syria in coordination with the Syrian and Russian military.

In two separate Israeli attacks in October, five pro-Iranian militiamen [in other words; Syrian militiamen] were killed near the Syrian capital Damascus, while nine Syrian soldiers were killed near the T4 airbase east of Palmyra in central Syria, a UK-based rights group said.

On November 3, Israel launched an aerial attack with several missiles targeting an area on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

On November 24, Israeli missile attacks in the west of Homs province killed five people, including civilians, and wounded seven in what was the fourth Israeli attack in the month.

Israel attacked the city of Latakia in 2018, when an Israeli jet-firing missiles hid behind a Russian military plane, in a maneuver called “shadowing.”  Because of this tactic, a Russian plane carrying Russian soldiers was shot down with a great loss of life, which caused serious tensions between Israel and Russia. Israel has also carried out raids against targets in Latakia in 2014 and twice in 2013.

Source: Mideast Discourse via Anti Empire



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The Intracorporal Nanogrid

Injected nano-networks integrated into the human body. An extraordinary dossier prepared by a Spanish engineer

If this illustration is definitely validated, we can conclude that a number of injected humans are in the process of mutating into transhumans. It can be assumed that several doses are required to reach the final phase of the model.

Liliane Held-Khawam

December 2021

IoNT is the Internet of Nano Things. The nanoparticles they bombard you with end up speaking for you. In this illustration, a very high-level scientist has written a very professional and detailed document that places the human injected into the IoNT circuit. If this illustration is definitely validated, we can conclude that a number of injected humans (not necessarily all of them) are in the process of mutating into transhumans. It can be assumed that several doses are required to reach the final phase of the model.

Warning: The file transmitted here is exceptionally well documented and accurate. I return to it to enrich the reflection and the working hypothesis around the transhumanisation of peoples. However, as long as our health authorities refuse to carry out independent analysis of the content of the vials, we will not be able to state whether, and to what extent, the list of undesirable elements listed in this document have contaminated the industrial produced shots given over the last year.


A leading scientist has uploaded onto the Internet detailed pictures of what could be the different, unidentified elements found in the vials of products to be injected and / or in studied blood samples. His work was sent to me by another equally reliable scientist.

Although I do not know the identity of the author, I can only appreciate the precision with which the different elements that we have been revealing for months (if not years) are arranged and integrated into his presentation.


You will notice the reference to graphene oxide quantum dots that we talked about recently.

This diagram shows all the components that are introduced with the different inoculations. Together they act as a surveillance network for the human body. (translation below)

Components of the nanogrid to the intracorporeal plane

1. Carbon nanotubes and derivatives CNT, SWCNT, MWCNT

2. GQD graphene quantum dots

3. Hydrogel swimmers

4. Graphene nanoanthenas in fractal form

5. Nanorouter or nanocontrollers

6. CODEC or Nanointerface

Nanogrid topology

1. Nanonodes (GQD, swimming hydrogels, nanotubes, fibers)

2. Nanosensors (nanotube circuits, graphene nanoplates)

3. Nanocontrollers (QCA nanorouter circuits)

4. Nanointerface (QCA nanoCODEC circuits)

5. => Communication with the outside =>


The presence of graphene oxide quantum dots


- Graphene quantum dots are pieces of graphene or graphene oxide on a micronanometric scale with circular, hexagonal, triangular shapes, which result from the decomposition or oxidation of graphene nanoblades.

- GQDs, (graphene quantum dots), far from being a network defect, play a fundamental role, since their size allows them to function or operate as nano-antennas. In addition, they travel through the circulatory system, arteries, veins, capillaries, serving as electrical and also biological markers, since they absorb proteins and other components present in the blood.

The human-machine interface with data transmission


The nanointerface is a more complex QCA circuit, containing a nano-antenna to transmit and receive TS-OOK signals. With a high probability, it has a CODEC to encrypt the data packets and retransmit them outside.

Nanosensors and nanorouters


- When the nanorouter receives the signals, it manages to encode them in TS-OOK and route them in the form of data packets for transmission. TS-OOK signals have a binary model that is easy to interpret and transmit, increasing the data transmission capacity and the bandwidth that can be supported on the nanogrid.

The nanorouter does not need a processor to function, since the QCA (quantum dot) architecture allows it to operate at one clock frequency, just like a computer processor would.

