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The vaxxed MAC codes: Dr. Luis de Benito's Bluetooth experiments

Magdalena del Amo

One of the best kept secrets of the current dystopian moment is the contents of the vaccines. Millions of people are being inoculated around the world with "a secret substance" that no official source has revealed. Protected by patent confidentiality clauses, they have deprived society of the right to know the contents of the vials. We are being treated like caged animals. What is most incomprehensible is the indifference of the human collective, which has been turned into a herd. It is striking how, in a society that has stopped believing in almost everything, millions of people profess a blind and unquestionable faith in a corrupt W.H.O. led by amoral individuals; a blind faith in pharmaceutical emporia that do not have the good of humanity at heart; a blind faith in medical professionals with serious conflicts of interest; a blind faith in professional medical associations that obey the system rather than practicing any alternative healing modality to save lives; a blind faith in psychopathic politicians who simply obey orders; and a blind faith in a mass media that has completely sold itself to the great global lie.

That the gears of this whole thing should run without any questions being asked, or that the citizen should become a passive entity ready to swallow any slogan proffered by the media, this only demonstrates the advanced phase of a progressive hypnosis that began decades ago. We are not talking about a mass of illiterate beings, but about a sleeping and irrational society that has failed to develop any insight or discernment, and which accepts any hoax perpetrated by the daddy State and its many tentacles. That is why this society will happily accept any sacrifice, even PCR swabs that can penetrate the nasopharyngeal canal and touch the blood-brain barrier, all without a hint of concern.

Millions of people have already received two vaccine doses, and some are already on the third. How is it possible that they accept this thing called a vaccine, which the experts say is unnecessary and which, furthermore, does not immunise them? But the manipulation runs so deep that the poor Covidian automata repeat the mantra of the people running the show: "it does not immunise me, but if I get infected, it'll be less serious". Incredibly disappointing. How is it possible that a
very healthy 38-year-old co-worker dies a day after her vaccination and no questions are asked, whilst the information itself is covered up? This occurred with a vaccine-cheerleading, Covid-fanatic national radio channel, one which also enjoys the luxury of criticising and judging those who choose not to be vaccinated, as  they still have the right to do. Let us not forget that, according to the patient Autonomy Law, vaccination is voluntary, just like any other medical treatment. How can any thinking person believe in the "coincidence" factor, promoted by the same pharmaceutical companies that have demanded liability exemptions for deaths and serious side effects?

It should be noted that none of those vaccinated individuals were informed about the components of the vials. They didn't sign the mandatory informed consent forms and the vaccines were not prescribed by doctors, as indicated in the protocol (And we now know that this law has been violated for years with the flu vaccine). Almost nothing about this so-called pandemic - I prefer to call it a geopolitical crisis - is actually legal, as we're finding out in various legal rulings.

All the measures taken have caused irreparable damage across different areas, of society and with no benefit. Above all, they have not prevented deaths. Juan Gervás, a beacon of integrity, points out in his latest article that the number of COVID deaths among those vaccinated is higher than that of the unvaccinated. However, the authorities do not stop inventing variants to justify the adverse effects.

The investigation into the content of the vials is ongoing - beyond the reaches of officialdom - and it is revealing data so alarming and surreal that it is almost embarrasing to talk about it. On the one hand, there is the reviled subject of graphene oxide, the definitive investigation of which was carried out by the scientist Pablo Campra Madrid, and which we will speak of in a future article. Right now, we'll keep to the investigation of Dr. De Benito, released a few days ago [October 2021, ed.] in a report translated into several languages, and which he has just sent to various international organisations investigating these very mysterious vaccines. The study reveals the appearance of certain codes emitted by the vaccinated, which appear on the Bluetooth scanners of mobile phones. Just like that, however chilling it may seem.

When news about this began to reach us a few months ago, we found it so wild that we opted to leave it in the drawer until we had more data. We did not even do a cursory investigation as we did at the beginning of the “magnetised arms” phenomenon, an anomaly that we did not know how to approach.

Dr. De Benito carried out his research this summer, in the months of July and August. Proceeding from within the orthodoxy, he was very critical of the official version of events from the beginning of the pandemic.
The doctor admits that it was difficult for him to carry out the study on the Bluetooth-discoverable codes emited by vaccinees and then publish it because, in a certain way, it is not specific to the area of medicine. And he was advised not to get caught up in the whole mess, so as not to lose credibility. After all, he created his channel to report on the pandemic, the state of intensive care units, and the rate of infections, etc. But De Benito has been saying for while now that the pandemic is over and that there is no health crisis, but rather, a political crisis, one which will end when the politicians so decide. As simple as that. He also says that he feels morally obliged to share what he has discovered and recognises that the purpose of this whole event is the curtailing of freedoms and the control of human beings.

