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Pfizer flunkies sabotage Spain's much needed vaccine debate


David Montoute
September 21st
Last Saturday, a long-awaited debate between supporters and detractors of the official pandemic narrative took place on in the Spanish TV programme "La clave cultural TV". On one side, the former Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, and the president of the Madrid College of Physicians, Manuel Martínez-Sellés. On the other, members of Médicos por La Verdad (Doctors for Truth) Natalia Prego Cancelo, Angel Ruíz Valdepeñas and Juanjo Martínez.

Those familiar with similar attempted debates in the United States and beyond will not be surprised at the results. The officialist representatives shifted and squirmed, and continuously moved the goalposts, but were eventually left without effective arguments and instead stormed off the set as soon as official vaccine fatality statistics (from VAERS, Eudra Vigilance and the MHRA) were presented. Carcedo and Selles continuously derided their opponents as anti-scientific "deniers" putting peoples' lives at risk. Time and again, the dissident doctors were accused of sowing vaccine "doubts" and hesitancy in the population, despite the fact that a whopping 75.4 per cent of Spain's population is now said to be "fully vaccinated". ​After continuously threatening to abandon the debate if they could not control its terms, Carcedo and then Martínez-Sellés, got up and left when Ruiz Valdepeñas attempted to state the exact number of post-vaccine deaths from official surveillance systems. Carcedo spoke over him loudly at the precise moment he gave the figure "40,000".

A hardline defender of Spain's recent Euthanasia Law, Maria Luisia Carcedo, in her earlier capacity as Health Minister, had helped to sign a murky deal with Pfizer. As the website OK Diario, reported in October 2019:

"Pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, with the approval of the Pedro Sánchez Government, are determined to criminalise the electronic cigarette sector. Millions of Euros from public and private coffers, rather than targeting tobacco, are taking aim at electronic cigarettes. The reason? The interest of the pharmaceutical companies in making their own anti-smoking drugs the popular ones."

"The Government of Pedro Sánchez has not hesitated to benefit Pfizer even while in office. In fact, it is curious fact that the Acting Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, sealed an agreement with the pharmaceutical company to subsidise its anti-smoking drug, Champix, which will become a generic in Europe in 2021. Who subsidises a drug that will become generic in just two years? Our Government."

The anti-tobacco drug named in the OK Diario report just happens to be the one that Pfizer this week announced it is withdrawing from the market after 'discovering' its high levels of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

By another curious coincidence, Manuel Martínez Selles, the president of the Madrid Medical Association, also has a connection to Pfizer, having received the company's Prize for Women's Health in 2006. He received this reward for his project entitled "Heart Failure in Women: Distinctive Characteristics". 
One might wonder if the 'good doctor' has pondered thhis darkly ironic contradiction, given the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine's increasingly obvious role in triggering widespread myocarditis and pericarditis.

Video:  Debate entre oficialistas y médicos disidentes

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