- In this way, the signals are transmitted to the closest nanorouter in order to optimise the nanonetwork and avoid signal saturation. For this reason, several of these components have been provided, arranged thanks to the hydrogel.

With this document, we enter fully into the human-machine integration process. We see from this set-up that the result corresponds to the NBIC convergence. The author of these plates knows precisely what it is about. In fact, very few scientists have a global vision of what transhumanism could look like.

Sourced via Ejército Remanente

Download the complete document: 12-intracorporal_nanonetwork 

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Are we being chipped? 

The Intra-corporal Nanogrid

Vexille: 2007 anime film predicted mandatory vax and nanotech transhumanism:

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Tattoo artist shocked by vaccinated blood


Manu, a tattoo artist, left his impressions in a Facebook group for vaccinees' testimonies:

I have 25 years in the business, so I am not a beginner but a certified trainer. 

For some months now, we have noticed that vaccinated people react strangely during tattoo sessions. The skin of vaccinated people no longer forms drops at all (a slight bleeding that is normal when the skin is broken) and we have also noticed that there is almost no redness or swelling. This is not particularly worrisome for our profession, but it is very alarming. Indeed, there is a change in the blood, the skin no longer defends itself.

Before the summer there were a few cases, but since the great wave of vaccines they are all. It's simple: in 20/30 minutes we can tell if you have been vaccinated or not just by looking at how the skin behaves.

Today many colleagues are also aware that there is a big problem. I don't know if this will happen, but more than 5 or 6 months after the 2 doses, patients still have skin that does not react normally.

I have asked people from the medical world and they confirm that it does affect the blood.

Some nurses also report that blood often clogs catheters when blood is drawn because it is so thick. These concerns are not even reported on problem sites, because it is a daily thing ...

I am looking for people who work in hematology to share and understand what is happening.

I just wanted to share this testimony with you.


Blood Analysis After Covid Vaccination

Source: https://cogiito.com/a-la-une/courrier-des-lecteurs-temoignage-dun-tatoueur-sur-le-sang-des-vaccines/

British Left Finally Realising Vaccine Mandates Are Bad for Workers and Society



The term "anti-vax" has expanded so widely that even vaccine advocates, such as Corbyn and trade unions, are now included by virtue of defending bodily autonomy.

December 15th

The shorthand label “anti-vax” once had a clear and concise meaning: namely, those who reject the prevailing western scientific orthodoxy that vaccines are a safe and effective means of protecting humans against infectious diseases by training the immune system to combat a pathogen in advance. As vaccines become more prevalent against an increasingly wide range of diseases — measles, mumps, polio, chickenpox — a dissenting political and scientific movement has emerged which rejects the scientific premises of vaccines and attempts to persuade others not to vaccinate themselves or their children on the ground that they are ineffective, dangerous and/or motivated by corporate profit rather than legitimate concerns about public health.

But exactly as we have seen with so many other political labels — terrorist, racist, fascist, white nationalist, anti-Semite — this once-descriptive, precise and useful phrase has metamorphized far beyond its original meaning into something barely recognizable or cogent. That transformation has been deliberate, with a clear motive: to weaponize the term into a potent political insult designed to compel submission to decrees from institutions of authority and stigmatize dissenters, threatening them with reputation destruction. The rapid expansion of the term “anti-vax” into a coercive political weapon has been years in the making, but the COVID pandemic was the steroid it needed to blossom into one of the most reputation-crippling labels one can affix to a political target.

Just as is true of accusing people of being terrorists, white nationalists, fascists or anti-Semites not because one espouses views traditionally designated by those terms but as punishment for any sort of dissent, the destructive power of the COVID iteration of “anti-vax” resides precisely in its vagueness, its lack of precise contours, its emptiness and meaninglessness. A term that means nothing can, by definition and by design, encompass anyone and everyone depending solely on the needs of the moment.

The utter obliteration of any coherent definition is evidenced by the fact that one can now be labelled “anti-vax” even though one a) believes in the foundational science of vaccines, b) is themselves vaccinated for COVID and makes the decision that one's children will be as well, and c) states publicly that they have chosen to be vaccinated.

How is it possible to pull off such a seemingly inane and internally contradictory attack: namely, malign people who have taken the vaccine and publicized their choice to do so as “anti-vax"? This is accomplished by twisting and distorting the term “anti-vax” away from its scientific meaning (“one who rejects the efficacy of vaccines”) into a term of political disobedience. Thus, the operational definition of the term has become: one who questions any of the decrees of public health authorities on any matters or who believes that adult citizens should retain the choice to decide for themselves whether to be vaccinated. In other words, the term “anti-vax” now means nothing other than: one who questions any policies adopted by state officials in the name of fighting COVID.