The report, titled
Lo que la vacuna nos pone (What the vaccine is putting into us), begins with the following argument:

«If from a medical point of view there is no need to administer any preventive measure - dubiously preventive - for a disease with a lethality of 2 per thousand, why is there so much insistence that everyone be inoculated - whether there is a justification or not, and why are those who don't want it also being forced to receive it? If it's clear that I am being exposed to the disease, and not gettting sick, what is the vaccine going to provide me that I do not already have? It was these ideas that gave rise to the experiment. It came about by chance, because I have a Chinese mobile phone, a Huawei Honor 8, and I spent the summer working in a hospital isolated from the world, or from almost the whole world.

 «In the mountains of Madrid, in the foothills, there is a building for medical consultations in the middle of an isolated grove. Although there are many consultations, in the afternoons during the summer of 2021, the one I occupied was the only one functioning. There weren't even any administrative staff in the afternoons in that building. And on these hot summer afternoons, I was able to make the observations that I recount below. […] During my consultations, occasionally an ambulance from the SUMA was parked because the emergency services have a base there».

Dr. De Benito began the consultation at 3 in the afternoon, and had appointments every twenty minutes. Due to COVID measures, it was recommended that patients come alone and, if possible, at the indicated time, in order to avoid crowds.

Before starting the consultation, the doctor connected the Bluetooth application on his mobile phone and verified that no device was
available nearby. Bluetooth is an application for locating nearby available devices. At the beginning of the consultation, there was no available device with which to connect, but when a patient approached, about twenty meters from the office, on his mobile phone he could see if there were devices with which to connect with Bluetooth. If Bluetooth detected a device, a MAC address (Media Access Control) code would appear, a unique identifier that electronic device manufacturers assign to a card or element that can be connected in a network. It consists of twelve digits, numbers or letters grouped two by two and separated by a hyphen or a colon. It is an identification number, supposedly unique and unrepeatable for each electronic device (this detail is very important, as we will see later).

After treating the patient, he asked them if they had been vaccinated against Covid. When they answered in the affirmative, the answer was usually quick and without hesitation. On the other hand, when the answer was no, some demonstrated suspicion, or even anger. This led the doctor to deduce that the unvaccinated had been subjected to some kind of pressure or harassment.

After reassuring the patient, regardless of the response, the doctor wrote the answer down on a card. None of the 137 patients questioned refused to answer, even though they were offered that possibility. But it is true that, as stated, the unvaccinated felt somewhat annoyed when asked about this.

If the answer given was affirmative, he asked about what type of vaccine they had been given, and when or if they had had any adverse reactions. Afterwards, he would ask them if they had a mobile phone or electronic device with them. If so, he would ask them to disconnect it for a moment. When they turned it off, the code of one of the devices that registered on the Bluetooth would disappear from his mobile phone. (Sometimes these devices do not appear with the MAC address, with those twelve numbers, but instead with the name or brand of the device).

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 answered affirmatively and 25 ansered in the negative. None of those who had not received the vaccine registered available devices on the doctor's mobile phone, that is, they showed no code. In 96 patients of the 112 who declared they had been vaccinated - having turned off their electronic devices, if they had them - a MAC code remained on the doctor's mobile screen, which he wrote down in the patient's history. This fact led him to conclude that it was a code that the patient himself carried, integrated into his body. In fact, when the user left the office and left the building, the code disappeared from his cell phone. In summary: one hundred percent of the patients who said they were not vaccinated did not generate any Bluetooth signal on the doctor's mobile phone, whereas 86 percent of those who declared to be vaccinated generated a MAC address. (Not all phones can register these codes. Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi do capture them. It would be useful for users to do these checks on vaccinated colleagues and family members).

We can imagine the astonsishment of a doctor who verified these anomalies and which have nothing to do with health or medicine. And w
e can imagine his degree of disappointment and distrust towards a system that claims look after people.

From all this research, numerous doubts and questions arise for Dr. De Benito, among them: why from the same vial (five doses), applied to five different people, does each one generates a different code? After consulting with computer scientists working in robotics, he suspected that the codes may be generated by the interaction of the injected ingredients with the genetic material of the patient. But the investigation has only just begun, and there is a long way to go. Another question that provokes chills is whether the MAC address detected in a vaccinated individual facilitates interaction with that person and to what extent. We know that we can be geolocated through cell phones and other gadgets, but, as Dr. De Benito considers, "it's something else for the device to be carried inside."

We have written ad nauseam about the goals of human manipulation and control that the "masters of the universe" have on their agenda. Dr. De Benito does not belong to the world of investigative journalism; However, he seems to have surrendered to the evidence and expresses himself thusly: “Whether this condition [of a geo-located person] allows one to interact with them at a deeper level, such as knowing their state of mind,
for example, or their state of health, their intentions, or controlling their will…I do not know. I have no idea...Time will tell.”

Indeed, time will tell, and we will tell you. Until then, we must learn to live through these adverse conditions from our own little corners of peace. Despite everything, we are powerful, even if we don't know it, or have forgotten it. Meditation, prayer and the practice of unconditional love are the most powerful weapons to combat this dark situation that we are living through.




Translation: David Montoute

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