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Industrial engineer Holger Reißner: Graphene Shrapnel Found In Vaccines



22nd December 2021

Holger Reißner, a European lecturer and industrial engineer, recently made some disturbing observations after examining hundreds of doses of the vaccine currently being deployed against the Corona 'pandemic'. 

Potentially dangerous contaminants were found in every dose of the vaccine that Reißner and his team examined, most of them visible even with a decent average microscope. To verify his data, Reißner shared the findings with various national and international institutions (Comusav, Conuvive, Physicians for Awareness, Advocates for Awareness, the Grassroots, MWGFD, World Council for Health, Pathologists for Awareness, and many more). He then received the first confirmations from Spain that one of these contaminants was graphene.

Through his analysis, he discovered that graphenes can cause necrosis, fibrosis and thrombosis, making them a potentially fatal danger. Pathologists have also confirmed his findings, having found such particles in the bodies of people who died following a Covid vaccine. Nevertheless, Holger Reißner still hopes he is wrong, because the spread of this material administered in this way would still have inconceivable long-term consequences for humanity and especially for our children.

Reißner's findings must now be added to the discoveries of La Quinta Columna, Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, Dr. Andreas Noack, and doctors Andreas Kalcker and Eduardo Insignares, together with the patent data brought forth by ex-Pfizer employee Karen Kingston  and the discovery of anomalous structures in the vaccine vials as revealed by Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Zandre Botha, The Scientists' Club  as well as the Reutlingen pathologists' presentation of Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Dr. Walter Lang. There can now no longer be any doubt about the existence of a variety of graphene derivatives in the Covid shots. The naysayers in the medical freedom movement should recalibrate and join the teams that are throwing light on this critical subject.


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