Unfortunately for the liberal-left which has constructed this manipulative and coercive framework, this now requires that the term “anti-vax” be applied to one of the international left's most beloved political figures: former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. They must also now apply this term of shame to the most admired left-wing members of the British Parliament along with leading trade unions in the UK. That is because the British Left — not just Corbyn and leftist MPs but also leading labor unions — have united to emphatically oppose vaccine mandates and vaccines passports on the ground that 1) it is immoral and profoundly anti-worker to fire health care front-line workers and other workers for refusing a vaccine they have not been convinced is safe and effective, and 2) persuasion is a far more effective and ethical means of administering public health policy than coercion, dictate and punishment.

On Tuesday night, the UK Parliament approved a proposal by conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson to require proof of COVID vaccines — a COVID passport — to enter any venues with large crowds such as nightclubs and stadiums. The vote was 369 to 126. But the opposition was composed of a mix of populist right-wing Tories and the anti-establishment left-wing members of Labour and other leftist parties. Close to one hundred conservatives, and more than 20 leftist Labour members (along with Corbyn, now technically an “independent” after being expelled by his successor, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer), voted against Johnson's vaccine passport law.



A similar vote, and similar breakdown, emerged on a separate bill from Prime Minister Johnson to require workers of the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to be vaccinated or be fired. The vote in favor of that vaccine mandate bill was 385-100.

Conservative opposition to these two bills was — despite being advocated by the Tory Prime Minister — unsurprising. Their rationale was similar to right-wing opposition to such COVID-era coercive measures around the democratic world. Tory opponents depicted such mandates as an infringement of individual liberty as well as unnecessary, in light of the UK's vaccination rates for all adults, which exceeds 70%, and is at least on par with most other western European countries.

But what is particularly notable — and most definitely out of the ordinary when it comes to Western politics — is the steadfast opposition to vaccine mandates and passports from the British left. Labour unions have adamantly denounced the threat of termination for employees who refuse the vaccine as “anti-worker” and a violation of the autonomy of workers. They have argued that it is particularly cruel to threaten health care workers — the same people the world has been applauding for their brave work on the front-line of the pandemic — with loss of their job for their belief that vaccination is not the right choice for them and their family.

In October, for instance, the BDA Trade Union announced what it called “a clear and definitive position in opposition to any attempts to make the take-up of the vaccination mandatory.” While the union encouraged its members to be vaccinated, they argued that firing employees who refused would be illegal: “Mandatory vaccination could potentially discriminate against staff with protected characteristics as contained in the Equality Act 2010” based on race, age, disability, sex and religious belief. The British trade union UNITE, which represents more than 100,000 health care workers, has similarly and repeatedly opposed such mandates, with its leader saying in October: "Unite strongly opposes forcing any health and social care workers to have a vaccine or risk sacrificing their job. Encouragement, not compulsion, is the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the very good reason that such an approach is shown to work."

Corbyn has spent weeks echoing the views of labour unions. On Tuesday afternoon, the leftist icon announced his opposition to both vaccine mandate and passport bills:

In an interview he gave on Monday to LBC, the radio call-in network, Corbyn was adamant that mandating vaccines was a completely unjustified intrusion into the right of individuals to decide for themselves what to do with their own bodies. Citing the sacred right of bodily autonomy, he added that other, less intrusive measures — such as requiring testing for entrance to nursing homes and other places where “vulnerable populations” were found — was a far more reasonable and balanced approach to COVID:

Other prominent British leftists have been similarly steadfast about the injustice of vaccine mandates and passports. The Corbyn-supporting MP Zarah Sultana, who represents the Coventry South constituency in Parliament, published a lengthy statement on Tuesday saying she "shares concerns by human rights organizations such as Liberty on COVID passes, with fears that they are ineffective and will lead to to the further marginalization of minority groups.” MP Sultana also cited the opposition of British trade unions to such mandates, arguing that they “will be counterproductive, entrenching vaccine hesitancy, and may worsen staff shortages” (despite this ringing opposition, Sultana apparently lacked the courage to defy party leadership as she failed to vote on the bill to require passports).

But perhaps the most stirring opposition was expressed by left-wing MP Rachael Maskell, a former shadow minister under Corbyn and also a former health-care worker and trade unionist. On the floor of Parliament, Maskell stood to note the dark irony that the same health care workers who were heralded as essential heroes were now under threat of termination for failure to obey a vaccine mandate, and emphasized what had been a long-standing left-wing value: bodily autonomy.

Is the U.S. liberal-left now going to disparage Corbyn, trade unions and left-wing members of the Labour Party as being “anti-vax” and “anti-science" and recklessly risking lives? Are they going to claim that these leftist stalwarts, speaking for workers, are somehow placing extremist libertarian values of individual rights over public health and the collective good? Will they say that these left-wing “anti-vaxxers” have blood on their hands because they refuse to force people upon pain of losing their jobs in a pandemic to take a vaccine into their body that they do not believe is safe or effective rather than attempting to persuade them that it is?

This defiant and courageous stance on principle by Corbyn, labour unions and the British left highlights the obscenity of labelling anyone who dissents from or questions endless attempts to further empower the state as “anti-vaxxers.” But it also highlights one of the hidden truths about vaccine hesitancy: namely, who composes the "vaccine hesitant” and what their motives are.

As we have repeatedly covered here, a false narrative was manufactured from the start: namely, that the only people doubting the vaccine were right-wing Trump supporters, which enabled condescending employees of media corporations to malign anyone who sees the world differently than they do as primitive, deplorable racists. The truth, from the start, was far more complex: many of those who were in doubt about the vaccine were not only Trumpian "white nationalists" but disproportionately brown and black people, along with a higher percentage of Republicans. Indeed, many of the most outspoken celebrities in culture and sports expressing vaccine hesitancy were Black.

That is why vaccine mandates for workers with a punishment of firing for noncompliance can lead to racist outcomes, as these British trade unionists noted: because such punishment will fall disproportionately on black and brown workers. And labor unions representing health care workers and workers in other sectors around the world — in the U.S., in Europe, and on other continents including Africa — were vehemently opposed from the start to the liberal demand (now joined in the UK by the politically desperate Tory Government) that workers be fired for refusing to be vaccinated.

Now that one of the world's most admired leftist icons, Jeremy Corbyn, has not only spoken out but voted against vaccine mandates for health care workers and vaccine passports for the citizenry — joined by labor unions and other leading British leftists — this sham narrative will be harder to maintain. Will the liberal-left now shift to applying to their own leaders one of the most shameful and reputation-crippling titles that can now be bestowed in left-liberal circles: anti-vaxxers? Or will the British Left's principled stance finally force the recognition that long-standing left-wing values of bodily autonomy and anti-authoritarianism are often the grounds for the view that it is long past time to keep increasing the power of the state over our lives and bodies in the name of stopping a disease that will almost certainly be with us into the indefinite future?



Source: https://greenwald.substack.com/p/led-by-jeremy-corbyn-the-british

domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2021

Postcard From Romania – Part II


Niculina Florea

24th December 2021 


Mihai Fagadaru is dead.

Of course, nobody knows who Mihai Fagadaru was.

Fagadaru was a medical doctor, father of two, fervent Christian and leader of protests against Covid measures in my home country of Romania. On October 30th he led a protest in our capital of Bucharest. The following week, after treating two patients sick with Covid, he himself fell ill. He went to hospital on November 18th, where his condition suddenly deteriorated. In his final hours he recorded himself saying that doctors were putting him under pressure to accept intubation. He was afraid the procedure would kill him. He asked that his lawyer record his refusal to give consent and that his friends care for his children should his fears be realised.

Dr. Fagadaru had arrived at that hospital on his own two feet. The next day he was declared dead with Covid at the age of 43.

The national press hastened to declare, in large type, the death of an infamous anti-vaxxer from the very disease he had denied and would not be vaccinated against. Perhaps, during his last moments on earth, he expressed regret at not taking the vaccine? But with the Fagadaru’s own video contradicting a deathbed conversion, the media mob moved onto the next of the day’s hundred or so Covid fatalities (most of them, according to official statistics, unvaccinated): the search for dying lips, to which some click-baiting last words might be attributed, must go on.

This is what passes for news in Romania these days; a country on the brink of civil strife and wracked with governmental instability; which is already onto its third Prime Minister this year and enjoyed a turnout of 30% in January’s general elections; and where there have been protests against Covid measures every week since spring. Meanwhile, despite a rapidly receding fifth wave, a gentile debate continues in a parliament of questionable legitimacy about whether to legislate for a covid vaccination certificate.

When this wave was at its peak the eyes of Europe, or at least its mainstream media bloodhounds, were upon us. They were looking for a horrific situation in “one of the most unvaccinated countries in Europe”. Curiously, now that wave has receded, so too have the hacks, and any commentary on our collective vaccination status or lack thereof has dried up.

It remains, however, a convenient angle for the national Government, dovetailing as it does with the trusty blame-it-on-Russia approach to problem-solving. Thus, these days, all evil is born of a combination of the unvaccinated and ‘Russian disinformation’. That Russia, much like the West, has introduced draconian restrictions and is preparing for compulsory vaccination is neither here nor there. Of equal irrelevance is that the Russian vaccine cannot be sold in the EU as it does not have EMA approval. So, when hearing complaints that it is Russia who is trying to destabilise western democracies, am I alone in perceiving a possible nonsense?

Romanians live in many shadows. Russia is one, our recent experience of dictatorship another. Echos of that past can be heard with increasing clarity. Do you know, for instance, that PCR in Romanian stands for ‘Partidul Comunist Roman’? The CC-PCR, or Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, was the tool of control in Romanian society for decades. Today it is the RT-PCR. Can it be no more than coincidence that the health authorities have made this the only accepted test for administrative purposes? Certainly, that Romanians are viscerally repelled by the abbreviation is of little concern.

Here is another striking reminder of the old days: the resurgence of dichotomies. ‘Whoever is not with us is against us’ was once a popular Communist saying. How odd to hear that old tyranny on the lips of today’s democratic leaders! For, as we all know, he who is not pro-vaxx is an anti-vaxxer. And, by the same easy-to-follow logic, he who is not in favour of restrictions is an anarchist; while he who does not espouse hard-left ideas is a right-wing extremist; and he who questions government measures is a terrorist.

Despite these regresses, Romanian life goes on unabated for the most part. A long history of occupation and barbarian invasion, combined with the ruling class’ regular betrayal of the less privileged, caused the evolutionary gears to shift long ago. Opportunism and tactical cunning have been bred into the population. Romanians do not stand up, they bend; and they bend backwards not forwards, securely rooted so that they may face the prevailing wind without being torn asunder.

They are not opposed to vaccination; they just don’t get vaccinated. Your employer has demanded a covid certificate (though not yet a legal requirement)? Here is a fake one for your pleasure, sir! The authorities order positive cases to report for quarantine if symptomatic? Why doctor, I haven’t got so much as a cough! (just remember to clear your throat when the health authorities pay a visit.)

Meanwhile, the market for ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and a strong antiviral, arbidol, is flourishing. You’ll find these banned products in your local pharmacy, if you know how to ask. The regime beams daily TV reminders to the population of what fools they were – the dead – for treating themselves with outlawed medicines. The dead are, almost without exception, those who ignored the advice (i.e., diktats) of the state.

“Don’t follow the example of young, healthy upstarts like Fagadaru,” the state-sponsored news channels chide, “or you too will be languishing on your deathbed, whispering your regret at not being vaccinated.” Well, if they think we’re going to just take them at their word, they must think we peasants have short memories! Our blood-soaked revolution took place a little over 30 years ago. That’s not even a lifetime. Certainly I remember, as anyone my age can, never mind a member of my parents’ generation, what life is like under tyranny.

I remember the rationing of basic foods, not for the population’s oppression or to maintain a primal state of destitution and fear, you understand! But to ensure “nutrition according to science” and that the earth would not be deprived of her riches.

I remember two hours of energy cuts a day at peak hours, radiators left cold in the middle of winter to conserve fossil fuels, my fingers frozen crooked as I did homework by candlelight, kneeling on the floor and covering myself with three blankets in an attempt to keep the cold away.

I remember conversations conducted sotto voce so that the neighbours, encouraged by state propaganda, would not eavesdrop and turn you in.

I remember the long, pointless meetings, the ritual self-abasement at those meetings as a demonstration of humility, and the unconditional applause for Communist Party leaders.

I remember the lack of free speech, the lack of free thinking, the pervasive censorship – of books, of philosophical ideas, of the press – more applause…

I remember the personality cult, the same face on TV and banners and buildings, the same face everywhere, in a country where advertising (a decadent bourgeois habit) was forbidden; flamboyant speeches on the creation of “the New Man”, on the dawning of the “Golden Era” – applause!; of the “multilaterally developed society” – applause!; being told the “One Truth” policy, and “don’t listen to capitalist propaganda, don’t switch on to Free Europe radio, don’t be an enemy of the people, the neighbours are listening” – applause!; hearing that “people are starving in the West, it’s full of drug addicts and marred by unemployment, don’t go there, don’t ever believe what you hear, it’s propaganda…” – applause, applause, applause!

How could anyone forget? Yet here we are again: Stay home. Don’t be selfish. Save the health service. Save Granny. Applause. What if Granny does not want to be saved? Irrelevant. The state says she must be saved. So she must be jabbed. Now she’s jabbed. Applause. Jab her again. Protect the state. Follow the Science. Don’t listen to disinformation. Cancel anti-vaxxers. Applause. Report infractions. It’s the dawning of the New Normal. Applause. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Get tested. You’re dirty. Don’t kill Granny. Applause. Listen to this speech. Don’t leave. Don’t go there. It’s dangerous. It’s on the red list. Applause. Quarantine outsiders. Imprison anti-vaxxers. Follow the One Science. It’s the software of life.

And the same faces. The same masked faces everywhere saying: Be afraid. Be afraid and get jabbed. And get jabbed again. Get jabbed again and again and again. But the jabs don’t seem to work…

This popular fraud comes as no surprise. In my society we have been playing this game of cat and mouse for centuries. They seek to enslave us, we seek to cheat them on that. They know the wickedness of the common people, the authorities; they know of their deceit and mischief. So why wait for Parliament to act? Why not arrange for local businesses and public bodies to enforce covid certification while sluggish parliamentarians make their law? That is why people in my hometown cannot access municipal services, or even pay their taxes without presenting an unlawful certificate. And where is the humanity of our superiors, I wonder? Reserved, perhaps, for “overworked” medics, who cry of exhaustion on TV shows and foam with rage against the unjabbed preventing them from taking their holidays.

My views can be inconvenient. “Stop reading obscure sites!” says my best friend from Bucharest, with whom I have shared the best, worst, most intimate, and most secret moments of my life. For the past two years she has incessantly posted photos of dogs, cats, birds, wildlife and attractive colleagues on Facebook; projecting an image of a perfect world. Now I’m a conspiracy theorist, un-jabbed and unapologetic, she doesn’t want to talk to me. “Where is your compassion, my old friend?” she asked.

Perhaps I have none left. I have expended it on passage for ones dear to me, to bring them out of the darkness and back to the light. What a price I pay! Communism was easy. It was so fearlessly disingenuous and so horrifically vulgar as to be obvious. It never touched the spirit. People obeyed out of fear, not belief. In body we may have been dirty and destitute, but in soul we were pristine. This time it’s different. It’s insidious. ‘It’ has crept into the hearts and minds of people. ‘It’ has separated friends and families. ‘It’ has torn through the fabric of society. And when torn, the insides come bursting out.

Recently, some monks came down from monasteries nestled in the mountains to the north. They made their way to Bucharest and addressed a large crowd. Doughty Father Ariton made it, but Father John, over 90 winters, could not manage the journey. He sits in his hermitage, receiving pilgrims in their dozens every day, stubbornly refusing to contract and die from ‘the disease’. The authorities would love that, surely! They could parade his body from town to town, exhibiting their war trophy: there, you idiots, we told you so!

Can anything stop the slide into tyranny? Three weeks ago Parliament failed at the first attempt to pass the Covid Certificate Act. Two weeks ago, the December 1st kick-off for the programme to vaccinate five year-olds (an early present from Santa) was delayed awaiting deliveries of the product. But these are mere obstacles, effortlessly overcome by the spreading darkness.

As I watch its approach, I feel angry with our cowardly leaders. I think of brave citizens like Dr Fagadaru and weep. They are simple people who would hold back the darkness, and whose reputations are sullied posthumously for no more than disagreeing with the revival of a terrible status quo. I am too angry to forgive the political class, the medics, the media. But neither do I wish to see the light die with men like Fagadaru. Perhaps I can draw inspiration from my fellow Romanians. As ever, they hold their ground. Bent, not upright. That’s how you fight an ill wind.


 Source: https://dailysceptic.org/postcard-from-romania-part-ii/